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  1. Westbrook

  2. Westbrook

    Been getting daimyo express and sand relax for a whole week now stuck at lvl 48, imagine grinding to 50 already sucking hard as fuck and then the game cucking you giving sand relax 3x... So fun great experience
  3. Westbrook

    Bubble dome FTW!
  4. Westbrook

    when a enemy runs over ur fire wall or an AI or into a bubble from pipe it stops your chakra regeneration
  5. Westbrook

    Justice for lightning!
  6. Westbrook

    Let us fish!
  7. Westbrook

    Glacier bear just teleports back to his spawn after damaging him even when i stay close too him (3 to 2 tiles) I was using wind jutsus and a fan... Maybe that has something to do with it
  8. Westbrook

    Rory already confirmed scarab was getting one for sure
  9. Westbrook

    Could be interesting... Not a bad idea!
  10. Westbrook

    Yeah i want demi bosses for snow wolves, big scarabs, rats
  11. Westbrook

    I was doing guilty pleasure leaf on my sand account and when I was running towards the village on the map you normally survey on.. Surveying text popped above my head for a second and made my mission progress go t0 4/300
  12. Westbrook

    I suggest that this is a good idea +1
  13. Westbrook

    So when i first started this game there where already talks about advanced etc and what is supposed to come with it... Many people spread out in different villages with various accounts and various builds to get their desired combo mastery... Now i messaged rory about this in the past a while after i started playing this game and i want to see if his same opinion still stands on this specific top So on to my question... will every village be able to use any advanced mastery? ( example : an water/wind user in leaf using ice jutsus). I would also like the community's opinion on it and also @Ueda to see if he still believes in giving every village any advanced which was his answer back then. Do you think combo masteries like Ice Or Mokuton should be locked to Mist/leaf or should any village be able to play as their heart desires...