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  1. Westbrook

    Pogchamp, thanks mate
  2. Westbrook

  3. Westbrook

    Has numbers and GF, a self revive passive and still crying... Thats crazy loooool
  4. Westbrook

    big ass line there aswell at the bottom of my screen idk why, every other game my gfx is fine
  5. Westbrook

    hmm my friend has same issue
  6. Westbrook

    @Erox even re installed the game, did not fix anything
  7. Westbrook

    @Vipehe used germany national anthem
  8. Westbrook

    Perfect for my pure Gf hinata cosplay
  9. Westbrook

    Ahh another yami post, i was waiting for this
  10. Westbrook

    People been asking for content since 2017, that is crazy lol.. Little toxic but yeah they did make some valid points from both sides
  11. Westbrook

    ye but how do i get rid of it, it is pretty annoying
  12. Westbrook

    i dont why this happend, i relogged onto anaother account and suddenly there is black stripes everywhere lol, can see where all the tiles are
  13. Westbrook

    Im sure a certain artist was going to finish the snake summon icon a few months ago
  14. Westbrook