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  1. Ichika

    LMAFOO nice one
  2. Ichika

    Not sure what your trying to say all I'm saying is at the start of the song it seemed like you were just talking on the beat lol
  3. Ichika

    Learn how to stay on beat constantly first before rapping lol
  4. Ichika

    That artwork is fire asf I hope they add that, we need Naruto "The Last" clothing for my boy @Naruto
  5. It’s a meme post calm down, too good ya got people being excited when I lose a match
  6. Ichika

    Them leafies had the nerve to fake cry after jumping me smh
  7. Ichika

    Ay nice vid I’m sure it’s going to help a lot of new players keep up the good work
  8. Ichika

    Sand flooding the post
  9. Ichika

    Cry more
  10. Ichika


    I was just asking a question... no need to be salty the fact that your first tourney win was full of weaklings :/
  11. Ichika


    Then who the hell did you beat to get 1st place, then look at the 2nd place members it’s peeps like Josh lol
  12. Ichika

    no it’s what carries int med
  13. Ichika


    That’s a leafie tourney
  14. Ichika

    My favorite part is Nagareboshi trying to kill Guren