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  1. Bloodhound

    This missions as we all know is very time consuming since DZ activity is pretty much non existent even with the halloween event going on atm players rather farm in safezone then go out in the wild. Please make kills count in Safezones if players are over lvl 10 - 15 and just deal with it. It literally takes HOURS to an WW or CBK mission unless you buy kills and that's not how it was intended to be done in the first place. Now GMs usually say ''you aren't meant to do it this fast and ''it's supposed to take time'' ok so you go do a WW alone or in a tiny group, enjoy the zerg.
  2. Bloodhound

    Most things u named are already in the works, toad dojo is cool, venom oil is meh, boss timer yup, bounty reset lol
  3. Bloodhound

    500 - 750 ryo
  4. Bloodhound

    Fire is a very nice class for PVE mainly but also PVP, so is water and earth, both can be reccomended for new players
  5. Bloodhound

    Agree with Seifer, puppets should've been a hidden mastery
  6. Bloodhound

    Just like the allfather and my ancestors i will live of the sacred lands of nin.
  7. Bloodhound

    Proud Hermit
  8. Since you need money to speed up development and hire more ppl, add a scroll into cash shop for 50 dollar a pop to change your second mastery? good idea i know This comes with restrictions so people don't just meta hop, first of all you can only do this once on a character and you can't swap to anything other than another element and ofcourse you have to be lvl 50 so you would have to have lvled an account aswell.
  9. Music player is not showing on my profile @Uedaerox tried to put it on manually but it's not showing for me, it was only showing for him
  10. Bloodhound

    Dog on a stick, yummy
  11. Bloodhound

    What about a few daily challenges you can do once a day - another idea from a game i used to play in the past (you can lvl lock this and its just an extra little exp daily for lower lvl to get the journey too lvl 30 a little smoother (watch video down below)
  12. Bloodhound

    Now this has been put off before in the past because of GMs then not being usefull enough or not having enough to do but i think that is not a good reason and we need something to bring nin alive again (GMs still have to hosts chuunins and other special events) But anyways i used to play a game on byond that had a few events going on 24/7 : KOTH : A map with 4 points to capture spread out in a hexagon where you had to stand in it to capture and the enemy team had to stand in it to take it over (only if nobody is standing in it besides you and your teammates you can take it over) CTF : self explained, 1 map / 2 flag and if you picked up the flag it slowed you down in speed and it showed an icon next to your head wearing the flag Tournaments with different brackets that changed every rotation Infection : 2 teams, one is infected the other is not, you have to try to either spread the infected and turn eachother or get cured by the other team and fight till one side wins Invasion : instanced map of a village where you invade , you destroy a barrier to get past the gate and then you hit an AI that is stationary (with a good amount of HP ) while the village from that instance is being defended ( you do not have to be apart of the village cause the teams are random generated) I don't see how this is possibly bad for the game...
  13. Bloodhound

    New event yay
  14. Bloodhound

    Automated events as CTF / KOTH GM hosted : Infection / Survival vs nine tailed boss or something like that
  15. Bloodhound

    Yeah just give it health regen