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  1. As i was casually taking the opportunity Ueda provided us, to expand my collection of green items, suddenly my fellow medics hit me with those heretical (and clearly not very nin-christmas-event-sprited) words: For... THERE... IS NEVER... TOO MUCH... GREEEEEEEEEEEN! ...but those words kinda sink in, and kept bugging me. So instead of running from my destiny, I've decided to embrace it. However we all know there can be only one Grinch, and the spot has already been taken... So in display of true nin-christmas-event sprit - we talked this through. With a gun. What can i say? Future is now, old man. Don't bring bare fists to a gunfight. Obligatory ninja info card. PS. Can we have green gloves item added, please.
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    KYRENO THE LEGEND! Glory to the best Trash collector in nin!
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    Oh, hello there little Leafie. Enjoy your stay. Remember to join the leaf discords. You can ask Lord 9th @Atrane for the invites.
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    This is amazing. How come this topic doesn't have more replies? Looking forward towards any new ones you will make, Adarya. I'm assuming those mission count is purely fictional? Are those diagrams up to scale? I'm pretty sure Tsunade doesn't have equal chakra and intelligence (ninjutsu). Ps. How on earth have Fleabag and Althion managed to get points in genjutsu? o.O
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    Hmm, let's see... maybe because Leaf's buffs are weaker in comparision to mist's? (yea, I know... might be shocking and incomprehensible to you) As we're still lacking 12G unique jutsu comparable to 7s swords, Leaf's passive is random chance and unreliable, and one of our summons doesn't bring have much use either. But then again, you think "everyone" think it's fair to consider our current buffs equal with Mist's broken swords and summons (their passive is great and on spot imho). Guess ill will and fear of facing us on equal ground really makes you blind to the disproportion there. Oh, and on the main topic - Antar, while I personally like you and truly respect your patriotism, you're always looking at Mist through pink glasses. Those topics with giant walls of text (2nd or even 3rd until now) might serve as official propaganda of success, but doesn't change the fact that Mist is ruled by rogues, gained population throught bad case of the stockholm syndrome and even with broken buffs use every dirty move in the rulebook, to even fight us.
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    While i agree that bubble is unpopular as it is now, the rework should focus on making the bubble better (i think Balcoin made great topic on how bubble rework could look like), not scraping it just because the villagers have agreed to throw money at their problems. 1. Shikotsumyaku is a genetic bloodline limit ability, active on just one family of the many Kaguya's descendants. Why would every Mist ninja have acces to that? Makes way for some very bad "we're all family here" rp... :x 2. Proving the bone manipulation to be bloodline ability, it should as such be attributed to a clan - as their unique Kekkei Genkai. And before you guys further hype on that "give it to Hoshi" idea, Shikotsumyaku has has already been explicitly claimed by the Suwa clan of the Leaf. Dibs. 3. Just to clarify - Byakugan is Hyuuga bloodline ability, Gentle Fist is not. Having x-ray vision just greatly helps the performance of that combat style. Jyuuken is at most clan's secret technique, thought anyone could learn it with proper training (cough...Hanabi teaching Boruto... cough...). Ps. Frankly the only positive of Feinz's plan, that i notice, would be rightful conlusion to call any user of such mastery "spineless". Is one meme material worth scraping developers work?
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    Well once i put some attention - turns out almost all ligthning and earth jutsu already have an amazing sound effect. The only ones missing: Earth Spikes https://elements.envato.com/de/katakumbenstein-eingang-D9M5YZK https://elements.envato.com/de/stein-ziehen-1-4NX5BW3 Earth Wall https://elements.envato.com/de/stein-rutsche-TNLS7FC
  8. Rise of D. Some may argue, that this isn't my story. Yet i was there to witness and record the unfolding events, so I am part of the story, as much as any chronicler is the part of a story his quill writes on the scrolls. This story hasn't unfolded on a day, nor a week. And to tell you the truth, it's still haven't reached definite conclusion, as each passing day adds more chapters to it. What I can show you is the beginning. The beginning of the ninja road of a splendid shinobi named Dredge. Despite the introducition, this story begins directly with Tekkey Hinode. Once upon a time he had a pretty darn good day, being named winner of the Leaf's first rock-paper-scissors tournament. After emotions passed, he decided to pay back the Lady Luck by passing back the good karma. He took the usual spot in the Leaf village's forest, next to a favourite rock of the sorely missed @Saku the Healer, the man who taught him the basic of the medic craft. Honoring his memory, Hinode medic would often help with healing jutsu and advices on shinobi life to the clueless young ninja. The man he met in the forest on that particular day was someone, he already heard about. @Bakushin, the clay soldier, Tekkey's ongoing experiment, has reported his master about the training session that unfolded just a few day ago in the nearby area of Leaf's training grounds. The team of young genins and their chuunin supervisor @Ljones were ambushed by the full squad of the sand assasins, yet somehow were able to triumph without taking a single casualty. One of those promising student's was Dredge, the jutsu earth user. With just a short talk and observing his wolf extermination progress, Hinode confirmed that young ninja indeed had potential to become one of Konoha's best shinobi. But like many, mostly declared