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  1. It's been a long time since I last played so I think I will restart my account since when i found out there is no med fire genkai I was kinda sad so i thought maybe reset could be a good option since im not even usefull as med what do you think @Kuraen Alarnin??

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    2. Aaruni


      I dont know about tai and I'm not close combat even though med tai will have its own kekkei genkai

    3. Kuraen Alarnin

      Kuraen Alarnin

      Since Advaned Masteries are not in the game, reach first lvl 50 then we will think which mastery to pick :)

    4. Baby


      really? i thought they were in process, so later maybe they'll actually make the genkai/advanced mastery or whatever u call that. cuz med fire sounds so coooooolll dopeeee.
      im going full med and i suck dw bby <3 LMAO idfc if they want heals they can run into my heals HAHA im happy ur returning tho! see u around :3

  2. So i made up some Kekkei Genkai skills its named Lovingan and I wanted to ask if somebody could help me find any skills that would match its name that can be used in battle. Name of skill doesnt need to match but mastery needs to be None , Medical or Fire.