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  1. but lumy isnt a akatsuki leader where is a point of this convo @Mubo is
  2. Sukki

    that you are 0 in every aspect then you dont need to compare someone to you
  3. Sukki

    yes literally 2 years ago and answer was meh
  4. Sukki

    it's fine imagine buffing something what was fcking op and now need skill to hit /y
  5. Sukki

    meh already made post like this /'
  6. we missing sukki
  7. Sukki

    first time good idea from ichika im down for it
  8. Sukki

    Give anbu buff coz sword is a joke
  9. Sukki

    this is how SENSORY should works not passive just btw wof is fine for real people crying about "i've never get it in teamfight" Ltrane 2k20 >>> Lumy video Ltrane catched Wof twice in 20 sec XD Whole idea isnt bad but it should be sensory as buff (you are casting sensory and you getting buff for 30 sec to see people in "some range")
  10. Sukki

    if we look as meds this is top tier list sparkzz mana sukki rysiok mav if we look overall with second mastery then sparkzz rysiok mana sukki mav
  11. feels offended by not mentioned my guide
  12. Sukki

    and after that still land of fire gives you people from leaf in that case leaf/missings leafs
  13. Sukki

    they come from land of fire so we can say they all were leafies
  14. Sukki

    ok i want be like sasori pb in missing why i cant be missing pb ?
  15. Sukki

    all base 7sm was misties what they did next noone care it's mistie organization not missing rouges