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  1. Hao

    Yes, you can exclude flicker because you exclude common variables that don't affect one argument over the other. My statement was that wind claw/water slash are harder to land than this new suggestion for Feast. Including flicker doesn't change that. Flicker+Claw makes Wind Claw easier to land, but Flicker+Feast would then BE EVEN EASIER to land.
  2. Hao

    This suggestion makes the ability too strong. Instant cast damage that's homing in an 8-tile radius? And the only downside is self-stun for 1 second? Let's look at like water slash. Or like wind claw. Instant damage, and then self-stun for 1 second. ... Except water slash and wind claw are way harder to land than some 8-tile wide AOE homing lightning bolt (excluding using Flicker because Flicker+Feast would still be easier to land than Flicker+Claw). So, no.
  3. Hao

    Cool images to showcase why Cloud should be in Nin: Cool bridges Cool other buildings Cool village outfits Cool jutsu for Cloud Village's Hidden Mastery (Lightning STR build)
  4. Hao

    Yes, agreed. And it doesn't even need to be announced on the village chat. And this is roleplay-wise correct, too. Imagine you want to quit your village, you just step out, scratch off your headband and go about doing rogue/illegal activities. Remember, Sasuke didn't have to talk to his kage, or kill 3 friends or escape jail to become a rogue. Gameplay-wise, you can do it so that one of the options when you right-click your headband is to "Abandon Village", which lets you go rogue. You can add 1 or 2 confirmation prompts to make sure the user knows what they're doing.
  5. Hao

    This is really cool, and I'm sort of surprised something like this hasn't been done. For an RP game with bits of drama left and right, this is good. You should slightly reduce the coffee-burn tint, and also decrease the font size by a point or a half, so that you can fit more, and increase clarity. As for content ideas, Insidious read my mind. If this goes big, you can ask GM's to post the newspaper on Discord so that people can subscribe to it with a #role or something and be notified.
  6. Hao

    I like the idea, but the actual colours for those upper tiers can be iffy. They're not all desirable, nor are they consistent across the items. I think instead of 3 higher tiers, there can just be 1, like Antar's idea of Shiny version of the item. This way, you can make the Shiny version just a super shinier/golden version of the default item, which is more indicative of its tier, and consistent across all Shiny drops.
  7. Hao

    How anticlimactic.
  8. Hao


    Good, I'll pretend that's what you meant
  9. Hao


    Why not just avoid paying out of pocket if you just use the entry fee proceeds to be the prize pool. This way, you distribute prize like this: 1st place team - 50% of the prize pool 2nd place team - 30% of the prize pool 3rd place - 20% of the prize pool I thought that was the whole reason you even had an entry fee. This way is better, because if a lot of people join, then prize pool will be naturally large, and if only a few join, then it'll be a small prize rightfully so, since it's easier to win a tourney if only a few participate.
  10. Hao

    I'd say there's a difference between making something easier, and improving QOL/quality of gameplay fluidity. This, I'd say, counts as the latter. Other games have this feature as well.
  11. Hao

    I was thinking of posting this a while ago, but yeah, I 100% agree with this. Need to also have a /playerfocus where your targeting puts NPC mobs at lowest priority and all players above. And to avoid the complexity of commands, it could instead be a toggle that cycles through all the priorities (like run, pvp, etc.) that is shown in a part of UI (if enabled in the Options menu, just like how you can see your Run/Walk toggle on the UI).
  12. Hao

    Good luck. Take breaks, turn off phone, and don't pull all-nighters.
  13. Hao

    @Fireduck6969, Suggest—or find a way—to somehow have GF make sense with a weapon, and only then does this suggestion apply. Because Sand ninja needed fans in the anime, Mist ninja needed a pipe for bubble, but Neji didn't need no weapon to pop foes. It's unlucky, but that's how it is. It worked off of pure hands/finger tips.
  14. Hao

    And you just called them a noob right before, too. Extra points for them, even lower points for you.
  15. Hao

    BI timer could be increased to a 600, and the trade-off being that the timer goes down twice as fast while you're in the hospital. So BI warrior'ing will take 10 full minutes to take off BI (as opposed to 8.33 minutes rn), and staying in hospital the whole time will mean you're off BI in 5 minutes.