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  1. The Avatar

    Please leave WM its already broken the way it is
  2. The Avatar

    Nice suggestion, would love to see this ingame.
  3. The Avatar

    The First suggestion is known on nin as a Joint exam, Which was cut off due to the server performance while having lots of players on at the time. I Think ueda should take it into consideration since its alot more fun and competitive not to mention the new server performance is alot better.
  4. The Avatar

    Dope bro!, I like the ideas. I can see this being new content
  5. The Avatar

    Mist once again dominates the Danger Zones.
  6. The Avatar

    Hard work plays off. Thanks for making Nin Online an Enjoyable game for all of us Ueda Was with ya from 2015- 2021 from the Years you can see that i Love the game keep it up!
  7. The Avatar

    There is one in my village discord, However some people do set it up in other servers
  8. The Avatar

    Great work! , the suwa's one are fire
  9. The Avatar

    Good stuff
  10. The Avatar

    Vacuum is useless from the latest nerf. You can't land it unless you're in team fights. somtimes its still bad for teams. 1v1s is way worst , Cheers
  11. The Avatar

    Looking forward to this activity, Thanks for your work for puting things together leiting!