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    @Mylu @SparkZZ :eyes:
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    Looks like Leaf copy/paste.
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    To be honest I think its the way we experience things, because of things I experience as muslim being it wont feel the same as you. For example this police shooting a unarmed disabled man feels normal to me, but might be uncommon in your community so it feels much worse for yall. If this hit the media I also would say overhyped situation.
  6. Enver

    I dont see it as competition, I see it as a overhyped situation. I understand yall are back up the topic a lot because its your race, so you gotta like play your side.
  7. Enver

    Islam never hits the Media in a positive way like George Floyd did, just open the news and check how many black people are currently robbing stores and shit in this chaos. Never seen a muslim do that... Im a foreigner myself and I can relate to everything thats going on, but yall overhyping the situation. Literally bombs are getting dropped on children and you all care about some rigged police officers killing someone once in a while? In Netherlands ALL police officers are rigged and only arrest foreigners aswell but none of us care, we compare our situation to Palestine and then realize its nothing. You all live in America and keep complaining about the way of life lol, yall seen nothing of struggle in some countries. I understand it though.
  8. Enver

    Millions of Muslims are lockedup getting re-educated and tortured in China currently, Palestine is getting terrorized by Israel daily. Not only black lives matter brother.
  9. Enver

    I wouldnt mind letting Wind like this if Tornado changes tier to be honest, because the other elements needs to be buffed anyways.
  10. Enver

    Change up the tier for Tornados and we good.
  11. Enver

    Depends on who you invite, why would they make a balance team with biased people.