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  1. Leiting

    Hello! I would like to talk about Lightning today with the community and staff. It's a great Team Fight mastery and goes well combined with other masteries too except few. But sometimes it falls greatly beneath other masteries in terms of 1v1 potential, my first suggestion is a small buff to it's 1v1 potential just by a bit. Here is it's first lightning jutsu and the buff I would like to suggest: I would like to suggest that after it reaches level 3, it should be able to evolve and instead the three small senbons going in the same direction, they will separate and goes in three directions like this. My second suggestion is it's potential in Team Fights, I believe that Feast can bring it to a further above level: For Team Fights: Right now Feast is a budget WP(Water Prison) without snare and shorter range, it also leaves you vulnerable to cancels or free DMG, if the state of it is going to remain the same, I suggest that instead of hitting a single target, it can hit all the targets within it's range but the more people it hits the less it's DMG becomes, so forexample if it hits one person within range it deals the DMG it normally does but as more targets gets in range, the DMG starts getting lower and the lowest it can go is equal to that of GEP. For 1v1: If we talk about how it can become good in 1v1s then instead of it's current state now it can work like the Vacuum Sphere(before the nerf)...like a barrage of lightning, forexample the lightning will fall on you thrice with 1/3rd of the total DMG it does now in one hit, so if all three of the lightning bolts lands it will equal to the total DMG Feast does now in one hit. You can either run out of range or cancel it but instead of it being canceled from the start doing no DMG, you will at least be able to deal some DMG after this change.(The Casting time is removed.) Please feel free to add your own feedback!
  2. Leiting

    It's a great suggestion something that has been troubling not only myself but also the whole player base, not being able to sell your items just because you and your buyer can't be on at the same time? It always frustrated me and I'm sure that I'm not the only one with these feelings. I think the way this suggestion was made is what makes it stand out as compared to the one's made before even with the same content, it gives you a solidified structure of "what if" and expands on it. So do not be sad that "why yours wasn't give attention to" instead support this as much as you can because that's what makes a good community. +1
  3. Leiting

    Yea, I'm laughing...at the immaturity..I guess?
  4. Leiting

    I'm not sure about myself but your spelling/grammar sure did climaxed there buddy. Also 2-3 players cannot make a difference to big raids(maybe ep/cha med users) and yes, I'm happy that TA is mist now but as I stated before nothing in a 2d game will actually make me feel the height of any emotion because in the end it's a game and I like to enjoy it as one. Thank you for your comment though no matter how pointless it was
  5. Leiting

    I agree with Hageshi, the exp on the missions should be increased and maybe it will be ideal if the hp of the bosses along their attack power is brought down a bit. Each LOI mission should at least give us the exp of that of vmw2 and the starters that are a bit easier like "Guarding the barricades Part 1/2" can give vmw1 exp, it's supposed to be a quest-line like toads that should at least boost us 5 levels(including the experience from the mobs) I actually also want another hp nerf on kuraken, it's just too much hp to be brought down, even with a dps group and agi tai/med, it takes 35+ mins to bring it down including a chakra medic that heals us like a bot without stopping. Dear @Ueda
  6. Leiting

    This ^. I don't understand why we lose the basic hair we had chosen in the character creation and from the lore wise if we grow our hair to any kind of hairstyle present in the cash shop, can't we just have it cut back but the premise can be that we need to pay a barber for it? Sounds like a solid idea to me @Ueda
  7. Leiting

    I'm kinda jealous, can we get some for mist and sand clans?
  8. Leiting

    Journey with who? Someone who PM'd threats. racist slurs and curses to die or "kys" to everyone ig, doesn't really seem to be a good choice, lol. On a serious note though, @Jaiir Mist Village allows it's villagers to choose rogue leveling on the premise that DO NOT kill/participate in hunting Mist villagers and you're liable to be killed by Hunter-Nin even if you're only rogue for leveling, anyways sorry to have you kept waiting and thank you for contacting us via forums, glad to have you in our village!
  9. Leiting

    You can always join it's Academy server If you're interested, just PM me over forums and I'll invite you there.
  10. Leiting

    High level players kill new players below level 10 because that increases their kill count, I am not sure if that's a bug but will it be possible that both kills and bounty/kill count doesn't increase if you kill a new player that is of level 10 or below? @Ueda Other part about Mist village is the incomplete state it has been left in and even after a year there's less of a improvement in that area, all our grind zones are Danger Zones that are used by enemy ninjas to get easy kills off of us while the other two villages have most of their grinding areas as safe zones, in my honest of opinions, mist should've at least double the content of what sand has currently because just how far it is from the mainlands and if not for our tireless work trying to retain any new players we get, applying double the efforts, to only get 2-3 50s(that is already very lucky for us), Mist would've been even more quiet. I suggested long ago to @Uedato add more new maps in mist, we also need a proper war zone map like the other villages and special questlines using tatori as it's base that can help our new players interact more and love the village even more. Our in-game organizations also have incomplete bases and MMPF Jail jutsu is still bugged while the prison area is a safe zone instead of a No-Zone that can help the prisoners escape by subbing out.
  11. Leiting

    You're talking about before vacuum got nerfed, ofcourse I was tired of the free DMG you pulled off by pressing only two buttons, when I have to sweat to try to land chidori or any other combo, mind you, remember the last spar we had when Akats came to fight 7sm? If not you lost that and that's post vacuum nerf, that speaks for itself. Stop bs'ing me, you can't even upheld proper morals lest to speak about preaching me about how hard it is to press z and snare someone to land a instant vacuum.
  12. Leiting

    You're ignorant, and thus it nulls any kind of your opinion on this topic I also want to appeal for Issa to get his account back with the level he was at it with, @Ueda you must know how harsh the grind is in-game and losing a whole lvl 53 account with cash shop items seems hella demoralizing to me, though I do think that he should've been more careful with account sharing. (Also for those who do not know issa lost his account after he got jammed by someone and that same guy resetted it for reasons unknown.)
  13. Leiting

    Hello Mist Villagers! I'm back with the mist events, so be prepared for another joyful ride. Hunter-Games:- A start of a new recruitment event, a game where there is both the hunter and the prey and the task is to stand their grounds and successfully hunt or remain safe. Rules:- 1.) Participants only get one chance. Once they faint, they lose the round. 2.) No summonings. Pills/Oils and charms are allowed. 3.) The fights will be limited to only safe zones, once a participant tries to go to a danger zone, he will be disqualified. 4.) Hunters are only able to hunt twice in a single round, that means they are only able to kill two of the preys, once they have done so, they are to return to the event's host. 5.) Prey can only defend twice before they need to come back to host. 6.) There is only two rounds to the game(Reasons will be known on the event day). Level Requirements:- 25-40 and 40-60 Event Date/Timings:- 3/21/2021(Sunday) at 2 PM EST. Rewards:- People who score perfectly in both rounds that is they hunt successfully twice and defend themselves from being hunted twice gets 1k ryo and 2 blanks. Now then! Dragon Force:- Squadrons that are ready to claw down at the enemies of the village, picked from best of the participants of the Hunter-Games. • Mist Shinobi can also challenge a Dragon Force member in a best of three of the rounds challenge to become part of the force. Uniforms(Current/Will soon be changed):- • We are fundraising everyday to upgrade to better uniforms.(New upgrades are ready and just are waiting for rory to add them ig) Next, there'll be CTF event held on Saturday 2 PM EST for new players.