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  1. Zoomy

    Haiii, Kyaa

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      Hello, kyaa~!


  2. Zoomy

    AaYE free my boy he ain't do nothing wrong on 720 nin crip #FreeIssa #MfsRollWitEclipseAndThem
  3. Zoomy


    Very cool, great work!
  4. Zoomy

    lol u abuse fan stuns at least i dont even use one, everyone abuses gentle fist and spams flicker then runs away, so do wm with their homings tornados is a boosted move and u spam it a lot, at least i dont do that but in conclusion everyone abuses builds trying to make the best one with cool masteries, i made this account before the wind buff and was using it so i dont see whats wrong with continuing to use it after it got buffed? lmao i think you are just salty that akatsuki swiped sand in danger zone twice today oopsie!
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  6. Zoomy

    I must say, whoever is that well-toned ninja is in that photo has a great taste in fashion! On the real, this is seems well thought out and looks great this looks like a fun addition with great potential!