enemies, like to repeat over and over again - Leaf's true strenght lies in numbers. Dredge needed a teammates, with whom he could form a three man squad, that would stick together for good and for worst. Fortunately, Tekkey already had in mind someone to recommend. His final opponent in the rock-paper-scissors tournament was a young ninja, barely graduate of the academy. Man with such luck, that any hazard game seemed like a trifle. And indeed, responding to the Tekkey's request of assistance, @Lastant, the water user, arrived at the wolf infested area nearly on the same time, as the intended overvisior of the forming team. Despite still being genin, no one could deny tons of experience to @Kekiro Hayashi, former Duke of Tanzaku. He quickly grasped the situation, analyzed the team composition and recommended on finding a medic as their last teammate. That's when Lastan't luck really shined - the next person that entered the forest was a medic @Kotarou, who happily joined the team. With Kekiro's advices, the youngling's teamwork quickly improved. Enough, that Lord Hokage deemed them worthy of undertaking the white tiger hunt on the dangerous islands of the west. Tekkey sticked with genins mostly for his own amusement and to administer emergency first aid, in case any of the exterminators fainted due to bloodloss. While everything was coming nicely, trouble were already on them. Sensing faint chakra signal nearby, Hinode unleased the sensory technique, breaking the cloaking jutsus of two enemy shonobi. In the ensuing combat, the Leaf ninja faced the invaders and won, yet again not losing a single soul. Lastant, who got the worst of the injuries and briefly fainted, thanks to his luck again, was patched right back to shape with the efforts of the present medics. Some of that good luck must have rubben on Dredge, as not even few days later he shocked Bakushin with the revelation, that he succesfully formed pact with a summon animal. The puppy named Anubis, would become the ninja's trusted companion. Together they both took regulary took part on the Leaf's Military Police patrols, in hope of getting granted admission into the police force. And even strick police captain Kekiro didn't have the heart, to deny this chance to his own disciple. And so almost ends the story of young earth user Dredge, with big dreams and the drive to pursue them with the help of luck, skill and dedication. Yet even ending, has some beginning. This story's ending starts with... Unappointed, Dredge suddenly showed in the Hinode clan's headquarters in Tanzaku, requesting adoption into their ranks. Tekkey witnessed this on sheer luck, as he was taking a day off of ninja duty and was simply visiting his Hinode relatives serving as guards to Lady Kasai, the Fire Lord of the Land of Fire. And while the clan derives from the samurai of the Land of Iron, it is welcoming to the outstanding individuals sharing the Hinode's ideals and creed. Once upon a time, Tekkey himself was one of them. After the thorough and intricate questioning, Dredge was deeemed worthy of joining the family and pledged himself to the service. So truly ends the story of the Dredge, the earth user. And so begins the story of the @Dredge Hinode, the defender of the Leaf village.
  9. I consider myself quite lucky that I could take part in the contest and compete with much older players . Thank you Ueda for this rare opportunity to share some of my nin screenshots with the community (at this point I probably have a few thousands of nin pictures). Shark skin looks rad, especially with a Cursed Seal! (also check those fish ABS \(*o*)/ ). My only regret is loosing my belowed green scarf, I got as a gift from my clanmate Phoenix Hinode on my medic graduation, just days if not hours before the announcement of the winners and aqusition of the shark skin. RIP dear buddy, nothing will be the same without you. You were the best item for me. [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] Ps. Since it's a screenshot contest, maybe we could all meet together in one place (Toadland?) and take memorial photo of the first generation of the Free Fish People? I already took one with Eagly (and Hageshi Hinode in the middle), but the more the merrier. @Moisty @Seiryu @Dona @Tekkey Hinode @Harmony @Vinsmoke @Mylu @Eagly
  10. 4. Fortunately the beast have been defeated by the joint effort of all Leaf Shinobi. No one knows what had happened to the fox spirit after the battle, as there were plenty of volunteers, offering to take on themselves the burden of life as Jinchuuriki. Whomever holds it, should never let this paint calamity be released again! 5. I warn you all, the whole community of Nin Online: under no circumstances should you let @Yamamoto Takeshi tell you "a good joke". After 15 minutes of building tension... the punchline never came. Needless to say or peaceful time before start the Hinode Clan meeting erupted in violence... Luckily for the culprit, it was already time to start the meeting - and as @Tameshi Hinode ordered "Enough of this, sit on your places" in 5 seconds chaos calmed down and everyone sit quietly, doing exactly what we gathered for. That's the Hinode's clan discipline.
  11. 3. Behold the calamity, that has fallen on the surprised Leaf Village. The first Nine Tailed Fox attack on Konohagakure I've witnessed... aka "Paintails Incident".
  12. Ok, so a few screens from the life of Hinode Medic. 1. The inauguration ceremony of the Rokudaime Hokage @Kuraen Vali and the 5th Leaf Council: @Hoseki @Ohiya @Yousei Reiketsu Attending the ceremony were 50+ Leaf Ninja at once, with several coming and going through the whole ceremony. 2. Frankly the most intense moment of march chuunin exam was the Kage Faceoff just before the ceremony. The sparks were flying in the air, as two leaders met eye to eye, each with squad of their special forces behind their back... and exchanged greeting and good luck wishes to all participants.
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    Took me while to decide, but I'm glad i finally accepted your kind invite. Fame and glory to he Hinode Clan!