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  1. Ichika

    Will of monkeys got a better touch to it
  2. Ichika

    This why I be tellin people to hop in the VC it’s the new wave now No more trash talking by typing!
  3. Ichika

    Such a scum move, the sandbu knew they were going to lose in fair numbers so they jumped them. Seigi is truly a scum org overall, for those who are not like this at all *cough* @Vipe it’s time to leave them, I can’t be the only one tired of these fools!
  4. Ichika

    I clicked off as soon as I heard Lumy squealing, looks like someone forgot to serve him his daily cheese
  5. Ichika

    Most of us who play this game can agree that it’s a fun game and it can get competitive at times but I think the Nin community should try to be more kind and polite towards people to make the game a better place in general, like this for example (My bad for saying 2d game and the things I said this was before I became Woke) Right after he said those lines I realized I was in the wrong and I should never do such a thing to a fellow community member so later on I decided to apologize This is just one of the many few arguments and fights that take place on nin and I hope everyone can witness this example on how we can better ourselves since I too was toxic before I became WOKE. I hope my story help you guys grow and make this community a great place!
  6. Ichika

    This game is pretty fun and I’m sure everyone had their funny moments on this game so I decided to post mine, feel free to spam this topic with ur funny nin online moments
  7. Ichika

    Looks like someone wants cheese
  8. Ichika

    CE is usually hosted around like 1pm EST that’s like 7pm on EU on a weekend too idk how’s that a busy time for EU, I think Asia has the only right to be somewhat upset, def not EU
  9. Ichika

    Amazing video
  10. Ichika

    You can’t even say Akatsuki correctly, Next please.
  11. Ichika

    Seigi a dookie org
  12. Ichika

    Damn this video is garbage
  13. Ichika


    I love the idea as well
  14. Ichika

    Then why claim it's being hogged by alts....
  15. Ichika

    At the end of the day y’all all went rogue and killed all of us rogues it’s abuse jokes or not.