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  1. Dayum

    A wise man once said "This is harassing world"... cheers
  2. Dayum

    Urso is the best fire/ int wind
  3. Dayum

    Lmaooo, Loco isn't even tai med since ages and I am not whining sir , I am just saying that i wouldn't mind it
  4. Dayum

    Well I would appreciate a nerf of this "sub punish" , because imo people from NA have it way easier here to do so cuz they don't get randomly snared after it. NA people will always be faster to react after a sub, a silence for both would fix it and make the game more skillful.
  5. Dayum

    Idea 1: Please add a Clan Selector NPC again for 1 day. It will give a chance to everyone that wasn't playing back then to pick a clan again. Or those who thought that they will be able to pick a clan later on. Idea 2: Either that or Feinz came up with the idea to adopt people to a clan. Mist for example already has Clan leaders , those who are in the Shadow Council aswell. They could adopt/invite poeple to the clan, only those who have no clan obviously. It would add more options to this game I believe and it does make sense RP-wise. @Ueda Consider it please.
  6. Dayum

    We need a tournament with a real reward, so everyone joins it!
  7. Dayum

    None of them. Where is that option?
  8. Dayum

  9. Dayum

    You quit last month?! I feel like it was last year! :KEKW:
  10. Dayum

    I haven't read all of this, but Sour has a point somehow. I do not like those "under the table handshake deals" aswell (I think that's what sour called it). And I believe those decisions within the council and every decision ( in leaf) should be made completly for the village and not for the advantage of anything else. Choose wisely people, I don't have anything against the Kuraens but maybe against the political minds of some certain people in there. I suggest to choose one of the elders as a kage, no matter what clan it is. Someone that has already lead beforeand shown maturity. (Instead of those who are known to not listen to orders, nothing against you Vali bru).
  11. Dayum

    Heyho. Well.. my term is over soon , so lets have some fun tournaments this Satuday at 3 PM EST 3v3 Premade and 2v2 Randomized Tournament With Prizes of course Lvl Requirement 35+ (if anyone below that lvl is sad that he can't join, @Leiting does events for lower lvl'd ninjas) ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
  12. Dayum

    Adding another (small) island to the South Eastern maps is definitely a step into the right direction. Thank you for that @Ueda I can tell that Mist villagers already love it. I believe it would be in everyone's favor of this game to add more islands , to the whole sea. Making it a pvp-friendly area, a area that people would enjoy pvping on. I would suggest to add more islands to South Eastern Sea Map I and II ( Map I is just empty) and making the South Eastern Sea map IV a Danger zone again. This way I am sure there would be alot more pvp and people would enjoy the Mist Village more aswell. ( You gotta understand its boring running through a open map with nothing but water , aswell as taking a boat for 5 minutes) I don't mind keeping the Map III as a pure kraken map , so people can do their mission there and also at the same time have a hard time getting to the Mist Village (Land of Water). Looking forward to any upcoming changes but like I said I am already happy with this one, so thanks again
  13. Dayum

    Since the Chunin exams didn't happen last Saturday, they will be held on this Saturday , the 30th November Registrations start at 12 PM EST ( I am sorry that I am a little late with this message) ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
  14. Dayum

    Clam is even better for that strategy though enver , and basically that would work for a weasel or most other summons too
  15. Dayum

    Panda super slow though , Weasel atleast hits massive damage super fast from long range