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  1. Zeus

    Due to getting a better idea on how to change this jutsu I have decided to make another post. Since other stand cast homings all have CC on them (Water Prison, Earth Prison), I think it would be fair to give Lightning one too. The jutsu requires you to stand still for 1 second, so it would be fair that your target is stunned for 1 second. Lightning is mostly a high risk high reward mastery so to follow that logic the jutsu would also self stun you for 0.5 seconds. Feast has a very obvious cast animation as seen here: Other jutsu which have animations like these (Cutter, Crescent) also have a unique sound effect so if it could possibly be added as well it would be really easy to tell when your opponent is using this jutsu, allowing you to cast Substitution and punish your enemy cause of the jutsu having a self stun. This along with the fact the jutsu would self selfstun in case of the opponent not being in range would make this a really risky jutsu, but high reward due to the stun. You also make yourself vulnerable against any other enemies that might be next to your opponent. The jutsu has 8 tile range so if you manage to land it you would be able to Body Flicker the opponent allowing you to combo in your jutsu at the cost of losing a way to escape snares/punish casts. I think this would be a good way to make Lightning a stronger 1v1 mastery like it is meant to be.
  2. Zeus

    I can make a GIF with Water/Wind that has a Pipe that will have an even more broken combo than the one that is shown here. The point is not the mastery used but how easy it is to land the melee and how easy it is to combo into it.
  3. As seen in this GIF I have landed a full combo with 0 effort and without even facing my opponent to do so. I fail to see how this is in any way balanced considering there are villages which have no access to this kind of a weapon. The argument that you spend 15 points for it is completely irrelevant cause the weapon scales off those stats and you will do enough damage with the weapon alone to get more worth than you lose in stats, let alone the combos which such a weapon allows. It requires zero aim, it is basically an instant cast Water Prison with 1.5 sec less snare time, you're also able to have 6 bubble traps up. The Fan weapon is also rather strong, but it's strenght lies in being able to use the Tornadoes jutsu which is an instant cast 3 tile stun with a short cooldown, allowing you to combo a lot of unavoidable damage when used with Body Flicker or punishing your opponent's Substitution. Fighting multiple users which have these weapons is exteremely discouraging, it's fine if they are the actual subpath since they have lower scaling and their damage is nothing special or in Fan's case it has a lot of cast times and end cast times, but when elementals burst you just cause they pressed melee and you happened to warp behind them it's extremely annoying and unbalanced. This does not bring any sort of "uniqueness" to villages since noone uses the hidden masteries which are meant to be the unique thing for the village. They just use the weapon instead and burst enemies with the higher elemental scaling cause it is way more worth than actually bothering to use the sub-path. Something needs to change, almost the whole playerbase agrees that this is a big balance problem and it is not fun to play against. @Ueda
  4. Zeus

    I remember that in the past Fire jutsu used to have different DoTs based on the tier of the jutsu but now they are really weird. Pheonix Fireball on lvl 3 has 5 damage DoT, but Triple Pheonix Fireball on max level has 2 damage DoT. All the other tier jutsu have 5 damage DoT on max but then your strongest lvl 35 jutsu has 2 damage DoT. Since Dragon Fire jutsu is your strongest one it's weird that it does a weak DoT, I think that the Dragon part of the jutsu should give strongest DoT while the combo follow up it does should deal the weakest DoT. I think that the DoTs should be different per tier like they used to be since that way they can stack instead of refreshing their duration if you combo different tiers of jutsu. Burn I - 4 dmg, tier 1 jutsu Burn II - 5 dmg, tier 2 jutsu Burn III - 6 dmg, tier 3 jutsu
  5. Zeus

    The current relation is the same for WW IV and CBK VI. Nah u need to have both at the same time.
  6. Zeus

    Since there haven't been many new lvl 50+ daily missions I have decided to suggest some. Waging War V (level 50) - kill 10 enemy ninjas, 260k exp. CBK VII (level 50) - kill 16 enemy ninjas, 270k exp. Village's Most Wanted III (lvl 51) - collect 125+ bounty, 325k exp. Village's Most Wanted IV (lvl 56) - collect 150+ bounty, 395k exp. Retrieve Compromised Documents II (lvl 50) - gather stolen documents from BOTH opposing villages, 300k exp.
  7. Zeus

    VMW missions already give a decent amount of EXP. The only thing that could be added is a higher level VMW III mission (lvl 50-60) that requires 150+ bounty collected.