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  1. Eagly

    always support a better future!!!
  2. Eagly

    I’ve recently been running around doing wage war and cbk on all my accounts, and every single time I have to resort to counting on a friend for kills or ryo due to the sheer inactivity of the danger zones. Half the time u run around you’ll probably find no unlucky soul (except yourself) which could be perfect prey for your missions. Instead, everyone afks or trains in safe zones leaving all the people who need missions to be either slaughtered by armies or pray that there is at least someone training in a dz... to solve this issue I was thinking of making kills count in safe zones. Now, hear me out. You don’t lose any bounty or anything in safe zones. It’ll still be that you only get bounty in danger zones, but you can get kills in safe zones as an option. Thank you for reading the topic and I look forward to reading the responses!!
  3. Eagly

    Could’ve titled it differently... but yeah I agree with you
  4. Eagly

  5. Eagly

    This post is totally needed. Yami has played and still plays on a ton of different masteries, and he as well as tons of other Nin players know the state at which the pvp is in this game. You don’t even have to be a good player to win a fight against some of the more experienced players if you use wind/medic. In fact, any weapon or jutsu that gives wind a tiny opening allows the mastery to unleash some fast and destructive damage. In addition, wm and Tai have always been an issue from the start. I just don’t know any solution to those masteries. Forgot to say this the first time, but every staff member should look at this. I was hoping rory would be influenced by how op wind was during the war event but I don’t think he was there (at least for the duration of the time I was there). These are some seriously good suggestions and shouldn’t be ignored.
  6. Eagly


    Just because there aren’t as many gentle fist users around, doesn’t mean GF isn’t op. In fact it’s a pretty strong solo mastery.
  7. Eagly


    Fan shouldn’t be nerfed. Just use solo fan and you’ll see that we can do much damage on our own. That’s why you see so many fan builds as tanky beasts. What should be nerfed is the capability for every mastery in sand and leaf to have free hidden mastery weapons
  8. Eagly

    ^ although the one thing I disagree with u on is nerfing the tornados for Str fan... believe me, str fan barely deals enuff damage on its own, if you were to remove tornado from it you’ll just be decreasing what little Dps Str Fan has. We should make tornados the same jutsu level as Vacuum so u can’t chain it together.
  9. Eagly

    Would reset for this
  10. Eagly

    To be honest, this whole issue with the war event could’ve been fixed if the events would stop being tournament based. Too many events are influenced by the dozens of tournaments this game does to hand out coupons. Instead of doing events like these, GMs should move towards hosting Hide and seek events in an event exclusive map or other fun ideas that players come up with
  11. Eagly

    Seeing as how many people were complaining from the recent war event, I’ve decided to make a forum post on a different method on how each village should conduct war. Instead of making it into a tourney style type of event, I feel like this war event should instead take place in a wide map where dozens of players from each village can fight each other. A map sort of like the sand villages war zone. As always, I love to see people’s opinions and reactions to my posts so don’t feel afraid to give a response!
  12. Eagly

    Guys, Im thankful for all the replies to the post but please keep the intensity of the arguments to a minimum and try to get along instead of claiming rude things to each other
  13. In this post I want to discuss the almost impossibility of the mission known as "Okada's Debt". The reason why I decided to start this post is due to the long hours me and multiple others spend to finish one measly mission which we may never finish. The mission asks you to gamble 200 ryo into 1000 ryo and give it to Okada once you have finished the task. The terrible part of this mission is that you have to be the luckiest man alive in order to make that 200 ryo into 1000 ryo. I feel like the leafs, whilst it is a creative addition to the gambling portion of this mission, should be completely removed. It gives NO reward and intereferes with the already lengthy period of time you need to complete the mission. Not only that, but I'm asking to bring up the rewards of each of the prices by at least 10 ryo so that the task could be finished with greater ease. What I'm asking for isnt much, since it will still be a difficult task, but it'll help people make the ryo they need without depending on God to give them three 7's. I hope you all have a marvelous day
  14. Eagly

    I feel like the title of this post already shows what I’m going to argue about. Due to the recent buffs wind has gotten, the mastery has become an actual terror of a mastery to fight against. One small combo can delete an opponents health almost instantaneously. This is all because of the high base damage that most of the wind jutsus have. While other masteries struggle to reach 100 damage the more intellect you input, wind can reach it quite effortlessly. Honestly, you can see how broken wind is when you see a simple wind user with 60 int absolutely demolish a level 60s hp with one combo. I hope Ueda can at least think of this post whilst the war event goes on today. Have a great day guys :>