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    How frequently they’re done and how well they’re done is often up to the players hosting them, there’s rp missions that players can do to receive tokens hosted by chunnin ranks and above. With the constant raids happening it may interfere in your rp depending on who is your opposition, but the best way it works is probably to have your teammates assume and rp position after the fights without expecting your enemies to do the same and whether you win or lose you continue in an rp fashion.
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    Lol that’s actually such a cool idea I wonder how big it would be to see everyone joining in something like that hopefully it gets very creative
  8. Fun things to do with friends, as we know Nin is a hardcore game geared towards pvp most of the time but there are some wholesome moments where we can do things that dont end up in a salt fest this is one of them! So some background information "The Wanderer" A higher being descendant of the moon people (Erox) is visiting "earth" our mission is to take our visitor around our world and show him the way of life that humans have on this planet! Along with my friends @Camellia and @Taeledra we work together to escort our wanderer friend to one of nin's greatest sights the Elusive Glacier Bear! After traversing the lands the wanderer decided that he wanted to take a break, treating this sightseeing as an escort mission we obliged to his request. Taeledra then used her expert knowdlege of the earth mastery to create a smooth surface so that our otherwordly visitor could feel comfortable. In this image above you can see the wanderer teaching us a game from his planet, where if we rolled above the number 20 we got to take a step forward on the bridge but anything under would end up in taking steps backwards! I ended up winning this little game and it was very enjoyable to play with friends. After play though, it was time to return to the mission at hand Being asked by @Taeledra to scout i then proceeded to make sure that the vicinity was clear. We waited Ages for the Elusive Glacier bear to spawn while making idle conversation sharing our thoughts on meditation and the creation of chakra that we now use today that we inherited from the wanderers great grandmothers grandmother. Camelia and I both being members of two of the most blood thirsty clans within the Hidden Mist Village (Sakame and Hoshi) attacked the Eusive bear ferociously in fright that it may dissapear to never been seen again for years not realizing the feelings of the wanderer who hates to see violence before his eyes, as Taeledra tried to warn us being to consumed into the battle we didnt realize what we had done until it was over. We apologized to the wanderer asking him for forgiveness and then headed back to our village ! After a very eventful today full of laughs, mistakes, triumphs, we learned to enjoy our present moment and the people around us as the wanderer had taught us, to try to not resort to violence in every situation The wanderer bids us farewell and wishes us the best on our path , although hes gone i still feel as tho hes still with us, watching us every step of the way ! Peace, Love, Positivity The objectives of this mission was to show our culture to the visitor while causing the least amount violence as possible to those fellow players around us and even animal mobs! Special Thanks to @Erox The Wanderer, a big thank you to @Camellia and @Taeledra to introducing me to this style of rp and such a fun time in the few time i do log in. Roleplay in Nin Online is very much alive as long as the players that are interested in it decide to join together and create moments like these its all up to us! We have all the tools needed now we only have to add our imagination! ~~True Art are the memories we draw upon (yesimobssesedwithartidontcareeither)<3
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    Wholesome I think we should make pirate online a reality tho
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