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  1. Ichika

    I agree but it also has to be a balanced to the point where int med doesn't become very bad and these suggestions just make the mastery bad
  2. Ichika

    What village are you from? You can join back the village by contacting the kage of the village you went rogue from, So for leaf it's esty, Sand is Freezehud, and Mist it's Zabuza Momochi, it's easier to contact them in discord rather ingame though, you can also message villagers to send in the word for you as well.
  3. Ichika

    I don't even play int medic like that but I already know by implanting these nerfs it will hit way too hard, if you add the first one for example, a silence for 0.5 seconds up close won't do shit when you know damn well someone can just throw jutsus/burst while being silenced for that long, and int medic lacks burst so if you even want to attempt to trade off damage you will need to fully rely on your 2nd mastery and you'd still most likely take more damage. The 2nd idea is better but still a huge nerf, Scalpel would just end up like a close range shuriken probably even weaker imo since you can actually shoot shuriken far range, point is Scalpel wouldn't really be good then you just gotta compare it to it's other offensive attack kits which is only 3 jutsus in total, we all know Scalpel was carrying the offensive side of Int Medic and by turning in into a jutsu that doesn't even snare/silence/stun it won't even be worth hitting because we all know someone like a WM for example would just keep meleeing it without fear of getting stunned or anything and depending on the sword would get out damaged, same with tai too and plenty of other examples with other jutsus. Other masteries have something Water: Good defensive with the double sub, Water prison combo starter Fire: Good burst Wind: Good burst, Homing Earth: Good Aoes, Homing Lighting: Stuns (I mean the mastery is pretty iffy anyways well known for being asked for a buff) Tai: Double sub, Great cancels, Melees Wm Str: Homings, Melees Int Wm: Traps, Good damage, Chakra Med: Great heals, Senbon damage pretty good but the heals alone is what makes it a good mastery for support. Now Int Medic: Scalpel spam stun good combo starter with low CD, heals, helps other masteries with combos (mainly cuz of Scalpel but also senbon) But with the Nerfs you asked for Int Med would have: Bad heals (It's meant for pvp in the first place it's the offensive side for medic) The main damage for this mastery would be nerf pretty badly due to anyone easily out damaging the Int Medic Scalpel most of the time, Poison cloud would be pretty good and that's pretty much it. Senbon has always been a good jutsu but it's balanced for a reason most aren't landing that 24/7, Either way Poison Cloud and Senbon alone won't cut it for making Int Medic a good mastery. And here's the last thing, I understand if this nerf was asked if Int medic was very top tier not only in 1v1s but also in team fights, but no it's teamfight kit is decent lol, If you bring up the heals, Most int medic heals are weak either way due to the high int they have for 1v1s and by spamming heals they constantly put their poison senbon on CD which leaves the mastery with 2 attack jutsus, Poison cloud isn't bad for team fights but comparing it to other jutsus kit's it's not all that at all, Scalpel is up close and one tile in team fight's that's a pain to use, still a good jutsu but as for a team fighting jutsu overall it's not that good. Shit like EARTH/MED is a good team fight mastery combo because the EARTH KIT alone carries it. That's like bringing up Wm/Earth, it's still good either way, even if you mention the fact that Medic shares the same Intellect path as Earth which makes it better, Solo Wm is still better than Solo Int Med either way, and Earth/Wm vs Earth/Int Med in 1v1s skill difference isn't far off at all too, I'd even favor Earth/Wm winnning as well. Then we have Solo Taijutsu which is already great for 1v1s, but if you have high agility and pair up with a bunch of Earth users, You can be doing a lot just meleeing people in prison with high damage instantly which is great for team fights, Not even counting the fact that you can also do Tai/Earth, Either way I don't see a reason to nerf Int Medic LIKE THIS, Scalpel is a jutsu alone that needs nerf but considering the whole kit alone it's pretty much overrated.
  4. Ichika

    Sounds like a pretty cool buff and by adding this it wouldn't be the most strongest elemental still so I'm down for it
  5. Ichika

    Sheesh that’s a great idea I hope this gets implanted
  6. Ichika

    Never knew you could do art that’s pretty cool, makes me want to make a suwa char
  7. Ichika

    I can make your Marco malfunction just by staring at you, you not ready man
  8. Ichika

    how about me plz ill walk if u want too
  9. Ichika

    He changed his mind and said once he hits level 60, so this forum post is pointless atm rip
  10. I hope no one raids/attack during this event, this isn't some type of regular event it's a special one and I hope it's respected, RIP MELINA
  11. 1. That was already typed/entered before I seen what you said about you being done, 2. Honestly speaking I don't need someone to tell me when to type and not to type and 3. That message with me saying you trash talk at a lot wasn't meant to come off rude, I trash talked a lot too I was just pointing out the fact that doing things like those most likely results in spam killing.
  12. Mind you no one really goes up to a random level 10 and instantly tries to assume their some type of alt 99% of the time, he said he was a victim of that because he trash talks a lot and when you trash talk/be annoying a lot people will assume ur an alt, which is why I said play it safe lol
  13. Keyword is most people, if you don’t say nothing or talk too much they don’t assume shit, like I said I was spammed killed too and people thought I was an alt and even then there’s options to avoid/get away from the spam kill, play it smart you agreed to the terms the moment you finished that academy test to be a Genin
  14. I know, and my response wasn’t just for you it was meant for everyone, the last question to pass the academy test was asking What do you do if you die or something like that and the answer was to suck it up it’s a tough game. I’ve been spam killed myself when I was a lowbie player there’s options to avoid it, play it safe and also like I said most people don’t just see a level 10 minding his own business and spam kill them, ive seen plenty of lowbies do their thing in peace, unless it’s in a DZ obviously
  15. Spawn somewhere else and behave, people don’t get spam killed 24/7 for no reason.