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  1. Takashi Kurogane

    @Ueda I would applied for GM and try to assist with the game, but when it comes to paragraph i'm bad at it :C But to be sure, I am always active.
  2. I had enough of this.

    I don't know and i don't care if you people got beef with them, but i am tired of their crap. Each and everyday and time i log on or go AFK "Azure" appears, Spamkilling me countless times over something that was 2 months ago  


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    2. Serias
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    4. Takashi Kurogane

      Takashi Kurogane

      Day 2 on being attacked again
      Okay for some reason, i don't know if it's a FFA going on in Takumi. Suddenly Azure comes back again with same Spamkilling then he came up with this.unknown.png.244012b25cfa64672debfabd63c5afc5.png

      First of all, i have NEVER said anything about him on the Discord group because clearly he is doing this on purpose.