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  1. Hageshi

    From a person not liking the game cuz of the 2D pixel style, to a newbie on the grind. Got my first level 50 on 6th of May 2019, 3 months and 3 days after starting playing. Been through ANBU, went to expand my knowledge of the Ninja World in Takumi. Never wanted to go back to Leaf. Abandoned my clan and people I grew up with. Set my goal to join the Akatsuki, teamed up with the first Seigi generation to destroy the plague of Taka. Accomplished my goal about joining the Akatsuki (lasted no longer than 2 days cuz downfall arc). Quit and came back to join Sand, leveled my second ever level 50+ account, went rogue cuz Sand is just another village, same as Leaf. Eventually allied with the vibe village of Mist, leveling my 3rd highest level account there. Meanwhile vibe with all my rogue boys and the Simp Army. This is where Hageshi, Sage of the Wind stands now. I never regretted any of the decisions I made, cuz that's what got me here, a rich happy criminal farming his life away on Nin.
  2. Hageshi

    Read my signature.
  3. Hageshi

    There's 0 reason in punishing for a thing such as this.
  4. Hageshi

    11/10 to Primal's list. Most accurate and detailed, take notes newbies.
  5. Hageshi

    Beef! Beef! Lock Clan houses from entering while in combat Lock Hospitals (just like in Takumi) from entering while in combat Block interactions with NPCs such as Toad and Sailor while in combat. EASY Lock Arena
  6. Hageshi

    this is just LOL
  7. Hageshi

    Oh lord.
  8. Hageshi

    As long as abuse is preventable such as minimum players and levels, that would be great.
  9. Hageshi

    Great initiative. Maybe a different kind of events too? Like a trivia/quiz?