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  1. Hageshi

    Great idea @Rumaki, didn't see it. But as for the settlements I wasn't thinking a full blown village like Tanzaku, but it would also be nice to have around the land of water just for rogues. For the little camps I was thinking more of temporary spawn points which wouldn't be available all the time.
  2. Hageshi

    I see your points and that's good feedback. But there must be a way to ease it for the mist lowbies because the village is really dry in terms of playerbase. People go rogue to level fast because of the difficulty of the missions and there is no one to defend except the few high levels and extreme lowbies. Either a quick way to access the mainland or completely different locations for mission in the Land of Water.
  3. Hageshi

    A bit of context: In a conversation with @Ueda on discord I made some small suggestions and then I PM'd him the full idea but I didn't recieve feedback, so I'm posting it here to hear from the community. I was thinking of 2 relatively small islands in a sea area north of the Land of Water. - They will be separated by only 1 sea map which will be a DZ - North of the Bamboo forest will be a shore/land WZ - On those islands will be 2 small camps for both Leaf and Sand which can only be unlocked by the Kage (if that doesnt suit you make it unlock able for each player after a level cap) - Mist can also have a settlement on the Main Land somewhere similar to those camps, maybe near Leaf and Sand WZs When a player wants to unlock those spawn points they will have to hit one of the tents. Those settlements will be in a SZ or DZ. Also if that gets added, I believe you have also heard complaints of people escaping combat through toa/sailor. I also suggest that gets locked. This is bascially the same message from the PMs, I don't want to change anything of it until I hear your feedback and maybe from @Ueda as well!
  4. Hageshi

    Watched the metas reset, entertaining.
  5. Hageshi

    Honestly first time reading a balance topic fully, I can agree with most stuff here. As a wind main for almost 2 years, I can suggest some balances, such as giving vacuum a run cast but not removing stun. I think that tai does need a bit of tweaking, I agree with the longer cooldowns. I also believe that lighting needs a buff, it's supposed to be a fast mastery and instead it has all kinds of casts. I don't know what else ot suggest, not much of a PvP fan anyway. But I do agree with some balances in this topic.
  6. Hageshi

    Flow and beat are smooth but it can be better, champ.
  7. I like the idea but it might get oversaturated... I would say we can do a different kind of event bi-weekly and toate it. Not just the same thing.
  8. I definitely don't have a single favorite piece of music, and usually people flame me for listenint to "shit" but thruth be told, I listen to any style/genre of music depending on the mood. Here are some of my favorite pieces: Let there be vibes
  9. Hageshi

    Boruto isn't better than Naruto but it certainly isn't bad. It's a really good for new generation of anime fans who didn't see the OG naruto series, it can inspire them to do so.
  10. Hageshi

    My main account's friend's list is completely full with people who either quit or changed name many times. When I try to remove someone it removes someone completely random, it's one of those small things that if updated/improved will make the game 100x more enjoyable.
  11. Hageshi

    Amazing! I have really been trying out to do pixel art, sadly I'm a newbie but this is really inspiring