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  1. Hao

    Lmao, idk about the history of this clan and what goes in the Leaf government so I won't comment on that, but damn if Alarnin gets kage. This dude was killing his own village's low level Leafies at square when they were trying to spar, and he wouldn't rev them because they would sometimes accidentally attack (with 2 damage melees) a random female-character at square. Alarnin goes all knight mode and chases them to death, and if they get a chance to turn off PVP, he threatens them, saying "turn it back on and see what happens". He sets his Nin sfx volume to max before he sleeps, so if anyone attacks the girl that he stands beside, he awakens from the sound and gets back on Nin to attack them.
  2. Hao

    It's not related to ping. I've done some tests to see how far you have to press the buttons between the flicker and the scalpel to ensure it lands desirably. Basically: If you don't wait roughly 350+ ms before scalpel'ing after a flicker, your body won't land the scalpel towards the enemy even if your body is facing them. If you flicker and then scalpel immediately before 350 ms have passed, you will scalpel in the direction you were facing before you flickered, even if you have flickered already. It's not a random direction. In other words, if you want to land a flicker+scalpel combo, and do it in quick succession, either wait to scalpel a bit after the flicker, or: face the opposite direction of whatever your target is facing, and you'll land flicker+scalpel 100%. Of course, this all only applies if you're talking about up, down, left, right directions. If your target is moving diagonally, there is no reliable way to land it.
  3. Hao

    I like this suggestion a lot. Since people disagree on the title suggestion, I guess there is no need to increase tool limit from 200 to 300 — for free, that is. So instead, since int WM is already meant to be an expensive path, there can be 'summoning ninja tools' scroll, or a pouch, as per Yeldo's suggestion, and they can cost high in ryo, but allow you to carry more tools than most. I think it's fair to say this would only be available to wm users, not everyone, because realistically, people in the anime didn't hold more tools than their closest mate; it was mostly Tenten and tool-focused characters that carried the most.
  4. Hao

    > "but those are projectile jutsu that you do not use as often" What? You're saying you don't use the actual projectile jutsu that int wm offers as much as traps? How much do you trap, my friend? And how infrequently do you actually fight? Difficult to imagine you run out of tags before you run out of shurikens and kunais. The fact that, this whole time, you assumed I was talking about the traps instead of the actual projectile jutsu means you're not on the same wavelength that this post is trying to convey, but I'll take your word for it. > "Maybe if you are sparring people, but if you're just out and hunting I don't see how that is possible." Not just sparring (even though that alone is enough of a reason to bring up this suggestion), but yes, farming and grinding and hunting. It's easily possible; I'd record a full 45-minute session video from 200 tools to 0 if I had a computer that could, maybe when I get my new PC. And remember, I am not asking for infinity. I am just saying increase the tool carry limit from 200 to 300, which gives WM users NO combat value at all, just means more time to spend outside before taxi'ing back home to Takumi.
  5. Hao

    Why is traps the only jutsu you're mentioning? Did you forget Shadow Shuriken, Spike Ball and Explosive kunai also use tools? When I mentioned that I run out of tools in 45 minutes, I meant without even getting to the traps part. Just the projectile jutsus. I didn't exaggerate. I hadn't even gotten to the traps part yet, so you're only adding to my point by addressing your own trap limits and time. How is the 'staged fighting in 1 map' the most normal combat scenario? Hard disagree. And yeah, no mastery is good at each scenario, but most are good at least 4 of the 6 scenarios I presented.
  6. Hao

    Out of several combat scenarios you can encounter, such as but not limited, abrupt 1 v 1 (such as someone asking you to spar) staged 1 v 1, (such as luring someone into your territory) unprepared 1 v 1 (such as a random encounter in a danger zone) raiding, (such as slowly preparing maps as you go, with team) chasing an enemy, (such as moving into new maps they go to) tournaments, (such as the one often hosted by GM's) Only in 1-2 scenarios above can you fully utilize trapping a map. 3 if you want to be finicky, but I'd hard disagree. And although these scenarios are not uniform in opportunity, I still would say int WM isn't that over powering, compared to the negative sides. In previous posts where I have seen people complain about int wm, they often complain about its costs, and Rory's usual response is that int wm is designed that way on purpose cause Rory wanted a unique playstyle, and wanted lavish people to play it. He often (solely) says the downside to wm is its costs. But I've rarely, if ever, seen him say, intentionally or not, that another downside to int wm is that you can only play with ya boys on the playground for 30 minutes before you gotta run home so your momma can refill your water bottle, while the other kids play until 11 pm. Hell, isn't it a tad bit ironic how the one particular element out of all, that is said to be the "camper" style is the one that has to often hunt and roam less than others?
  7. Hao

