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  1. Aaruni

    10/10 would buy it
  2. Aaruni

    And then there is an idea of special advanced for genjutsu and med (cuz med doesnt have anything) poisonous genjutsus/placebo healing genjutsus (since genjutsus are only mental)
  3. @Ueda So I finished the armor Here is how it presents I also made a non gif one tommorow i will add the rest of anims I hope you'll add it ^-^
  4. Aaruni

    oh yeah it would work out better thanks
  5. Aaruni

    Thanks! I'll try to remake it to remake it so it looks better.
  6. Aaruni

    So I was just browsing the forum and found the april fools joke about paid mastery and I saw Uchiha mastery then thought that genjutsu mastery might be a nice thing so I made Itachi's crows genjutsu animation. It might not be the best but Its the first gif I ever made. I also have a concept for genjutsu mastery. There would be 4 jutsus -self stun + stuns the enemy (the one of which i made the gif) -another one that just stuns the enemy -transformation into a tree -special substitution jutsu And what do you think would genjutsu mastery be a cool thing?
  7. Aaruni

    Nope we need mastery reset i started playing in 2019 (which isnt a long time comparing to other ppl but still) i didnt even reach lvl 50 i and my first mastery is med i went into int so i can use elemental mastery later
  8. @Ueda So I bought the green armor and it's looking as if my char was fat. I hope it gets fixed ^^'