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  1. Hishido

    It's cool Might have to look at some different coloring for your darks...there's a bit of shading issues - you might be able to bring out some more texture if you played around with the contrast and lighting
  2. Just realised that we have the same birthday dates <3

  3. Hishido

    You can use any graphics editing software you want. This ranges from normal Microsoft Paint to Photoshop. I'd suggest you start with graphicsgale, though. It's free software and its internal structure feels as if it was specifically made for pixel art.
  4. Hishido

    Looks like she's got an ass on her chest The breasts are way larger than the bum.
  5. Hishido

    Greetings, We're very aware that a lot of you have a big interest in pixel art, and as such a lot of you are drawing and posting on these forums. I think it's absolutely excellent that there's such a big interest in it, but I've also realized that a lot of people are drawing on a whim and, as such, aren't quite grasping the underlying concepts of drawing. As a result, I've opened this thread where existing staff of Nin Online can (if they want to) periodically post their own tutorials on certain concepts. Furthermore, I am also posting a list of 30 -EXCELLENT- pixel art tutorials for beginners. The List : http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/pixel-art-tutorials/ If you're a new artist, I highly recommend going through some of the beginner tutorials before posting on the site. Some of the things I recommend working on are : - Color choice. This is probably (in my opinion) the most important decision to make before attempting to draw your icon. Pick a palette, choose colours that work well together, and draw from there. I'll probably post an entire palette tutorial in the near future, but go look through some of the other tutorials. Color choice can make or break your icon. - Perspective (NB - Go through this very thoroughly. Nin Online's perspective can be quite tricky for more complex icons, so make sure you understand the underlying structure before starting to draw). - Line Art (especially line breaks) - Shading (Need I say more? 99% of people can't shade properly. I recommend going through some physics theory on how light rays work and how they are naturally inclined to break and split over an object at different angles. There are excellent YouTube tutorials on this). - Proportions. Another big problem for artists - a single pixel out of place can make the difference between a skinny model and an obese sumo wrestler. Also, I see a lot of starting artists attempting to learn how to draw by immediately drawing human anatomy. Human anatomy is, perhaps, one of the most difficult things to master. It requires intimate knowledge of bone structure and muscle physics to be done even mildly well. I recommend starting by drawing normal shapes and experimenting with all the principles of drawing first. If you're comfortable with that, move on to drawing simple objects like fruit. After that, move on to animals, and then to humans. (Working on stuff like trees, lamp posts, etc... could work as well, but you won't be able to do that effectively until you can represent textures accurately.) NB : Experiment with texture depiction! The majority of pixel artists struggle very hard to represent texture, and it's a -big- problem. Another thing : Start by drawing still images. When you're comfortable with drawing that, you can move on to animation. I'll personally be making some tutorials on animation at some point in the future, as there are some basic principles that you need to know before even trying to start doing it. Good luck, and have fun drawing! Kind Regards, Hishido
  6. Hishido

    Oh, and Nin Online requires all sprites to have a black outline. You can go wild with the interior colors but try and keep them dark too.
  7. Hishido

    Greetings, The colors on the markings are -very- distracting. My eye gets irritated - I'm not sure where to look and it gives me a headache. Anatomically speaking, there are some things that can be improved. The arms look too thin in proportion to the fattiness of the stomach area. This is just a suggestion, but try a darker color for the skin so that there's a clear contrast between the sand turf and the sprite. It feels like I'm watching a big bulbous ooze of sand in the turf. Form-wise, there are a lot of line jags and line errors that could be improved. Perspective-wise, Shukaku's head looks like it's looking up - not forward. Drop the gaze and put more emphasis on the head. Aside from that, it looks cool
  8. Hishido

    Shading is easy to fix, the only thing that's strange is the perspective. I absolutely love your depiction of the textures.
  9. Hishido

    We have no intention of adding jumping at this point in time. I asked Rory about it and that's what he told me. Remember that when we add new states we have to go to EACH sprite and create extra states. Perhaps this is something we could do once we have enough content in. For now, our aim is to get more clothes/techs/villages in.
  10. Hishido

    I've seen those sprites before
  11. Hishido

    If you're going for a unique style, these are great! As illustrations, these are awesome. If you weren't going for a unique style, here are a few notes for anime/manga style drawings : - Your lines are a bit sloppy. Try and work with a softer pencil like a 6B and always draw your lines with a -sharp- pencil. - Seems you're trying to apply calligraphic lines to some of the art but anime is never drawn with calligraphic lines. All your outlines should stay the same thickness. - The icons are -way- too busy. Less is more. - The use of abstract textures makes it look like there's some sort of net or something thrown over most of the characters.
  12. Hishido

    I like your use of a dither shade. I'm not too big a fan of the color palette. It's too abstract. Try and work on your line art - the technique is very rough and tends to distracts from the overall robustness of the image. The mark of a good line artist is that the line fades into the icon so well that you don't even realize it happens. You have a very good grasp on human anatomy, which is -excellent-. Not many artists have that.
  13. Hishido

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Meanies!
  14. Hishido

    We're aware of the issue. It will be reported to Rory as soon as he logs in.
  15. Hishido

    I recognize some of you.