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  1. Thanks! I'm happy to help with that. Few things which I would like to add about MacOS Client for anyone interested. Wrapper is based on Wineskin ( and it use WineCX20.0.2 as engine. This means that wrapper should work perfectly fine under Intel and ARM/Apple Silicon (M1 under Rosetta2) based MacOS systems. I would strictly recommend to use MacOS Sierra (10.12) or higher and devices with more then 4GB for smooth performance. Good Job on the hard work with new client @Ueda @TheWolf
  2. Delp

    As a proffesional nin credit seller I would like to see that option
  3. Delp

  4. Delp

    up add these please, @Fuze work on that pls :(((
  5. Delp

    Shadow Shuri suggestion is great
  6. Delp

    yo why is it popular rn
  7. Hello ninjas! So I finally started Nin Online Wardrobe project with @Fuze and @Hageshi. We are working on this everyday but we need your help to collect more clothes! If u want to commit to project please send us only front (zoomed - on new client, non zoomed - on old client) pictures of rare/regular clothes/accessories etc. Here is an example how proper ss should look like: And here... is a preview of Nin Wardrobe for anyone interested: Please send all of the ss in this topic or via discord (delp#5622).
  8. Delp

    1) I'm up for that 2) Damage of pipe is fine and fan is k, pipe doesnt need snear especially when second pipe is so cheap on market 3) Tornado dont have to be 60str jutsu, just swtich it with some 25lvl jutsu 4) I'm not sure about that, wind is already nerfed with vacum and without fan tornados it would be much worse. 5) They already got nerfed (no knockback) but I would prefer knockback + range + more dmg without 3 tiles bullets
  9. Delp

    LINUX changelog Tested on PopOS 20.04 LTS - works without any problems. Gonna upload video guide in upcoming days
  10. Delp

    Just created simple launcher which partly fixes bug "You can login only from one pc at same time". Sadly nin multiclient detection sucks when it comes to run it on mac. Thanks for gold ninjas with macos for testing that wrapper @Ashido (BIG UP FOR THIS GUY) !!
  11. MacOS I finally finished creating perfect (for now) Nin Online MacOS wrapper Nin Wrapper/Client version: 1.2.2 Fully working without any bugs or crashes, based on DXVK (DX11!!!!! - BIG THING FOR MACOS LOL). It should support all macOS versions but I tested it on Catalina and Big Sur (11.2) Changelog (since my video guide stuff): - DXVK support - fixed bug that some people were slower on new client (most of but it still happens, Ueda or Wolf have to fix it cuz It's a thing on Windows also -> @Vipe :(( ) - fixed most of graphic bugs - improved performance (a looot) Download: not sure if I can share it cuz It's for gold and silvers exclusive? If you are gold or silver u can ask for link to it directly on discord delp#5622 Why is this file so big? Wrapper contains Nin Online client and all additional software like dotnet4.8, directx, mscoree etc. to make it work. Preview: To Do: Auto Updater (for Mac but maybe will work on Windows) Linux Tested on PopOS! 20.04 LTS Works as expected with dxvk (via vulkan) support - for easiest setup use Lutris and install dotnet48 in winetricks. Gonna upload guide video soon ---- Thanks to @Ueda and @TheWolf for their hard work