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  1. sasukeopl

    I Will say why People quit nin online toxic People, grinding like crazy and People that kill you where are you go
  2. sasukeopl

    I wanna see in the game sasuke oufit (vs the itachi) and the ninja world war 4 oufit
  3. sasukeopl

    Thats really good ideas
  4. sasukeopl

    Racengan is chakra and wind so maybe when other jutsu Come out from lv 40 can be this but for lv 35 jutsu i dont think maybe for med because they have a lot of chakra but really if really they add lv35 jutsu racengan we Will need lot of chakra like 40 or more
  5. sasukeopl

    He is right remove the daily limit
  6. sasukeopl


    So from the patch i know when advance Will be because the New small Village its released in 2018 mist 2019 so advance Will be 2020
  7. sasukeopl

    Curse Mark sasuke (sasukevsitachi) shippuden
  8. sasukeopl

    The Black ligtning spear is cool idea
  9. sasukeopl

    Yep so chidori is '' forbiden jutsu'' but every can use it so then wind have to get racengan
  10. Quote

    second clan choose


    can make the second clan choose for new playerr or old if without wanna leave the clan


  11. and after make death sound/cloak sound they not moving and after that sound not have coodown like death