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    makes 0 sense not gonna lie lol and the enemy should stun more or the same not less than the caster dat's kamikaze
  2. My reasons Buffs No reward disvantadge in a fight thats it, i dont care about anything else neither, i've solo hunted and this transformation jutsu imo, supports alot solo hunting.
  3. Furiia

    Id say i agree with almost everything but with some changes, 1-2 for everyone, cause i dont think it would be fair the genins have 25 heals/25 chak per tick thinking that theres like 2 ce each 3 months and only 2-3 promos each village, and the unlock spawn point should be more looked at, for mist it benefits alot spawn in asoki, - 15minutes, sand and leaf barely benefits going back but probably avoiding hosp camp or in case of leaf attacking a camped WZ/tanz
  4. Furiia

    I think the biwarrior only should be able to go inside village building/villages, not other map, cause the funniest part inside villages is the constant fight u get because alot of biwarriors coming, for the rest biwarrior shouldnt pass village map, imagine waiting 10m each time u kill anyone or u get killed, missing the whole fight lmao
  5. Furiia

    Yikes it would be quite fun +1
  6. Furiia

    I like the idea and got 2 things to say: 1 With the matchmaking i think there should be a type of reward for everyone and another reason for go DZ IMO, The matchmaking is fine and rewards the good 1 vs 1 players but the top 1 2-3-4 even 5 will more likely be GFS and Tais, and other people as example fire light wont reach alot of points(worst for chakra med,which gives even less reason to go for a mastery that are almost bots), another reason for go into DZ for get more rewards should be good, as getting more kills in the week or something like that (public can decide) 2 and about fixing the mapswitch camps, (only for leaf) Yamikami made a suggestion that i think its perfect to fix mini camping and the suggestion is this For the rest i agree with the post, but, at making these new maps the community should be aware when doing it so these maps are not the same / worse.
  7. Furiia

    mist and sand complaining about buff's being stupid and then leaf in the corner saying : New on this?
  8. Furiia

    I think the easiest way is Blocking Pipe/Fan to str > Gf not being able to use swords/less scale dmg > Tornado run cast/higher str req and vacuum buffed to no selfstun plus 1st sphere stunning
  9. Stat reset can be get by EVERYONE and the excuse of 'not everyone can log in for the bless' thats his problem, its anyways tho id say theres 15 hours of bless in a day, and the stat reset ,yeah its points that give u advantage cause you use your STATS better not cause it gives you a BUFF for doing it, and you dont need a STAT RESET IF You already know the best build u going. its obviously not p2w, it doesnt give advantage over others, if you know your build already then you dont need it, and bless is for every1 so its fair for everyone
  10. P2W is a game that gives you benefits for paying,and gives like better things better stats and mostly advantage over other people that doesnt,luckily it is not the case with nin
  11. I mean stats and blessing couldnt be called p2w , stats is for only you but doesnt benefit you with giving u a buff or something it just benefits you in the way that you can choose better stats that you have, and blessing is for everyone, thats not p2w
  12. Furiia

    How is that hard to understand that crescent beheading just needs runcast and no selfstun!?!?!?!? no need for type another bible
  13. Furiia

    #JusticeForGojo #Gojo4Mizukage #FreeGojo #Trivagojo
  14. Furiia

    Gf good in 1 vs 1 then what? Fist is slow asf too low
  15. Furiia

  16. Furiia

    not gonna lie. i'm not too sure about this, i may feel it op cause the buff of the dmg of the rings feels alot its true that we outnumbered akat many times but not too sure about this. i may see it on the akat eyes to feel it
  17. Furiia

    well i aint defending leaf or smthing gf is okay 1 vs 1 mastery but its true that does alot dmg. but dont name summons we got slugs. toads are meh
  18. Furiia

    1 out of 4 things that are broken lmfaooooo summon special org hidden mastery and weapon abuse compare em all to leaf and see how everything ofr us is trash, u just hate leaf since DEATHMALL exiled you like the drama queen you are.
  19. Furiia

    Maybe GF needs less scaling on the damage, but it doesn't make up for the fact that the rest of our stuff is way too weak. - Passive is 5% - Our summons are Toad and Slug when other villages have Weasel/Panda lol - Our org has a 10+ buff which is useless compared to what 7sm and Puppet brigade can offer. theres nothing more u can nerf about us only gf
  20. Furiia

    what the fk???