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  1. Kyojin Alarnin

    Great Job!
  2. Kyojin Alarnin

    no i chuj, zrobił genka na sziwanie
  3. Kyojin Alarnin

    Even as a conspect art it looks dope and would be awesome to see that in game. Since most of people plays mostly for pvp, that Divisions should be best option for them. Aslo There will be no need to make a Tier list since everything would be in nin profile
  4. Kyojin Alarnin

  5. Kyojin Alarnin

    Let me quote my Spanish friends "JAJAJAJAJAJA" and my lovelly Brasil mates "kkkkkkkkkk" thats all
  6. Kyojin Alarnin

    Never enough of cosmetics
  7. Kyojin Alarnin

    I support Your action.
  8. Kyojin Alarnin

    Increase percentage Add some chakra points Passive WoF Sub activated when person comes back to life Pick one
  9. Kyojin Alarnin

    Alarnin made a "song" and You wanted to join* Overall nice collection
  10. Kyojin Alarnin

    Also we got many good artist in Nin, like @Crowlock Ask him
  11. Great Guide
  12. Kyojin Alarnin

    Name: Kuraen AlarninRank: ChuninReason for joining: LMPF is lack of Chunins so I can help them with Jailing and taking care of village. Also I have VPN so I am good