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  1. Eagly

    First good idea in a while
  2. Eagly

    Oh we’re playing Nin for the Naruto experience? *slowly clicks out of the roast chamber discord*
  3. I’ll replace you my friend... dont worry ;-; your death will just make the embers of the will of fire burn brighter leading to a new generation leading the raids you once did. Hope you had a fun journey in this game and farewell.
  4. Eagly

    Yes please! Jesus Christ you have no idea how many times my eyes felt like I was staring at the sun every time the game goes from night time to day time. I know there isn’t a sun in this game but there should at least be a little bit of a transition ;(
  5. Level 20 egirls?? There are no girls in Nin.
  6. Eagly

    I wish you the best of luck in ur Dna shop. I expect you’ll become a millionaire if you keep it up!
  7. If I can’t brag in front of egirls in square, then what is the purpose of leveling in this game!!
  8. Eagly

    But then you wouldn’t be able to see if the blank dropped because of the trees in wolves. That option is way better in places like coyotes where there are no barriers hiding the drops.
  9. Eagly

    This is a nice way to fix it :o Good suggestion!
  10. Eagly

    Nice! Also this is really useful! xD Ive been grinding wolves for a while and have been trying to figure out how long it took for each of my blanks to drop. I also have an alt that deals 60 dmg each punch
  11. Eagly

    furs....? you mean fangs o.o
  12. Eagly

    I’m an int wm and I feel twice the amount of pain you feel in terms of ryo grinding Also Sukki and I were grinding bandit blade for easily over 30 hours and didn’t get a single bandit blade drop. The drop rates are really trash.
  13. Eagly

    if i cant beat the seigi raid, ill crash them >:)
  14. Eagly

    Its been years since the clone jutsu was taken away from us players. It was litterally the only jutsu that related to genjutsu in this whole game. Bring back Kage bunshin no jutsu!!!
  15. Eagly

    No no, more like a "thank you for healing me slave". If they ask for more ill just WOF myself and be done with them.