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  1. Hageshi

    I think with the info we've gathered so far, rarer candy don't give better rewards.
  2. Hey random Nin players who follow me, I won't be writing anymore on my forum bio. I will go do some stuff on my forum alts and just enjoy the game as much as I can. 

    Have a nice day/evening/night and gl on the JCE that's happening 😄 

    ~Hageshi, Sage of Wind. 

  3. Hageshi

    Best achievement suggestion I've seen so far.
  4. Hageshi

    Good day, world of ninjas. Today the honorable title of Sage has been bestowed to me and with that the responsibility of leading the Hermit corps in Takumi village. And hereby I would like to put out this invitation to anyone who wishes to take on a different path than the ordinary criminal. The Hermits are a group that takes on the task of cleansing the lands off the corrupted and cursed (The Raging Bandits and the corrupt Samurai). Our intention is to brew peace not by causing chaos but by subduing it where it's began. Our only requirement is for you to clean your past. (Reach 0 bounty and have the Hermit title to be invited) We offer a relaxing home where you can pick a different path than fighting and striving to be the best. ___________________________________________________________________ The Code of the Hermit- Trust no affiliation. Take only from the land, not the people. Survival is the key to higher enlightenment. If they stand behind you, protect them. If they stand in front of you, fight with them. If they stand beside you, show them respect. (To make things clear, I want to turn this into a friendly, RP loving group, and the only thing I would ask from you is, to like PvE, not cause drama and be nice) (To ask to join the organization contact me on discord Hageshi#7655) Signed, the second Sage, Hageshi, successor of Erox.
  5. Hageshi

    One of the very few things I loved in Takumi. #BringDoggoBack
  6. Hageshi

    + 1, ALSO make bigger Ryo rewards on higher levels to get some of this stuff pumping in the economy!
  7. Hageshi

    Oooh jeeeez I love iit amazing!
  8. Hageshi

    Yeah good points. I get it it SHOULD be hard, and it IS VERY hard right now, not impossible, but unnecessary. I think just shrinking the amount of them spawning would be a devastating difficulty drop, you still have to kill 400 of these things. But yeah fair point overall +1
  9. Alright alright guys, I know this may come of as a surprise, but Iron Tower IS NOT SOLOABLE AS IT IS. No, I am not talking about bosses. I am talking about the 400 Elite Samurai Kills you need to go through as you unlock it. Where do you kill them? In these; I am not saying it's impossible, but it's way too much. SOLUTION: 1- Decrease heavily the amount of Elite Samurai that spawn in the 3 small rooms. You need to kill 200 of each but it's unnecessary to have this many around, no one will be doing multiple at once. 2- Make them passive (don't agro players unless attacked), this is unlikely but will help greatly with moving around, their short agro is unpredictable and doesn't help much. Please make Iron Tower solo-friendly
  10. Hageshi

    Best Balance Decision Ever
  11. Hageshi

    How is depending on aim making it worse?
  12. Hageshi

    I really like this. Great topic. I'll support the idea of Rumaki's, at this point in time Devs should focus on adding passives/abilities to stronger swords instead of the meta Hp/Chakra Regen/KB/Stun/Snare. There's way more to work with, with feedback of the community. Poison Swords Bleeding Swords Fire Swords Double Hits Critical chance Jutsu casts (unique of 7sm ones since they're supposed to be uniques) Stronger HP/Chkr regen (shorter time between heals) Freezing Swords (slows enemies dealing DoT) There's literally so much to work with for power weapons, and I know Rory said he dislikes element based weapons (scaling off int) but if they can make jutsus work with weapons it could really change the meta if they're easily accessible.
  13. What about power rotating in a certain closed group of players/friends?
  14. Bump this, +1 good suggestion