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  2. Kiara

    Well that's just it, the way the charms work now, 500 ryo for a horoscope reading for a charm that actually matters stat wise. It's why so many people keep asking for a reroll for these things, especially with the lack of content and pvp being the end all be all. I get the there are still being things added, but with gaps in between where there's hardly anything to do it isn't unreasonable to just use the charms for your own advantage stat wise.
  3. Kiara

    You're right, it does defeat the purpose of having a good charm, but if we're able to buy stat reset there should still be an option to reset the charms.
  4. Kiara

    I want to suggest a Horoscope Rereadings: 1,000 ryo per Encourages people to grind Limit of 3 Rereading every 2 weeks Does not roll over into other weeks and prevents people from spamming the NPC A List of Horoscopes and what each gives to each stat. More so for lore purposes, something like a newspaper article or a poster in each village so new players know about it beforehand. My biggest question when talking about Charms on this game is; why haven't I known about this before making my main? When you start you make your character, given an introduction, walked through the basics of Combat and then tested to be given the title Genin. I'm unsure how many players have done this, but it seems that a good lot of new players have had no prior knowledge of charms when starting and before long their lvl 25 halfway through getting all their jutsu then sudden have the topic of charms being brought up out of nowhere. It's all fine and cool learning that there is an item in the game that can boost 1 or all of your current stats, but the real problem comes in when they get a flat 5 to agility on their Earth Ninja; this practically focuses the player to choose their second mastery regardless of the players intention, stripping away that small bit of freedom. Then they only have 2 options: Deal with it or Reset. New players at this point don't have the Ryo to spend 10 times resetting to get the best charm that'll suit their play style, leaving out a good portion of what make pvp in this game fun.
  5. Kiara

    Much like what @Arufa & @Giyu stated, you can shift most of the blame on the past ranked ninjas in leaf, granting power to those unfit and turning a blind eye to the toxicity, because they are friends. It's not going to be an easy fix especially now since those very same people have already laid the foundation for leaf.
  6. Kiara

    Can we not change flicker and just Nerf GF? There's no reason why a GF/WM STR can weapon switch and do 80 dmg with just 70str.
  7. Kiara

    I'm not trying to sound nitpicky, but are these two skin tones suppose to be different from each other?
  8. Kiara

    Awesome Suggestion, while we're at it can we get the trading system fix so I don't have to move all my items to the left of my inventory for a trade or be forced to increase my res?
  9. Kiara

    ....... I.... Don't really know what to say LMAOO
  10. Kiara

    Is all this going to be covered in the NinOnline Newspapers?
  11. Kiara

    Hey don't involve me on your revenge scheme!!! WTF!
  12. Kiara

  13. Kiara

    Why did you say it like that?!?! XDD
  14. Kiara

  15. Kiara

    No U x2!!!