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  1. HI I got idea how to fix issue with 2v3 or less in 3v3 Auto event . Something happends ,there isnt good number of player and its dont make teams right ,so some team have only 2 or less members . So i thinked memebr who first die in 2 or less member team , he could get "Auto rev" what can give him full hp and cha or get himsome kind of buff , to make it little more fair.
  2. And no , Raid points dont fix it .
  3. DaffiCZE

    Elemental Reactions

    Add elemental reaction to the game , as we know tai is strong mastery and much elements cant do much about it , so this is way ,how to help them . Every element will aply on target when they hit Them , Like you are water user , so they will aply by wet effect and someone with lighting came there and hit hiim , so he will slowed/stunned . Ideas of some reactions : water/light = slow fire /wind = burn bonus med/water = poison bonus water/fire = dmg bonus