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  1. Delp

    Sadly, thats one of best quests but difficult due to rouge ninjas. Try to use cloak on enter of village
  2. Delp

    Love Posion Cloud idea
  3. I would like to annouce that I’m back working on this project. Expect results in next month. Love yall
  4. Delp

    I like the idea of it. More quests = more fun in my opinion. It will also give a specific feeling for every village. Easy to do and great improvement.
  5. Delp

    I agree My suggestion - make it slower and reduce crit scaling or change base damage or disable usage of chakra scalpels on tonfas (best one)
  6. Delp

    I'm in, I would like to see that !@
  7. I personally like the idea of Weekly and Monthly missions. In my opinion weekly missions could include raid points destroying, some big cbk type mission (for example 100kills), collect some item. It would increase danger zone activity. When It comes to monthly missions I would like to see some "kill X boss type" etc. It would bring more activity into zones which are usually empty. Good suggestion!
  8. Delp

    Mask in a post is @Fuze work. I will try to get him to work and also gonna do my version of that
  9. Delp

    Based on your previous behaviour and community I’m going to lock this post. I want to prevent unnecessary toxic wars. From what I know external is not responding to this type of posts. Greetings, Delp
  10. Delp

    Really well done when it comes to concept images! I would like to see see something that ingame. Great work
  11. Thanks! I'm happy to help with that. Few things which I would like to add about MacOS Client for anyone interested. Wrapper is based on Wineskin ( and it use WineCX20.0.2 as engine. This means that wrapper should work perfectly fine under Intel and ARM/Apple Silicon (M1 under Rosetta2) based MacOS systems. I would strictly recommend to use MacOS Sierra (10.12) or higher and devices with more then 4GB for smooth performance. Good Job on the hard work with new client @Ueda @TheWolf
  12. Delp

    As a proffesional nin credit seller I would like to see that option