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  1. Kureji

    A wise man once said "This is harassing world"... cheers
  2. Kureji

    Urso is the best fire/ int wind
  3. Kureji

    Lmaooo, Loco isn't even tai med since ages and I am not whining sir , I am just saying that i wouldn't mind it
  4. Kureji

    Well I would appreciate a nerf of this "sub punish" , because imo people from NA have it way easier here to do so cuz they don't get randomly snared after it. NA people will always be faster to react after a sub, a silence for both would fix it and make the game more skillful.
  5. Kureji

    Idea 1: Please add a Clan Selector NPC again for 1 day. It will give a chance to everyone that wasn't playing back then to pick a clan again. Or those who thought that they will be able to pick a clan later on. Idea 2: Either that or Feinz came up with the idea to adopt people to a clan. Mist for example already has Clan leaders , those who are in the Shadow Council aswell. They could adopt/invite poeple to the clan, only those who have no clan obviously. It would add more options to this game I believe and it does make sense RP-wise. @Ueda Consider it please.
  6. Kureji

    Heyho. Well.. my term is over soon , so lets have some fun tournaments this Satuday at 3 PM EST 3v3 Premade and 2v2 Randomized Tournament With Prizes of course Lvl Requirement 35+ (if anyone below that lvl is sad that he can't join, @Leiting does events for lower lvl'd ninjas) ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
  7. Kureji

    Gonna try to do it today, in 3 hours from now on , 3 PM EST.
  8. Kureji

    I have to delay the Events for personal reasons, Sorry. I will tell when it will happen instead soon. :/
  9. I will be hosting 2 events this upcoming Saturday , 7th September, starting at 2 PM EST. FIrst Event: 1v1 Korean Style (KOR) event. (lvl 15+) Everyone will receive rewards, the winning team obviously more than the losing team. And there will also be a MVP for the best performance, who will receive a better reward. Second Event: A Randomized 2v2 Tournament (lvl 30+) Depending on how many teams participate, there will also be great rewards for the winning team(s). (PS: If for whatever there should be a War event, this will be delayed to another day) ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
  10. Hello Mist Village, as the Second Mizukage I was given the oppurtunity and power to choose 3 Clans that will be represented in the Shadow Council of the Mist Village. As the clans have already elected and told me their Clan Leader, I will gladly also announce the Representives for the Shadow Council. The 3 Clans that I chose are: Sakame Hoshi Murasame Clan Leader: Clan Leader: Clan Leader: Anborn Deviax VestaOrion Congratulations @Anborn, @Deviax and @VestaOrion. I'd also like to use this opportunity to officially announce the MMPF-Chief of the Mist Village: Congratulations @Maj. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will be held a (RP) Ceremony to briefly introduce myself and the new Shadow Council. After the introduction we will hold a Free-For-All Tournament (FFA). For those that want to participate in it, there will be a price (Ryo) for the winner. Where: infront of the Chunin Exam Registration Building (located north, inside the Mist Village) When: This Friday, the 19th July at 4 PM EST I hope to see as many people as possible. ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
  11. My great memories with Bob the Panda: He was really scared when he was still young.. But eventually he grew up and became stronger... We even had alot of great adventures... here is one ... our first blank /cry He actually grew up really fast...