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  1. Lmao I enjoy his forums/debates with my morning cup of hot coco and the devils lettuce
  2. Good luck all candidates!
  3. Raw

    Amazing! Look forward to seeing outfits like these!
  4. Raw

    I love the thought and execution put into this draft/mock up...the passive is interesting seems triggering.
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    Appreciate the effort! Salute
  6. In the fighting spirit of Deathmall & Gen @Deathmall @Gen We are gathering at the Leaf Graveyard (Located North of the Leaf Military Police Force building) on May 16th, 2020 at 1PM EST. In remembrance of a great friend, an ally on the battlefield and a wonderful leader. It will be the end of a great journey but the start of an even better story for a legend. It will be open attendance, everyone is allowed to come not only Leaf villagers. Hope to see a lot of you, we appreciate all the time, effort, and extra support Deathmall has contributed to Nin Online he will be missed no doubt. We will be hosting a gambling event at the end of the ceremony in memory of the old man with some nice prizes funded by the Leaf treasury. If you are interested in coming to pay your respects or unable to attend leave a reply/comment. Appreciate y'all, Raw Special Message from Deathmall: "Thank you all for the experience, it was a pleasure learning,enjoying and fighting with you all over the years. Enjoy good luck friends!" "The End" Gen & Deathmall Short Story It's a dark stormy day in the Leaf village. Standing in front of a couple of young ninjas at the gate, our brothers', Deathmall & Gen. A large raid was approaching... Deathmall steps forward to the ninja preparing for battle. "Leevi, I need you to do me a favour, my boy!" Deathmall said to Leevi as he took a toke from his cigarette. "What's good Death?" Leevi responded "Take the others for safety! Commence tactic 13a" Deathmall said to Leevi with a sudden smirk Leevi shook his head in confusion before quickly getting focused. "I won't question your judgement, this must be a real threat...Are you sure? Gen stepped in and nodded in agreement. "They're coming, get ready!" Gen said as he focused his attention on the tree outside the gate. "Olright you guys follow Dairuto's orders, I'll be back in a moment!" The old man instructed the others as he gave them one bright smile! Suddenly the village gate started to close, Deathmall & Gen dashed forward at extreme speed, everyone was unaware the old man was still able to move like that. All that could be seen was a horde of ruthless ninja rushing toward our gate. The Chunin & Jonins' stood in a horizontal formation as instructed by Leevi preventing anybody from attempting to leave. From the inside, we could see an absurd amount of chakra being channelled from two bodies. Gen spread chakra into his hands creating large bright blue chakra scalpels. The horde was closing in, Deathmall jumped into the air quickly doing hand signs as he fell nearly as light as a feather. Gen kept guard using double his usual chakra limit while deflecting projectiles targeting the Third Hokage. As the enemies approached, Deathmall finished his hand signs landing from the ground with an enormous aura of lightning infused chakra around him as he casts the largest lightning pillars, stunning all the missing ninja making them flee the area. The battle led to the sacrifice of Leaf's Ex-ANBU Leader Master Gen & over-exhaustion of Lord Third Deathmall Sasayaki leading to his demise after the battle. Deathmall Rank: Jonin Leaf 3rd Hokage Leader of the "Red Moon" Organization Gen Rank: Chunin Ex-ANBU Leader RIP 2015-2020
  7. Great job love the detail!
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    Amazing work!
  9. Beautiful bro love it!
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    Gotchu brother your art skills make it easy to love and with these pixels Definitely will try and keep it cleaner next time around or based on the content in the future! Appreciate the feedback Men lie, women lie, numbers don't lie!
  11. Wanted to put together a quick few clips of some of the fights we have been having in danger zones from the last couple weeks since the level cap has increased Unfortunately, there were hours of footage so I got lost in the sauce somewhere Majority of the video took place in danger zones, don't worry I have videos getting a lot of battle injuries as well which you might see in upcoming releases (Will of Fire compilation video coming soon...) I thought I would add to the catalogue we have been provided with from legends such as Dona, Jin, BlackKyuubi, Rumaki, Slaughter, Enver and anybody else who I may forget. (Make sure to check them all out!)
  12. Please please please please please please please @Ueda The sunglasses or cash shop requires these new 2020 limited edition goggles (A Black pair or a brown/beige leather one would also be great)
  13. Raw

    Nin Frenzy The Coliseum Shinobi Royale The, Fast and the ferocious! Nin Survival Mode Can you Manage?