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  1. Hinata Hinode

    Hi dear Tsunade ^_^ didn't play for so long but i love this clan. Send you some greeting haha.
  2. Hinata Hinode

    Welcome to our clan Boko Hinode ^^ Hope you have fun there.
  3. Hinata Hinode

    Welcome to our clan @LymanP and @Zabuza Hinode Wish both of you enjoy this clan, Hope to see you in next clan meeting, Give you warm hug!!!
  4. Hinata Hinode

    Congratulations! @Kotaro Hinode ^_^ You're one in our lovely family.
  5. Hinata Hinode

    Welcome everyone Congratulations!!!! to @YamaTakeshi Hinode to be first elder!! also gladly meet our lovely new member boko and jeroken, Hope we can play together soon haha. Wish you peaceful life in leaf village
  6. Hinata Hinode

    Thank you very much for your kindness to let me join Hinode Clan. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be a member of this clan. I will try my best to improve myself to support people with love and loyalty. -Hinata Hinode