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    The real harass in this game is when you put in the effort and time just to be awarded with nothing. CE is a popularity contest hands down. I even won CE still didn't make chunin. At the time Vali was kage he just wants my life to be miserable and not want greater benefits for the leaf village. Can't blame him, now he is a rogue. Many players like Tobi had many UNSEEN hours from them helping out lowbies with missions etc. Honestly, make the kage a BOT so they reward players based on contributions to the leaf village, not talk no jutsu from players. For example, how many ninjas did this player kill outside their village? How many in game hours spent on helping people? Good thing this is a game. In real life I'd overthrow this corrupt dictatorship government.
  2. Baller


    @Erox Any chance of moving the CE to Saturday at 1pm eastern? In the past, the CE had always been hosted on weekends, not weekdays. I am sure a lot of us have a 8am to 4pm job, which makes it impossible for us to show up at 1pm on Friday.
  3. Establishment of White Fangs Naked Raid Naked Guard Duty Dead protecting the Kage who also died