    I'm pretty much forced to forgo shurikens in my combat arsenal, and instead use senbons even though my tool damage is as follows: shurikens > kunais > senbons. Simply because it lets me delay having to buy tools again, if I reserve all my kunais for Explosive Kunai jutsu, and my shurikens for Shadow Shuriken. Even then, I still have to go back to buy tools every 45 min.
  8. Tool specialist ninja need to have a real tool-based advantage over regular non-tool based ninja classes. Sure, they have tool-based jutsu, but that doesn't count as tool-based advantage over regular ninja, that's just their jutsu. Every class needs jutsu. Suggestion: Tool specialists, aka WM's, should have a higher tool carry limit than non-WM's. Something like being able to hold 300 of each tools, instead of 200. I can tell you right now, in the anime, Tenten could hold a ton more tools than your average Sakura, and int wm is based off of Tenten with the whole 'scroll summoning tools'. As a wm (just hit lv 50 aye), and as someone who grinds, farms and fights a lot, I basically have to go back to buy more tools every 45 minutes. Feel like roaming and hunting? You better not kill any mobs along the way if you want to be tool-prepared for pvp fights. After all, WM's have a disadvantage against other elements already (in that, you can't use any int wm jutsu without spending ryo), so why not give them this slight advantage that makes rp-sense as well? making this suggestion only cause I am wm yes
  9. Hao

    There is no need to bring your personal matter here. Discuss that with me on Nin. I'll just lay out some facts so that your words don't deceive the readers. The coin dropped wasn't yours, someone else killed the snowman, and both you and I rushed to it. I happened to get on it first, but since the killer mob was your friend (and mine, too for that matter) you claim that it was intended for you. Secondly, the Frosty thing wasn't a plan. I got hit by it, too, but didn't die. The person who was fighting the Frosty also died. That was a coincident. I think this suggestion, if it were already implemented, would have solved that issue you and I had, as the coin would be immediately picked up by its rightful owner. Or/and stayed there for its next first-serve new owner, as in our case.
  10. Hao

    Just to add to the previous message, 1. Even though this "drop another item to pick up both" tactic can definitely work, it's not something everyone knows about, or would think about. Something simple as picking up an item that belongs to you shouldn't need you to use a work-around. 2. And in a very hostile environment where there's aggro'ed mobs around you (suppose bears), that are about to attack you, you sometimes won't have time to open inventory, look for a cheap item, right-click it, press drop, etc. And all just to grab a simple item that belongs to you anyway but an enemy player is abusing it. 3. Without assuming/claiming too much, I'd still guess that the code to add a proximity pick up system would not be too difficult, and it'd be light on power, usage and data as well, as the efficiency is O(1), aka constant time in Big O Notation, because as soon as you press the verb, the code would iterate through at most 9 tiles or 25 tiles to search for items.
  11. Hao

    Oh- That's clever. I'll give you that. But must this be the only way? Because that can be abused as well. Let's say, in a hypothetical world where you only have an expensive item in your inventory. So you drop it quickly to pick up the other item, but as soon as you drop it, some other enemy ninja displaces you (using any knockback jutsu), and then suddenly stands on top of the new item you dropped. You now have 2 items on the ground that belong to you, and both are being hostaged by enemy ninja. And this process can keep going, making it more and more risky for you and not a single negative experience for the enemy ninja who lose nothing for trying to steal from you.
  12. If you have 300 ping, you have a lot more to worry about than some Lightning Spear going on cd without casting. A lot more of your jutsus probably stagger, not cast, snare yourself, etc. And with ExitLag, I'm sure you can cast other jutsus all fine and dandy, but Lightning Spear in particular will still have this bug if you follow the procedure to reproduce it. I have low ping.
  13. It's not ping due to the simple fact that this bug only happens to certain jutsus, not certain ping levels. AKA, if I had bad ping, I should suffer in other jutsus, too. Same kind ones (1 second run cast).
  14. It's a universal bug, sure. But doesn't happen with almost every technique. For starters, 90% of the time it doesn't happen to instant cast projectiles (like Lightning senbons, etc.) It also doesn't happen to a lot of run-cast jutsu (like Lightning current, etc.) It also doesn't happen to any of the GF jutsus (the palm has this bug but only if you macro it extremely fast [<100 ms speed]) You can't make this sound like it's intended or a very normal thing. I think it can easily be fixed, but can take time to look into. Just to specify it again: I am not complaining that I can't cast a jutsu really fast after another, my issue is that jutsus should not go on cooldown if they didn't run. If they look into the code, this could be solved.
  15. When you try to use Lightning Spear fairly quickly after a Z attack or a shuriken throw, Lightning Spear doesn't run, but it goes on cooldown. No need to have inhuman hand speed. Just pressing Lightning Spear 0.2 seconds after Z/or shuriken causes this bug.