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  1. Ichika

    Them leafies had the nerve to fake cry after jumping me smh
  2. Ichika

    Ay nice vid I’m sure it’s going to help a lot of new players keep up the good work
  3. Ichika

    Sand flooding the post
  4. Ichika

    Cry more
  5. Ichika


    I was just asking a question... no need to be salty the fact that your first tourney win was full of weaklings :/
  6. Ichika


    Then who the hell did you beat to get 1st place, then look at the 2nd place members it’s peeps like Josh lol
  7. Ichika

    no it’s what carries int med
  8. Ichika


    That’s a leafie tourney
  9. Ichika

    My favorite part is Nagareboshi trying to kill Guren
  10. Ichika

    When you crash in the game mid fight and someone is attacking you, you literally cannot relog until they either 1. Kill you or 2. Stop hitting you. This is very annoying when you get a connection lost in the middle of a fight so what I'm asking is not to let someone obviously be able to log out while getting attacked but be able to reconnect as you are getting attacked like how it was before.
  11. Ichika

    That vid is fire make more
  12. Ichika

    Lol dude there's a reason why mist went from one of the deadest village to an active village that has improved miraculously and there's a reason why Leaf went from the strongest village to the weakest one, stop being a hater and face the facts.
  13. Ichika

    The fact that you have to kill 70 of those is crazy
  14. Ichika

    you should be able to pick water first, then a option should pop up saying int water or str bubble and when you stat reset it ask for str or int water again and vice versa in sand.