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  1. Yamamoto Takeshi

    This is really nice. Wish I knew about this when I was running my DnD sessions. I tried my own at recreating my nin character ^^ I think I might help my friends make some for them, I loved making this
  2. Yamamoto Takeshi

    Greetings and welcome! Hope to see you having fun and a good time here ^^ I'd like to point out that you can make a Ninja Bio in your profile! Many players here have used that opportunity to write their own character lore, background or stories. Have a wonderful journey and safe travels!
  3. Yamamoto Takeshi

    Super cool video, certainly got me hyped!
  4. I like your quote "I'd rather betray the world, than let the world betray me"
    Another fan of Romance of The Three Kingdoms? ;D 

    1. Nitche


      You got it right bud :P

  5. Yamamoto Takeshi

    Thanks everyone for participating! Congratulations to the winners! 1st place team: @Bonsai @Dohan @Neji Hyuuga @Shinmon rewards: 5$ gift card each and 2k ryo! each 2nd place team: @Tonraq @SkywalkerXD rewards: 1k ryo! each 3rd place team: @Persona Kurama @Tekkey Hinode @Chx @Jtms rewards: 500 ryo! each special shoutout to @Daniel @Reji @Zon for doing a tiebreaker against the 3rd place team and fighting hard for that 3rd place spot! Despite being newer to the game and lowbies! It was an intense tiebreaker as we saw both teams racing towards the final destination! special reward: 100 ryo! each + 1 blank each. Rest of the participators got 50 ryo! each! Thanks for coming everyone!!!! AND SPECIAL THANKS TO: @Emiya @Hadashah @Kuraen MacDom @Yukiyo @Briareos @Hageshi @Angelik Date For being there at the event, being one of my "riddlers", preparing for the event and making all the managing and processes for this type of an event smooth! Thanks to @Maj For helping with the preparations! Thanks to @Esty For helping with the preparations, discord and super useful ideas and tips! SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR DONATORS: @Deathmall for a 5$ gift card donation! @Kekiro for a 10k ryo donation! RIDDLES AND THEIR ANSWERS: Riddle 1: Somewhere in The Hidden Leaf is a creature known for it’s “thunderous” rule. It’s subjects even refer to him as a kage. It’s base of operation is known to reek of a foul stench. answer/location: RatKage Riddle 2: A place of prayers. Housing some of the Fire Daimyo’s bodyguards. These people would wear a cloth marked with the Kanji of Fire 火 . There are a dozen of them! answer/location: Twelve Guardian Temple Riddle 3: I am a lonely container of death. I sit nearby a small house that leads people into a secret entrance. The poor skeleton in my casket would like some company. answer/location: Graveyard outside of the little house that leads to the tunnel (left of GD) Riddle 4 "Hi! I hope you have a keen sense. My name is Kimi, I play hide n seek a lot! Do you know my favourite hiding spot?" answer/location: Kimi's hiding spot during the Hide and Seek mission, her spot is at the hotsprings, under that yellow roof thing Riddle 5: I am in a place in The Land of Fire. Sometimes if you consume too much of me you will get very light headed and might even lose your balance! In fact, for the “Sake” of this riddle, I will tell you that I am being sold for 30ryo! answer/location: Bar house/Bartender that sells sake in Tanzaku: Riddle 6 What opens it's petals during the day and closes it during the night? Would make for a romantic gift. But sadly, they are not for sale! they're all hers! answer/location: Flower Shop in the leaf Village Riddle 7: "A step in the "right" direction. There exists an item that can bring warmth to anything inside. Its doors open and close at every interaction. It lies in a place where you can reside." answer/location: The microwave inside the small yellow house, near leaf's gate. Last words: Was super fun to plan, prepare and host this event. Unfortunately, I don't see a 3rd one being done any time. But I have lots and lots of ideas for future events, stay tuned! But for the future of Orienteeering, maybe far in the future I could host one in the mist or sand maybe. I've always thought about the idea of doing this type of event elsewhere in-game ^^ Or perhaps toad or land of iron? hehe.......
  6. Yamamoto Takeshi

    Cool video! Was fun to watch ^^
  7. Yamamoto Takeshi

    Greetings citizens of the Leaf Village! I am Yamamoto Takeshi and along with a couple of other people, we have come to present to you an Orienteering event! We are still hard at work at creating the event. But we are shooting to hold the event this Saturday 19:00 GMT+0 (14:00 EST) /// 7pm GMT+0 (2pm EST) any postpones or delays, we will let you know! Meeting location will most likely be near the Kage Building! How does this event work? There will be 7 riddles or sentences given to you one by one in order. You have to figure out what the riddle is hinting to (could be an NPC, location, decoration or a spot somewhere), then run to that spot, get a confirmation that you got the correct riddle and receive your next riddle! The zones will be limited to Leaf territories and Tanzaku. At every location, there will be a person there to confirm you/your team passed that specific riddle and will hand out the next riddle you have to find. It's a race! The First Team that finishes all the riddles, successfully in order, will receive the best rewards! Second Team that finishes the riddles will receive the second best rewards! And Third Team that finishes the riddles will receive the third best rewards! Everyone else will get a participation reward Party up! You will have the choice to form groups of 1-4 players! How do I register? Once you have you have formed your team, you can Post on this forum your team and teammates or you can PM me on discord Lu Xun#8917 with the information! What are the rewards? We are still figuring out the rewards! If they haven't been decided by the time the event starts, then I will personally contact the winners in the upcoming week for their rewards! We also accept any kind donations to the event, we already have some people who are donating and we are utmost appreciative for it! Looking forward to the event! Good luck!
  8. Yamamoto Takeshi

    This is so nice!!! I like the push for RP, Big advocate of it!!
  9. Yamamoto Takeshi

    Water first so you can farm/clear mobs faster
  10. Nice! I've been hyped for this village, especially it's aesthetic looks!! Can't wait to see it
  11. Yamamoto Takeshi


    I loooooove this place so much. I'll be sleeping here until mist comes out. (Im standing there right beside my house btw at north west of he picture). The potential RPs scenes I can make here omg!!! I love this thank you for the hard work ueda!! Excited to see what's next.