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  1. ExiledKyoho


    Amazing Work
  2. ExiledKyoho

    It’s actually pretty good detailed and u explained it really well
  3. ExiledKyoho

    Damn I dont know if i do fit in but hopefully i am somewhere around
  4. ExiledKyoho

    Remember theses ideas are not in the game it’s just suggestions. I saying is that genins having a jail justu there can be abusers but I am hoping that there do add a public text to the village as it stated that this ninja was jailed by this ninja which anyone in their villages can see and can be obviously to not let that certain person to hold that specific title or not, btw I am just saying the uniforms could use a recolor not a design. It would be variety to the org too. I was thinking that it would bring interest. The purpose of this post and summit is trying to bring interest, MPFs has been a org that no one points too and joins it to later become a ANBU or orgs like ssm,PB,12gs and so.
  5. ExiledKyoho

    In all honestly I would say Nowadays I am seeing it in this point if one ninja turned on pvp to attack another ninja genins officer would be at the scene and they could wait on a rank if they so are “active enough” to log on and by the time the ranked ninja goes there they log Or already killed the ninja he attacked, there would be three choices u either wait for a rank, the ninja ended up killing the other ninja or the genin officer would try to stop by hitting it but ended up killing it and getting a strike indeed of course there would be a limited amount of genins that can jail or not or both but let’s see I understand u tho 100% just telling u how I am thinking of it
  6. ExiledKyoho

    This man Giyu wildin but I hope things can change for the future to make it interesting and exciting for this org
  7. ExiledKyoho

    This is what I call a good idea
  8. ExiledKyoho


    Application are back up
  9. ExiledKyoho


    Alright applications are closed atm till 6/28/2020 due to the applications not being reviewed/interviewed yet I will put work this force starting now. School was the busy thing in a persons life but now that is over I can start plotting ideas and thoughts for Mist!.
  10. Life begins and Life dies I understand your deepest feelings to your friend and someone you care about but we must move on after the things we lost. I have lost a lot of comrades but it’s best to take the will of those comrades that we ended up losing and carry them through the life of this game. Take things easy you guys