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  1. June 2023 Promotions Leaf Village Jonin: @Merciful @Don Tormenta @Atari Chunin: @Kaayn @SovranFire @Toshin @Recycle Specialized Jonin: @Dora For exceptional battle strategy Sand Village Jonin: @Qadim @Bandit @Ohta Chunin: @Arcana @Fox @Katastrophe @Mr Nitche @God Scooby Mist Village Jonin: @Reality @SoulHunter Chunin: @UndyingKlaus @Jelly Specialized Jonin: @Zenin For outstanding leadership
  2. Kushi

    i havent gotten any event cupons from the missions (reach lvl 10-20-30-40)


  3. Buddy, I don't hate you nor do I harbor any personal opinions towards you, You've been given numerous "Last Chances" and both Ueda and I have been more than lenient with you the past few years. I've told you that you're free to play until you break another rule, but I want to note that I don't appreciate this attempt of publicly shaming me. So here we are again, You're free to play but this is your Final "Final Chance".
  4. I'm sorry you feel this way, but this is not a service we provide. Also this is from the Terms of Service you agreed to when you made your account. "5. Ownership You acknowledge and agree that you have no ownership or property interest in any account or information stored on a Nin Online system or server, including but not limited to, Nin Online accounts, ninja credits, and any in-game currency or items."
  5. Erox

    Thank you for voting! The council will be.. @Don Tormenta, @Xerith and @AtraneThey will have 1 week to decide who the next Hokage will be.Decision Process1. Discuss as a council whom to ask to be Hokage. If two people can agree on one person, move to step 2.2. Approach the ninja chosen and ask if he is willing to commit to becoming Hokage for the next 6 months.3. If he accepts, send me his name, else, repeat step 1.
  6. Erox

    I said increasing the level would be counter productive, it would only prolong the issue not solve it
  7. Erox

    At this time only Don Tormenta is eligible to enter. Please provide a screenshot
  8. March 2023 Promotions Leaf Village Jonin: @Tommy @Genshin @Eymon Arashi Chunin: @Stampede @Viento @Genocidal @Steam bun @Don Tormenta Specialized Jonin: @Emptyad Sand Village Jonin: @Sirch @Jugram Chunin: @Ohta @Vaunt @Bakuton @Akurose Mist Village Chunin: @zackzack @Yuma
  9. January 2023 Promotions Leaf Village Jonin: @Abbyarashi @Kuroarashi Chunin: @Eymon Arashi @Xerith @Tommy @Momo Arashi @Genshin Sand Village Jonin: @Ridozuku @Mendez Chunin: @Slifer @Capitan @God Enel @Monkey D Dragon Mist Village Jonin: @Arufa @Helius Chunin: @Videl @Jinx @Sukki @Killer Beef Specialized Jonin: @Melodeath
  10. Erox

    Theres only 5 alpha wolfs on that map, and its not meant to be easy but its very doable.
  11. Erox

    Hey bud, idk how to tell you this... But all headbands are silver Bahahahahahaha
  12. Erox

    I was going to suggest something like a "Dungeon Ticket" which could be added to the event shop add maybe the level 20, 40 and 60 level up missions. They would pretty much work how you suggested the "keys" would work. Either way, we don't have the means to increase the difficulty depending on the level so that would be out of the cards.
  13. December 2022 Promotions Leaf Village Jonin: @Kaioken @Tobirama Chunin: @Abbyarashi @Kuroarashi @DaffiCZE @Merciful @Dredge Hinode Specialized Jonin: @Roei Sand Village Chunin: @Ridozuku @Mendez @Raven @Sirch Mist Village Chunin: @Shinji @Volcanion
  14. Erox

    Thank you for the great post, I'll definitely take note and see what I can do!
  15. Erox

    Thank you for participating! We took a vote and this is the winner of this years Halloween Costume Contest!! Congratulations!!! @Izu Please contact me on Discord to claim your reward!