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  1. Rest in peace to the greatest Leaf shinobi of all time, lord third and the best ANBU leader. May your soul guard over Konoha and show the way for the future generations, old man... P.S: You can keep the cigarette...
  2. Hey folks! Been a while, just released the final chapter! CHAPTER X! 

    As some of you may have thought, I quit Nin a while ago, but that doesn't mean I gave up on writing, I know some of y'all enjoyed reading it ;)

    But yeah, this is the final chapter and I don't think I will come back for more. I will join here and there to check out new content, but nothing serious.

    Hope you all continue enjoying and developing this game, thank you for the good times! 

    See you in the wide world <3


    -Hageshi & Ange

    1. Cannibalism



  3. Hageshi Date

  4. Hageshi Date

  5. Hageshi Date

    For Wind/WM I would put @Oda Nobunaga (hybrid) or @Hageshi Date (on pure int wm/wind)
  6. Hageshi Date

    Noticed something unpleasent that appears on the "Activity" page on our accounts. Hope it's not intended and you already noticed it @Ueda @Seth
  7. Loving everything, kinda disappointed with the new default/automatic text colot tho. Had to recolor my entire bio
  8. I love the improvements, feels very fresh! Hope to see a lot more aesthetic upgrades much love
  9. Hageshi Date

    It's been done in the past, Rory did something in the style that you want it to be long ago. Not a dumb idea at all I would love to participate
  10. Hageshi Date

    Get a weasel or one of the Takumi summons (Dog/Monkey). But all in all, Weasel is the best and most popular. And yes, you need to be PB to use the coffins.
  11. Hageshi Date

    Amazing work!
  12. Hageshi Date

    Make summons level faster, fix clam targetting bug and dog bleeding bug, fix org-summons bug. EZ
  13. Hageshi Date

  14. Hageshi Date

    @Booty Gang Pinku & @Urso @Booty Gang Pinku & @DeadZoom @Booty Gang Pinku & @Hageshi Date @Booty Gang Pinku & @Raikuzu