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    Hey! Thanks for the support! working on episode 1 now! and chapter 1 of the manga!
  3. Hey everyone I posted in Discord and here so no one will have any excuses saying they didn’t see this message lol.. but to the point, I have not been active a lot because I been working on a project that I believe everyone in the world of NIN will enjoy. A Still frame anime and also a actual manga based on the world of NIN. I been using things such as events and characters and Organizations in-game to bring this Project to life. Now I can’t make every character in-game part of the main story or cast, but I will try to make as many characters as possible to make a appearance. And use other characters down the line. Some are already in the storyline as you’ll see in the (Video Promo)But what I am going to do, with the help of a GM or just by myself is hold a tournament and the winner of the tournament will be part of the first main storyline and get to create his or her own jutsu of their choice. Now this jutsu can not be OP’d but a simple jutsu a unique jutsu, it can be a Kekkei Genkai, preferably not a Visual one, since the main character has one already. I will do this every time I need a new character so don’t think this is a one time deal, I will be busy on this so I’m going to let my little brother train up my character on NIN, if you need me PM me on NIN forums as my brother will be using Discord too but I will be using discord also to talk to you guys. I put in some fillers footage in the promo video where the winner will be put in as you will see also. Well here is the promo video, everyone enjoy!