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  1. Nice! I've been hyped for this village, especially it's aesthetic looks!! Can't wait to see it
  2. Yamamoto Takeshi


    I loooooove this place so much. I'll be sleeping here until mist comes out. (Im standing there right beside my house btw at north west of he picture). The potential RPs scenes I can make here omg!!! I love this thank you for the hard work ueda!! Excited to see what's next.
  3. I cant wait for what the future brings! Keep up the awesome good work!! Love this game. Im 2 months old now and I love this community its very warming! I want to keep pushing for that warmness and wholesomeness! Cant wait for the mist village
  4. Yamamoto Takeshi


    This is awesome! It did occur to me at one point in time where I was like "oh wow, the bookshelves are all the same" Greaaaat stuff! I like how you did the cafeteria too, gonna be great for RP
  5. Yamamoto Takeshi

    oooh my mistake, Thanks for noticing haha. Edited ; )
  6. Yamamoto Takeshi

    Thanks for promoting me to Clan* elder! Even though im not old..... Also as a little reminder to everyone. Those who are listed here as members of the clan are Officially members of Hinode. Anyone who goes under our name and is not named on this thread's list of members IS NOT part of our clan.
  7. Woah, I like your profile song, what's the name of it?

  8. Yamamoto Takeshi

    Your loyal Yamamoto Takeshi has arrived! Thank you for accepting me under the family of Hinode. Looking forward to the future we will hold together....................In this new life, new timeline.......................