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  1. Enver

    When did the self stun of Morning Peacock change?
  2. Enver

  3. Enver

    You should see a doctor buddy.
  4. Enver

    This is exactly the reason why you shouldnt make Balance suggestions, if you are not good at the game dont bother trying to balance it. Imagine a Silver in League of Legends making balance suggestions, pointless. That Pipe nerf is too much That Claw nerf is too much Remove selfstun from Seismic Dash? U want Tai to have an uncounterable flicker combo aswell? Self stun on Risky, u must be out of your mind.
  5. Enver

    Bubble just needs to be finished, who knows what the last jutsu will do.
  6. Enver

    I think snares will be less once old client gets removed so pscalpel will get an automatic nerf if im right, thats the reason I didnt include it. And without the current pscalpel intmedic isnt that great either.
  7. Enver

  8. Enver

    While @Ueda and @TheWolf work on the new client, the balance updates are getting left behind, the last real balance change was around January. Fire: - Change self stun from 1.2 seconds to 1.0 seconds. Gentle Fist: - Adding the same self stun as Seismic Dash. Fan/Pipe: - Change snare duration to 1.25 seconds. - Change strength requirement to 30 strength from 15. - Change strength requirement to 15 strength from 25. Taijutsu/Medical: - Change Chakra Scalpel unable to cast with these weapons equipped.
  9. Enver

    Im not cringe enough to save everything thats happening on Nin.
  10. Enver

    You have the exact same character called Hora, whar are u on about
  11. Enver

    You admitted it yourself lmao, you said you have too because of ping.
  12. Enver

    Macroing is really skill bro
  13. Enver

    Blade Piercing causes self stun meaning u will get punished, use your brain. Why would u waste SS on a combo ur already gonna hit, do 50 damage and lose your only good cancel. Unlike u I can do this combo consistantly, out of 10 tries I wont fail once. There is something called skill in this game, im not bad like u to start using a macro.