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  1. 5th Year on nin online , i started in 2015. every year it keeps geting better and better @Ueda Thanks for making this happen. and i look foward to spend my 6th year on nin online
  2. The Avatar

    Good idea to make enemies collect more bounties from akatuski.
  3. The Avatar

    Happy Early birthday leiting!.... I'll be there!
  4. The Avatar

    Very good idea
  5. The Avatar

    50 stat points to fortitude, juat ain't it brother. Leaf already has unbearable Numbers. That plus 50 + fort would just be broken to them
  6. Great work rory, cant wait to partake in another christmax event on nin online!
  7. The Avatar

    As a wind user wind Forsure needed a nerf, but the way it is rn is just unplayable for me, Could of just taken down some damage or remove the stun from vacuum abit,It's so dissapointing because i can't find a wind+earth Combo unless it's just a earth combo by it self with wind shuriken (it literally feels like im playing a solo mastery). @Ueda Please look at the suggestions Lumy provided!
  8. The Avatar

    Every Organization Does Joints missons(PB-12G-7SM), If you didn't realize. So that statement is very irrelevant
  9. The Avatar

    7SM is a seven man Organization, lets be honest. with there recent nerf they aren't Semi OPED as you make it seem. It's how it's sopposed to be. I'd say PB Puppets is the only problem here that needs fixing from what i see.
  10. The Avatar

    This makes no sense, and organizations exist for a reason.
  11. The Avatar

    I agree with Hagesh, But i do understand what rory said when it comes to causeing problems with genins having the power to jail/abuse Which is why i suggest to rory to make a secondary weapon such as a taser(Stuns you so you can't move from where you are,if you choose to log off You still have to wait untill a office ''removes the taser from you'' ) Only used by Genin- @Ueda Recent Police summit
  12. The Avatar

    Peperoni should exile all yall