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  1. Hao


    Agreed, cause right now it's not good enough for a pure WM, but not flexible enough for a hybrid build (WM+ele). While the STR req reduction should be good, the chakra regen passive also needs to be tuned up. Just reducing reqs make it another clone of Mura or Bandit Blade. Its chakra regen thing makes it unique and gives it its identity.
  2. Hao


    Well you can only hope to get positive reactions if you post, right?
  3. Hao


    You're still not grasping what you want to say. When or why you played Shirokata is irrelevant. Just like how you mentioning my liking to it is irrelevant. If I were to remove that 1 sentence from my post, your comments should still make sense but they wouldn't, cause you're fixated on the idea that I'm buffing Shirokata simply because I like it? That's incorrect. Read the 3 major points. This is the second time in a row you've commented about something irrelevant and not what the post is saying. Secondly, Shirokata is not just a mid-tier weapon with high requirements. It's the worst of the mid-tier weapons and with stat requirements of the top 3 highest damaging swords (excluding 7sm). That 100% warrants a change. Lastly, you're saying my suggestion is bad simply because it's not important right now? I'm not claiming it's of urgent importance, though? Do you go to other suggestions and say "your idea is poor simply because it's not important rn"? It's interesting cause yesterday, there was a post asking "what updates would you like seeing?" asked by Itachi and Jutsu/Item Balancing was #1 most wanted. No one is claiming this is more important than the client rework. When a suggestion is posted on the forum, it's not to discuss: When is it important to have that change. But rather: If that change is indeed necessary. When you make a suggestion post in the forums, it's implied that the suggestion will be added whenever Rory sees fit, but our job is only to discuss if it's good or bad. Not the order of importance. You still haven't said anything substantial. It quite frankly feels like you're commenting for the sake of getting forum points when you haven't established an opinion yet.
  4. Hao


    That's fair. Being able to pressure constantly is a factor not often discussed. Okay, so taking 250 total chakra as the standard for WM users, Instead of 4% per 10 seconds (10 chakra per 10 seconds), we can do 2% per 10 seconds (5 chakra per 10 seconds), as you suggest. (Note that, this means it'll take 8 minutes 20 seconds to get full chakra from 0). If we convert your idea into Rory's style of per-40-seconds, then that's 20 chakra per 40 seconds, which is just 10 more than what it currently is. So... it's weird perspective-wise. When you consider the regen after 40 seconds, 20 chakra seems too little. But when you decrease the frequency of tick but keep the rate the same, then 5 chakra per 10 seconds seems decent. I'm genuinely fine with a balance between 5-10 chakra every 10 seconds, as long as the frequency IS per-10 seconds. The 40 second thing is a problem.
  5. Hao


    Funny thing is, Shirokata is not even in the game for its looks. Only I like the looks. Most people tell me they like Kyuketsuki's looks, or Muramasa's looks. Shirokata is literally a black stick behind your back.
  6. Hao


    I don't understand what your comment achieves. The part where I mentioned the aesthetic is the meme, the first 3 points are the focus of this post, and you said nothing about them.
  7. Hao

    Oh perfect timing. I agree.
  8. TL;DR: Shirokata is very underwhelming for its level/STR requirement, and its unique effect is actually a nerf, read below why. This is coming from someone who has all the swords besides bone/blood, and I've tried each out for several days. 1. Shirokata is the worst compared to its sister swords. Dark Bandit Blade is literally same STR req and level req as Shirokata, but strictly better damage. Even Maramusa is better to use than Shirokata. Muramasa requires 10 less levels, and 20 less STR. And it actually gives the user +1 to STR. Muramasa's requirements are wayyy lower than Shirokata's, and its base damage is only lower than Shirokata's by... 3. By requiring 20 less STR, you pave way for more diverse builds with Maramusa. Shirokata doesn't live up to the 100 STR req. I don't think I need to prove how good Religious Katana is. The base damage is lower than the aforementioned 3 swords, but the attack speed more than makes up for it. So much so, that if 2 people held down Z against each other, Religious wielder would beat the Shirokata/Bandit/Muramasa wielder easily. It's gotten to the point where you just buy and keep Religious for all your levels, until your level/STR is high enough for Bone Sword/Blood Katana later on. The intermediate swords are bad, and Shirokata is the worst between them. 2. Its unique effect is negligible. The Wiki says 12% chakra per 40 seconds. Okay... 40 seconds is a long time but okay, it's at least something I guess. Except it only actually regens flat 10 chakra, not 12%. If it was 12% regen, and you had 300 chakra, you'd regen 36 chakra. A big difference. Even if it was 12%, 40 seconds is way too long for frequency. It should be 4% chakra per 10 seconds, so it's more vivid and applicable. 3. It's bugged; making the unique effect actually a nerf. 3.1 First bug, the passive Chakra Regen, every now and then, removes itself for no reason. Unequiping and re-equiping Shirokata enables the regen again, but it shouldn't turn off ever. No one wants to not have chakra regen. Just keep it on forever. 3.2 Second bug, when the regen happens, there's a pop-up text +10 that appears above your character when you get the chakra. Except... that pop up also weirdly appears when you're already full chakra, when it shouldn't. This exposes you if you're hiding behind a tree preparing an ambush, because the pop up appears over trees, objects, everything, giving away your position. The only reason I even walk around with this sword is because I like the visuals of it. 4. Suggestions on how to buff it. I always believe that balancing is about keeping in mind item identity over item standardization. (I'll prolly make a post about this later). Buffing Shirokata's damage or attack speed is not it, and would just make it like other swords. (Although, I do think a slight buff to attack speed is necessary) Each sword has its own identity, and Shirokata's, I guess, is the Chakra Regen passive. My suggestion is to do the following: - To make the regen 4% chakra every 10 seconds. That'd be 10 chakra if you had 250 total chakra (which is what WM users generally go). - To lower the STR req. STR req should be 85 at most. Currently, you're telling me this sword requires 100 STR, when, just with 10 more STR, you arrive at Bone/Blood, which are miles better? If Shirokata's damage is similar to Muramasa (33 vs 30), the STR req should be similar to Muramasa's (80), not 100. If you don't want to reduce its STR req, then buff its damage to match that of Blood Katana/Kyuketsuki (Crystal). If you like this post, do not give it reacts. Just upvote the post itself, so Rory can see.
  9. Hao

