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  1. Enver

    I agree with this post, the fact an Elementals can have a weapons that outscale swords with damage, guaranteed snare or knockback, on top of having better jutsu scaling aswell. Fans/Pipes are overloaded. Poison Dagger is doing 35 damage on 10str, while a Religious Katana does 47 damage on 70str. 12 damage difference / 60 statpoints.
  2. Enver

    Kinda sucks Fan users get weapons with the possibility of going hybrid builds, 80str for this Fan is just insanely low.
  3. Enver

    https://gfycat.com/fr/happyshadowyekaltadeta credits: @Dona
  4. Enver

    yh not rewarding at all
  5. Enver

    Daggers indeed look good, rest nah.
  6. Enver

    U saw what happend when we buffed Wind before last jutsu getting added, it became overloaded and took at least half a year to nerf it.
  7. Enver

    quick shoutout to ainz tentacle kink
  8. Enver

    Why change Dark Weasel location when u have Benkei's Tools in Takumi.
  9. Enver

    Enver (Main Character defeater) 60 Weapon/Lightning
  10. Enver

    Ofcourse the puppets are stupid as hell, but Rory saw it and never changed it. Fan is doing 39 damage currently on 25str, Relig does 47 on 70str. Fan locks Sand user to be Wind Pipe locks Mist user to be Water Both these masteries are trash in groupfights, so it looks weird for me to ask for 12G buffs. However 1v1 perspective these weapons are overpowered as fuck.
  11. Enver

    12G = 4020 statpoints (24 masteries) PB = 2970 statpoints + Puppets (20 masteries) 7SSM = less than both above (14 masteries) Doesnt look unbalanced to me.
  12. Enver

    If u want fair playing grounds u should mention Gentle Fist nerfs.
  13. Enver

    This man came and asked to nerf all villages except Leaf