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  1. Hageshi

    The wiki contains most of the current missions and we are still adding more. Plus I have guides on how to start out in Leaf / Sand on my YouTube channel. Recording Mist guide and soon Level 10 - 50 indepth.
  2. Hageshi

    I legit believe it's because village missions have bigger variety in them that's why you get stuff like that, when rogue missions are CBK, VMW and Time Offs. But after level 50 really there need to be new missions/variants of missions that give XP for that level range.
  3. Hageshi

    I would say it's going to be better to be able to edit builds.
  4. Hageshi

    An outfit builder was discussed recently but I think that's close to impossible imo or at least it would be too tough to make.
  5. Yet another video guide, it isn't the best quality but I sure hope it can help new players! Nin Online - Newbie/Beginner Guide (Sand Village pt.2)
  6. Hageshi


    Understandable, have a nice day.
  7. Hageshi

    Welcome back MetaNin boi, the baguette land will always welcome you.
  8. New to the game? Don't know what to do in the Leaf Village? Here's how to start- Nin Online - Newbie/Beginner Guide (Leaf Village pt. 1):
  9. Hageshi

    The organization missions are the best idea by far, maybe 3 daily individual and 1 daily/weekly group mission. As well as cooldown on inviting members or a period where new members cannot pickup missions 24 hours after being invited, this will stop alts abusing rewards. Consider this one a lot @Ueda. The rewards can range from organisation items to a lot of Ryo which will act as wages for organisations such as the MPF.
  10. Hageshi

    And then people complain why there is no DZ activity.