    You have to understand this, my dude. This game is designed to take ~2 months to reach level 50. It's made that way on purpose, while the developers (as few as there are) work on creating and adding content as the time goes on. Understand this mentality: Whereas another new game developer might publish his first in-progress game and only have great content from level 0 to level 10, Rory decided he wanted to grasp the length first and then the content. The typical game developer might have a thousand wonderful things to do, a million ways to get money, and a trillion ways to train and gain levels; it'd all be just for the first 10 levels, because that's the 'vertical slice' method. Rory's idea is to establish the game's overall feel and length of your journey first, and then add the middle content after (aka, the 'base of the cake' method). This game has to be long. Because that's what makes a player play the game for so long. Yes, it's tough to play this game. And as much I don't want to say this, but think of Nin as a mobile game: you don't play for 10 hours a day, but quit the next day (like perhaps a PC game). Nin prohibits more than 3 missions a day (almost like a 'energy' system), and then resets that every day (to invite you to play again, like a mobile game). As long as you don't think to yourself that you need to get level 50 fast, you will relieve yourself of your expectations. Nin is about the journey, not the per-minute content.
  10. Hao

    That's a nice idea, but a few points here. I think Rory doesn't like doing small numbers every small tick (ex. 1 HP per 1 second). If I had to guess, it's because Nin's starting point was from a very old engine, so networked messages were tough to time properly. Rory would probably prefer 50 HP every 50 seconds, instead of 1 HP per second, even though the "rate of HP" is the same. This is why we regen like 100+ HP every 5 seconds, instead of just regen'ing 20 per second or something. (I'd wish Rory would not do this, though, cause with the new client being in Unity now, you can easily do smoother network). So if Rory does do something like 50 HP per 50 seconds, then that's also very tough to apply, and when it does trigger, it could look OP. Tick-based jutsu would counter this too easily. Medic or int WM ninjas could pop you and no one would even notice you have WoF. The passive should be something that's still pretty good and frequently applicable. Mist's is the best IMO by far.
  11. Hao

    When advanced masteries do come out, we won't just have to monitor them and see what needs adjustments, we'll likely have to revisit the current default jutsus correct imbalances that arise there as well. For example, if Water+Element(s) ends up having a lot of CC, then Water Prison itself might receive some nerf. However, I still agree that jutsu balancing and item/weapon balancing is #1 necessary change for me right now.
  12. What exactly happens when you try to log in on the new client? Any specific error pop up? You click Log in and nothing happens/it freezes? Screen turns black, attempts to load but doesn't, etc?
  13. Hao

    Besides being a nice cancel, Current isn't in a great spot, and many just skip it altogether to save room for other jutsus. It's especially off-putting that it has a 60 INT req, which means people playing dual builds (wm/light, wm/tai) would have to sacrifice a ton of STR/AGI to have 60 INT, and this jutsu just does not live up to that requirement. While on the topic of lightning, it's also interesting how the new client is itself a lowkey nerf to Cutter. Cause with the new client being better and all, everyone has been given like a 10%+ movement speed buff as a result of increased fps, and it has lowkey made Cutter slightly harder to land. Someone could be adjacent to you when you start the cast, and they will outrun the Cutter by the time the cast is done.
  14. Hao

    This a whole Akatsuki Season film.