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    I agree, Rouges from what I understand should have higher risk = higher reward missions but at this point we are just having worse mission pool than villagers.
  3. Delp

    Thanks for credits honey
  4. Delp

    This is so good solution. They are fast and as a content for 50+ 50-55base should ba absolutly maxium. Meanwhile these are 126dmg machine guns
  5. Delp

    A gap from 36/40/42 base damage to some crazy 85 or 90 base damage with additional knockback feel strange. These weapons look more like something for lvl 75/80+ or so. Even with that logic idea of game is to not make a huge gaps between items as Ueda said in my Blood Iron Fan buff suggestion. I don’t understand that because Yamazaru is a machine gun with 126 dmg per hit with crazy speed. Hammer atleast have 3s attack cd or so. In game when we have 1300-1500 by avg a hits which can kill u in around 15seconds are a big mistake. I don’t know why we moved from 42 base damage (which is nice and reasonable to) to some crazy numbers. All of these swords could be unique but not at the cost when all other masteries which are not using swords are weaker just because they can’t hit for over 100 every 1/1.5s
  6. Delp

    Bleeding is too much imo. I would go for 38base damage and have a 50% chance to trigger second attack which deals 50% of dmg.
  7. Hey! @Ueda After last changes to fan and overall nerf to this weapon something bad happened. Blood Iron Fan is a rare drop from one of hardest bosses in game and after nerfs it's also a fan which have lowest price/value(power) ratio. There is like 4 of 5 Blood Iron Fans in game and they are not worth to use because Oriental Fan is a better option. Oriental Fan is cheaper (around 60-90k) when Blood Iron Fan is 200k+ and Oriental Fan is just better. Oriental Fan: Same base damage (22), Faster, Same Range, Lower stat req, Knockback and !!Piercing When Blood Iron Fan have no piercing and higher stat req and is like triple a price. There is no way to farm Land Of Iron Boss for a fan when u can just buy a cheaper and better option or farm it on easy bandit boss. Blood Iron Fan needs a buff, the one which (not a)best fan in game deserve. My suggestion is to change base damage to higher and lower Attack Speed
  8. Delp

    Simple and great idea, bosses like weasel would be more intresting to players. Also it would be great addon to make a character more personal
  9. No, new login is good.
  10. Delp

    Sadly, thats one of best quests but difficult due to rouge ninjas. Try to use cloak on enter of village
  11. Delp

    Love Posion Cloud idea
  12. Delp

    I like the idea of it. More quests = more fun in my opinion. It will also give a specific feeling for every village. Easy to do and great improvement.