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  1. Nik

    Nin is 13+. :/
  2. Nik

    Good suggestion but Rory already said 2 years ago that stuff like bubble pipe and fan wouldn't be touched again. Instead, give Leaf a weapon to balance it out. Flicker kunai. Here's how it would work. >Icon Flying Raijin Kunai >Give it to leaf as weapon xd >Every melee is a flicker to your opponent @Ichika
  3. Nik

    To be fair, the people that he doesn't mute say worse things and intentionally provoke fights with people.
  4. Nik

    @Envy Tell em about the GF Usoko days HAHAHA
  5. Rory already said last year in Discord that none of these things that I suggested are going to happen. However, if you're broke that's your fault. The market is constantly booming. Your view isn't wrong, it's your opinion and you are entitled to it whether a GM or a player. I respect it because you're my friend. Never said getting coupons is hard either, I just think that players consistently complain about how hard it is to hit 50 and then Rory casually agrees and says "ok, I'll make event coupons tradeable." Then he does, and people abuse it, and he needs to think about a better way for people to hit 60. Boom. Land of Iron. Almost impossible to grind. The problem is that he can't find a balance between too easy and too hard. That is why we the player base make suggestions. We want to help the game grow so that in the future; newer players don't experience the problems that we had to endure. "wah wah I have 0 ryo nik ur suggestion makes rich players better" you know how much ryo I have? 2. I play int wm for God sake. I'm still suggesting it. Go farm Hawks, Bears, Snakes, etc and sell the drops and you're going to have ryo. o-o. As far as the blessings go, a blessing is an advantage for the online players only. Not the offline ones who miss them. To be honest, just removing world blessing from the cash shop fixes this problem. Don't ever make excuses though for not having something that is easily attainable. Those rich players are simply more financially smart than the average player. Take @Sukki for example. Man had 7 million ryo. He started with 0. He earned that shit.
  6. Nik

    This must happen. You're a fool if you think otherwise.
  7. "That's his problem" It's not his problem, it's a contradictory statement to what you said which is "Blessings aren't P2W because they are for everyone." which, it isn't because it's only for those who are active online. Can't earn x1.5 XP if you're at your uncle's funeral. As far as everything else you've said, you also don't seem to understand the concept of pay to win. Regardless of buffs, stat changes, or XP boosts; it doesn't matter what it is because as long as you pay cash out of pocket for these very same buffs, stat changes or XP boosts, it's P2W. THE SECOND YOU PAY OUT OF POCKET FOR AN XP BOOST, STAT CHANGE OR BLESSING IT BECOMES P2W. P2W is real world currency in exchange for an advantage over in game players. The reason for it doesn't change the fact that real money is involved to gain an advantage when you purchase a stat reset or a blessing. The concept of pay to win is paying out of pocket money on a game in order to gain an advantage over players. Nin Online is Pay to Win because Blessings and Stat Resets are only MOSTLY by the Cash Shop; even though players pay ryo for them through other players anyway. It's time to stop making things harder on the players. Make the players life easy and the players make the admin life easy. Frustrate the players and the players frustrate the admins. There would be no game without the admins, and there would be no game without the players. Stop being thick Furiia.
  8. It is already being done so we might as well just allow it in the game anyway without going through all the hassle of waiting on someone to purchase Nin Credit Gift Card for us while worrying about being scammed. That is exactly why I hyperlinked the ToS. If we are allowed to spend ryo on Nin Credit items such as a stat reset why not allow us to buy such an important item in game? Besides, make it a high enough price and the only people that can abuse it are the level 60s that give it to their friends.
  9. The concept of Pay to Win is >Taking money out of your own pocket or bank account in order to gain an advantage over other players. In game currency doesn't apply to this. Blessings being for everyone contradicts itself because obviously not everyone can log on at the same time to utilize that blessing thus purchasing a stat reset with cash allows you to gain an advantage over other players. Stats ARE only for you, however the concept of only utilizing stat resets through cash shop or event makes it pay to win because you can't access it otherwise; and as I said, stats are highly important. By purchasing a stat reset, you are in fact gaining the advantage over another player with broken stats that can NOT purchase a stat reset who is forced to either grind ryo and pay another shinobi for Nin Credit, paranoid enough about being scammed as it is (PURCHASING IT WITH RYO LITERALLY MAKES THIS LESS SCAM-WORTHY BY THE WAY AND PEOPLE DO IT ANYWAY) Largely unbalanced... interesting. Sounds like weapon master, bubble, taijutsu AND gentle fist. Anyway, my suggestion fixes these contradictions.
  10. There was a time in life where hitting level 50 was easy. Event Coupons were tradeable, Erox was active every day, the market for event coupons was booming, ah those were the days. Then one of you dumbasses had to go and fuck that up. We're never getting Event Coupons to be tradeable ever again. Instead; here's a suggestion. We don't care about the coupons as much as we do hitting level 60. The simple fact of the matter is WE LOVE NIN ONLINE and we will do anything, probably even sell our mothers to hit level 60 within a day. As unrealistic as that is; there is still hope for fast leveling without the almost-impossible-to-solo-grind Land of Iron Content if TWO SIMPLE TWEAKS WERE MADE. The first and the second tweak is as simple as letting us buy stat resets and daily resets that cost an insanely large amount of ryo and dropping the price of World Blessings back to 5k (because on the cash shop they are 4.90 with gold and usually when people trade Nin Credit for ryo that would equate to about 4,900 ryo.) If not, allow them to be tradeable after purchasing them with event coupons so that players can decide the market price for them and possibly later down the future we can evolve to have them in game. If Nin Online isn't a pay to win game, then as of right now purchasing World Blessings for XP for a cheaper market price than the Sage that sells them in each village (reminder that u need XP to level up and win most spars), and only allowing Stat Resets to be sold in the Cash Shop and Event Shop (reminder that this game is a stat based game and your entire experience relies on your build) makes it pay to win. To argue that it doesn't simply doesn't make sense. You pay for XP, you pay for Stats, where do we draw the line?
  11. Nik

    "I like watermelon" LMAO I CAN'T WITH THIS GUY MAN
  12. Nik

    Regardless of whether or not External abuses his power; I think that he should remain mod because honestly a lot of you need to learn to shut the fuck up. LMAO.
  14. A businessman man without a businesswoman woman is a Seigi Ape that goes OO AA OO AA. This is what my reality has come to.