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  1. Korva

    Repost from my Original Post. Please create a small icon to sit next to our hotbar that’s transparent that represents a ninja running or walking so we are able to know if we are in either mode. Considering theres so many new updates being pushed with the new client I figured this would be a good addition to it. Many of times I’ve went semi-afk and come back mid regen not remembering if I’m in run mode or walking. Just don’t move and wait you say? Not always optimal when you’re in a DZ or trying to find cover. Please @Ueda consider this QoL idea!
  2. Korva

    Bump, please I’m so sick of messing up my regen lol
  3. Korva

    My boy @Zobu doing great work I see. Keep it up!
  4. Korva

    WM/Elementals will get advanced masteries and I’m assuming will be able to use their element on their sword. In the beginning of this video there is a brief view of WM/Elemental attacks, plus other cool stuff.
  5. There has been plenty of new players in the game recently. P2w should never be a thing in nin online. Working hard on your character to be powerful is almost part of the RP of the game and shouldn’t be easily bypassed because you’ve done it once before and don’t wanna do it again.
  6. Korva

    You shouldn’t make an alt to sell nin Cred. It makes you look very suspect due to the ability for you to scam and not be traced to your main without a GM intervening to check IP etc. Big tips for buying selling cred Use your main when selling - You’re known (at least somewhat) in the community and makes the risk lesser for the buying party as the person selling can be easily reported if a scam. Don’t buy from Lowbies - Similar reason, usually an alt and is harder to connect to another player if the names aren’t similar at all. If you wanna build a reputation for being a nin cred seller, just do it on your main. There’s no reason to make a whole new discord and account on nin just to sell cred.
  7. Korva

    Hirohide will aggro me when I spawn in hosts, usually fixed by logging out but this time it hasn't worked. @Ueda
  8. Korva

    Increase the range of feast or make it a cancel. Other homings are runcast, feast should compete with a cancel or a larger range. Brings the ‘immobilizing’ feel to the kit that it’s lacking.
  9. This happens with most bosses that hit a jutsu attack. The jutsu will pop the sub but then they auto attack and that’s the attack that actually pops the sub.
  10. Korva

    There’s a few different Light/WM builds. You’ll only need enough str to use the sword you’d like, then minimum of 40 Int to cast Chidori. WM/Light with religious katana 70 Str, 40 Int, 225 Chakra (40) and 1200 HP at lvl 50 is the most typical build. At 60 you’ll have 1600 HP, or higher strength to use a stronger sword.
  11. Using a tool for the jutsu is the trade off for having low CDs, low chakra cost and high damage. Changing that would ruin the balance. If it costs too much money then play STR WM/Fan as that is a much better build anyways.
  12. There should be a icon next to your hotkeys, something transparent and small to not cause any obstruction that resembles a ninja either running or walking to show if we are in either running or walking mode. Just a small Quality of Life update to Help avoid running when trying to stand still and regen.
  13. Korva

    I agree to making these a cosmetic item. Would be a good way to add more flavor to your character and its RP while bringing in revenue. But to add damages/decrease CD no way.
  14. Korva

    Tbh I’d like playing this way. But I can see the unfair advantages it would give.