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  1. Tekkey Hinode

    So the official names are Zkage and Zgeneration, after all? Sadly, a thing all the Utopias have in common - they can't last.
  2. Tekkey Hinode

    Sorry, sir, but your informations are outdated. Takami is already charging people ryo for 1 minute, instant, ultra easy rp. "Tell that guy, that he's handsome" > "Good job" > Money+Rp token transfer. When this was brought to the GMs, Erox declared it's apparently ok... No charges were pressed in result.
  3. Tekkey Hinode

    Great as always! Hope we will see the statues of our Kages added to Leaf map one day.
  4. Tekkey Hinode

    Man, I always wanted something like that in Leaf to commemorate all of our Hokages. Nice work, Maguma. Although realistically speaking, I conidered something like Caio's signature's statue could be arranged more easily than huge stone heads on the cliff:
  5. Tekkey Hinode

    Even when I'm too busy to post, allies of the justice are flocking to this topic to highlight the abuse that is still going on... ngl kinda feel proud. Let's add @Scooby Doo to the list of the offenders during the weekend's late night Akatsuki raids. Gotta say I appreciate his enthusiasm, as he was urging me to take a picture and report him. You can't teach old dog new tricks, but how about our dear old @fox? Guess not, since he pulled his usual trick of hiding and logging out in the arena's no-zone... twice. And that's even though this time we offered him green card and citizenship. Can this be fixed already? PS. On the personal note I would like to sincerely thank members of our RP friendly Akatsuki crew for adorning me with this wonderful title of "The Wasteman". Putting the colloquial meaning aside, I guess you guys don't even know the definition of "waste": Indeed, i feel much obliged for being trusted by you with the duty of cleaning our streets and our arena out of, well.. you. Don't come back.
  6. Tekkey Hinode

    Daily excuse is.... LEAF NUMBERS! Has anyone put his money on this? No? Guess we wait until tomorrow for another example of abuse... or do we? Not even a 15 minutes ago our rp friendly akatsuki crew @Boo & @fox (with friends @Scooby Doo and [Edit: and @Sakashi - thank you Scooby for ratting your comrade in abuse]) tried to go for the new record and abuse arena again >>>in a matter of hours<<<. Edit: This time only Boo managed to enter, due to sensory lock by yours truly. Can this be fixed already? And for the kids for for whom reading walls of texts might be ehem... challenging (don't worry Ainz, I gotchu, bro ) here's the TLDR version of this topics whole purpose: game's bug is being abused for the pvp adventage. Can this be fixed already @Ueda?
  7. Tekkey Hinode

    Welcome back with the daily news about ongoing abuse of the Leaf arena's bugged entrance. Let's look forward towards the culprits (and their fanclub) devising and posting fun and believable justifications for their blatant breaking of the nin's terms of use. Care to guess what's it going to be this time? Leave propositions in the comments! A...were they not aware they're abusing? B...had they no way to confirm if the arena was open or closed (if the door's not locked, you're basically asking to be robbed - common rogue knowledge!). C...there's a other X bug/mechanic in the game! That means it's ok to abuse, as long as all the bugs in the game aren't fixed. As always thanks for the contribution @Boo and our regular @fox, both of the Akatsuki rp friendly crew (that's why it was forcibly reset, right? Right???). They hid in our arena, healed themselves and attacked pursuers with summons, then sneaked out and escaped the village. Can this be fixed already? PS. @Basic my best guess as to "why" is - I don't run recording program while i play. I only have time to catch a single moment, maybe two. Sadly i was more interested in the enemy abusing the game rules to give himself adventage in pvp (sic!), than Leafies training their summons on the target of opportunity.
  8. Tekkey Hinode

    Nice ideas, though in some cases art would need some time investment to be on the nin graphics level. I've heard @Magumawas considering the same thing - maybe you guys could cooperate on that?
  9. Tekkey Hinode

    I can only cite what I told about you to the friend, who send me the link to this site: "you have caused a chain reaction and might have triggered a true talent for 3D modeling". All those works look great, thanks for spending your time to bring them into existance. PS. You might want to include the source material screen, so people could appreciate even more how faithful recreations those are.
  10. Tekkey Hinode

    I support the notion to make this "go bald" fashion item avaiable in shop. Make Kekiro's head shiny again! #baldelite
  11. Tekkey Hinode

    You've got wrong thesis, so no wonder you get wrong result of your deduction. This is not a bug, unlike the Leaf Arena not being able to be closed to non-leafs, while the others village's are being closed. Can this be fixed already? PS. When Atrane made 1st post and this topic, it was already well know bug and frequently abused by enemies. Is over a month of observing this abuse instantly? I dare to disagree.
  12. Tekkey Hinode

    Sooo @fox, my new friend... are you saying it's ok to bug abuse, because <input whatever dumb reasons>? Do your excuses even matter? Bug abusing is bug abusing. I've been waiting for the pinged abusers to start making a commotion about their hurt self esteem... I think the names of your current suppoters speak volumes: I see there some people abusing the bug and being scared of it being fixed. Like always, guys, thank you for your contribution to drawing the Nin Staff attention to the problem. I don't recall saying in this topic that no combat lock on the clan house entrances is fair. Did I say that? <checks> Nope, I didn't. In my opinion: that should be fixed as well, as it was frequently abused by enemies coming to Leaf to hide and regenerate in the area where they were unreachable to most of the pursuers. Again - in my opinion hospital is a different story, as it's each village's last stand (and as far as i know, it works the same in each village = feature, not a bug). Other arenas were fixed by Ueda, to not let non-villagers in. Why should Leaf's be the only one broken? It's clearly not as Ueda intended. Can this be fixed already?
  13. Tekkey Hinode

    Daily reminder of the ongoing abuse: Think this time it's self explanatory. After a big fight, @fox was seeking refuge at the bugged leaf's arena. When the number of the leaf ninjas waiting for him increased, he straight out logged out there - in the no zone. After a brief period, he tried to log in, but became too scared to try out his luck with me and even attempt to run out. As of this moment, he remains there. Can this be fixed already? PS. Let's all be friends!
  14. Tekkey Hinode

    Welcome to the daily feed of the ongoing abuse! No images sadly. Thank you @Suga for proving our campaign to get rid of this bug only makes the pvp fair. Tried to abuse the broken arena and failed to enter somehow (due to poison bug most likely, so not a fix). Also @Ninjutsu has been reported by leaf ninja @Bonsai to abuse it this night to hide from the pursuers.