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  1. @Steezo Do you mean just Taka the accounts themselves? or do you mean the players behind the accounts as well? For example: if a player with an account that is in Taka wanted to enter with their Leaf alt, would they be able to?
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    @Ueda I got a clan idea if I'm not too new to submit one.... Affiliation: Leaf Village Founding: The Kuroneko Clan is a relatively new clan to Konoha, only having joined the village within the last century; however, their bloodline goes much further back. The Kuroneko began when a small village on the edge of the Country of Rain was wiped out during the Warring States Period. They escaped into the wilderness within the nearby Land of Fire. In an effort to continue their survival, the people became Nomadic, keeping to the cover of forests and never settling down for long. The leader of that village, Tetsumi Karagi, had been a student of the cat sage, and he began to pass on what knowledge he could to the surviving members of his village. Soon enough, every villager knew the basics of a special Nintaijutsu performed by the cat sages of that time. The members of the village also began forming summoning contracts with ninja cats, so many in fact, that the cat sage and Tetsumi agreed on a "permanent bond" contract, where each member of the village would be bonded with a new kitten upon the start of their ninja training. It was during the forming of the contract that Tetsumi Karagi formally announced that they would be known as the "Kuroneko" from this day forward. Joining the Leaf Village: The Neko Nintaijutsu the members of the Kuroneko became proficient in made them very fast and hard to detect. The pairing with their ninja cat partners also game them the ability to get eyes into heavily guarded places easily, as they could easily communicate with their feline friends, who would gain intel on their behalf. This made the Kuroneko Clan extraordinarily proficient as spies and even assassins. As their name began to be whispered more and more, the Leaf Village took notice, and the Hokage made the decision to approach the clan with an alliance offer in an effort to control what could potentially become a monstrous threat to the Leaf Village. The clan had been nomadic for many years, which was more dangerous now that the Warring States Period was over and shinobi villages were becoming more solidified, and distrusted any outsiders. The promise of a permanent safe home was too good to pass up, so the Kuroneko Clan officially became Hidden Leaf shinobi, and they were granted an area of land near the outskirts of the village where their ninja cat partners could roam freely. Appearance: The Kuroneko wear dark clothing that gives them free use of their arms and legs. There is a paw print logo on the back of their clothing. The clothing also allows for tails to poke through, as some of their jutsus will give the members the eyes, claws, ears, and tails of a cat. In fact, some choose to keep those features activated permanently. A lot of members also choose to add red scratches to their headbands to reflect the claw marks in their clan symbol. Above is an example of their clothing with ears, tails, and eyes. I did a drawing without the cape on the male as an option, because I am currently unsure of how much work would be involved animating the cape during movement, so it's just an option. The ears and tails can come in any color a normal cat may have, and their eyes can be any color, but when activated with the Neko Nintaijutsu, their pupils will become slit and their eyes can become any natural cat color. Orange Tabby White Black Brown Tabby Calico Yellow Eyes Blue Eyes Red Eyes Orange Eyes Green Eyes Abilities: Kuroneko Clan specializes in a form of Taijutsu mixed with Ninjutsu to give themselves the abilities of cats. When this special form of jutsu is activated, they can see better at night, become lightning fast with quicker reflexes, and they can grow claws and fangs to use as natural weapons. (Note: I am not a game developer and know next to nothing about balancing mechanics in a game, so I don't have any actual figures for in-game....I'll leave that to better minds than mine. I also suck at naming jutsus lol, so feel free to suggest changes to names...or anything really.) Possible Clan-Only Jutsu Black Cat Cloak: Temporarily raises the strength and agility of ninja. (Similar to Gentle Fist) Claw Transformation: Basically like claws in DnD...where it counts as having a weapon, though you are technically unarmed. Catslit Eyes: Makes it easier to detect stealthed ninja and ?find items? (Not sure if there is a detect skill for items in-game or not) Cat-Man Combo: Your cat companion (see below) attacks with you. Cat-Man Transformation: Temporarily transform into tiger. (I know this one's a longshot, but I wanted to put it in there lol) Clan only Feature - Cat Companion! I wasn't sure how well this would be received, or if it'd even be possible, but I would love for members of the clan to have an animal companion...even if only cosmetically, as I don't know if it's possible to have it attack with you. You would get the cat at character creation, and though I'd love to be able to put your own stats into the cat as you both level, I realize that may be quite the undertaking, so even if just cosmetic or if it has automatically scaling stats... I didn't do any pixel art for this one because I didn't even know if it was possible, but I will create some sprite sheets for the companion if you are interested. I also didn't animate the ears or tail or anything yet because I'd rather put all the work into it once I know that it's actually going to be implemented. Clan Theme Song! (lol) Thank you for the consideration! I think it'd be a really fun clan to have in-game!
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    My own personal OCs and OCs that I've been commissioned to draw.
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    I got here by complete accident. I wanted to see if there were any Naruto MMOs in development, so I Googled "Naruto mmo". It brought me to some game in development called Jutsu World, and while I was checking out their Facebook page, I saw a recommendation for this game. I decided to download it and try it out, and I like it so far...most definitely more of a community here than there was for Jutsu World lol.