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  1. Fletch

    I support envers idea
  2. Fletch

    First prizing will be issued 2nd week of December and the event will be ongoing so you have time my friend.
  3. Fletch

    Hello my friends. Most of you know me but if not I'm Fletch and I love all of you in this community. I would like to try to bring some entertainment to our community the best way through pvp. Tournaments are something most players enjoy in my eyes and I would like to take a new approach on the traditional tournament by doing a form of ongoing tournament, The Nin Ladder. So what's the nin ladder? Well it's in my complete honest opinion a ranking system of the top players. I will do whatever it takes to remain unbiased and will be using fair methods for placing and having strict rules to follow. Regardless if you feel you are among the top pvpers or not EVERYONE is welcome to participate, this event is meant for everyone to show what they got. This is going to take a lot of work and effort on my part and the GMs who will be helping me, as well as from the players to make this work smoothly. Saturday November 9th at 4 pm EST, will be the placement tournament. Registration will be from 3-4 pm EST It will be a randomized 1v1 tournament that will be best of 3. You will be rewarded points for each round you are victorious, increasing as you proceed further in the placement tournament. The victor of tournament will start on the top of the ladder and the ladder organizers will place others according to the points they've achieved. If you have missed the placement tournament you will have to start at the bottom of the ladder, and work your way up! This is just the starting phase of the ladder however. Many people will be upset and think the standings are not where they should be, and they are probably right, but there is easily a way to change this. Everyone ranked on the ladder will have to accept 1 match a day from a challenger below them within 5 ranks. (Real life happens and is understandable, but if a tournament organizer deems you're dodging or avoiding a match you'll take the DQ if you keep failing to accept the challenge.) As you climb higher in the ladder the rules will slightly change. The top 20 spots on the ranked ladder will be: 1 match everyday from a challenger below them within 3 ranks. The top 10 spots on the ranked ladder will be: 1 match every 5 days from a challenger below them within 1 rank. PRIZING WILL BE ISSUED MONTHLY BASED ON YOUR POSITION IN THE NIN LADDER. Top 10 will receive nin gift card, ryo, or expensive item (you will get a choice between the three) Top 20 will receive clout, you are among the top % of pvpers. The rest will receive combat experience furthering their skills to place better in the following months. Will be the official discord for the event, the ladder placement will be posted and updated there. As well as the place to challenge and just keep up with what's going on. https://discord.gg/kmnSaB If all goes well and people enjoy it, I will be attempting group ladders in the future. Special thanks to Oriax, Reaper and Rory for helping make this become a reality. If there are any questions please reach out the the team in the discord. Time to earn the clout we all deserve. I am also open to feedback and suggestions and might make slight changes as needed to keep things running fairly and smoothly.
  4. Fletch

    Great guide and pretty sure his main is already silver lol
  5. Good to brush up on RPing I know of it but am no expert I really hope to get more into RPing tho =3
  6. Fletch

    Very useful for new players to get an idea of how to build thanks so much
  7. Fletch

    Hello. A friend of mine from byond I made years ago who I reconnected with told me about it and has been helping me DeadZoom is his name btw.