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  1. Ljones

    Upcoming Chunin Exams February, 22nd 1 PM EST 6 PM UTC+ 1 Saturday Registration at the Chunin Exams hall Requirments 1st. You need to pay a fee of 2k Ryo (per person) 6k per team Which will be donated toward the leaf treasury and be used for the upcoming events. (the amount will be announced so players can keep track of the money not being abused) 2nd. You have to be a leaf ninja 3rd. You have to be patient and wait out commands 4th. When the CE event starts stay in character all the time , OOC (out of character) behavior will decrease the chances of players getting a promotion. 5th.You have to be in time to take part on the Chunin Exams , the registration will start at 1 PM EST and will end after 15 minutes. 6th.Make sure you have a team of 3 members 7th. Do not afk during the CE event Further info during the CE day Note : If leaf villagers interrupt the event they will be jailed without a warning , so please respect the event and remain calm. (you are free to watch the event as long as you listen to the higher ranks) LMPF members will be around to maintain the order @Kuraen MacDom
  2. Ljones

    @Kekiro did an amazing job with this one and I can't thank him enough. Also thank you everyone for your support! Don't forget to go vote!
  3. your ninja bio is madd copyright