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  1. Mokuchi

    Add an open for items you have in bulk too have a rightclick Add X amount option, small quality of life update.
  2. Mokuchi

    Agree with everything except the gentle fist nerf, stop trying to nerf its only viable combo
  3. Mokuchi

    This man wants to make gentle fists only combo a runcast.. Lmaooooooo
  4. Why are people still using config file when you can adjust keybinds ingame? o.o
  5. Mokuchi

    Bless you Ada!
  6. Mokuchi

    Just nerf this shit already and lock it too bubble and str fan users
  7. Mokuchi

    People use that GF excuse alot, while a gf with like 90 str hits 30 melees... scaling for agi and str melee are ass... buff GF melees and ill consider it a weapon PS : nerf pipe and fan, shit is broken and triple wind bullet hits aswell
  8. Mokuchi

    I noticed that only the melee with the poison pipe gives the poison effect, can you make it if users are using that pipe which already requires 80str atleast has poison on all the techs aswell while using that pipe? sure thats not too much too ask for, ty
  9. Mokuchi

    Pogchamp, thanks mate
  10. Mokuchi

  11. Mokuchi

    Has numbers and GF, a self revive passive and still crying... Thats crazy loooool