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  1. Erox


    Yeah brobro and i gave you props for it! this was just my response and I was just explaining the hook. like i said its all good and we already have something planned out for the future which i'm looking forward too! Aside from that its best to leave kids of out lines on both sides XD cuz people are just gonna get pissed and more songs like this are gonna be made smh XDD and that was never the point of this friendly back and forth banter. Now im gonna go eat another ICEY! While i wait for your reply track!!
  2. Erox


    Life Lesson: Its fine to talk about your own kids, but don't ever talk about someone else's kids. Sorry Gilgy it wasn't a bait, I didn't think you would focus on that one line like you did, so i got a bit heated but like i said out of the spirit of friendly banter its all good you know we gucci <3.
  3. Erox


    Before everything this time ima say like i said before i dont do Nin Rap so i might do one more but thats it (Just depends on how @Gilgamesh responds) After this im down to do a few features for real songs just hit me up! Ight first, hats off to ya, You had the balls, to try ta blast off with it, I gotta say that its better than the last 3 songs, That I heard you in, you finally put words together cohesively, but all that means to me, Is your hurt, and its deep, And you need to be, on the top, cuz the feeling like you're losin at your own game, is taking a toll and, we can see it, I can see it, they can feel it. When you're tryna correct me, I know what I said I'm just flexing, This was only meant for fun but, Since you're really tryin, I think, This ain't really fittin, my link, You really wanna go for blood and, Push it, testing what the boundaries, Will let you get away with, nah G, Ima let it go this time, But know there were a couple things, I gotta point out so its written for you all to see, All too, See me knock you down, Ight rocky but you still, just a clown, Yeah I'm signed, there's a reason that, this crown, Is always shining when I'm bursting with, my sounds, Cuz I gotta get like I never got it gotta get it now, Guess I'm over here, just making rounds, Homie you don't know me I'm not giving discounts, You're gonna pay the full fee, or get bounced, get bounced. Boy you fucking with an oddity, Ima put you on a spiritual odyssey, Until its hard to breath, and your lost at sea, The only thing that's left to feel is in your fantasy, Then ima take that too, You were never ready for this push part 2, I only did it cuz you asked so nicely, So fuck your Frosty, ima go and eat this Icey. First shots, a warning don't play Second shot, just might seal your fate, Third shots, to make amends I'm leaving you to the blood spatter paint. This only ends in one way, Never gave a fuck what you say, Until you brought my daughter into this, Now I'm seeing red with distant.
  4. Ight before we start please note, none of what I'm about to say is meant to be hurtful, I got real love for Gilgamesh haha but he called me out, so now I gotta call him out. Okay. Hey Gilgamesh, you wanna talk about how I came to you for features. Bruh you put out one diss track that I kinda liked, and thought fuck it Ima give him a try. Let's see what's he's got, but unfortunately it seems that was a one off for you, don't get me started on chiefin'. Yeah Are you ready for some lyrical combat, Its gone leave your body weak, like you forgot that, Syllas been on top, now where is your respond at, Its probably tied up in your basement, cuz it knows that, it's a fact. That I've been there and done that, ight you dissed me but for real this a come back, I ain't talking about no "where is the love at", So I'm gonna put it down, here's your thump back. Ey, alright now, sylla fuckin with it, ey, Hahaha, Yeah Do I really gotta get like this, Spiteful, vengeance, burnin to, a crisp, Put you in a, Full Nelson, to, dodge my hits, when I get, when i gotta get, lit, like this. Gotta keep drivin, gonna keep vibin, Gotta just dive in, cuz my whole lifes been, Flashing as I'm drivin am I gonna crash, that's a hyphen, and I've been. Pausing for a minute, I've been feelin like a villain, and I'm caught up in the middle of it. That damn event was nothing, sand was toughing, sure they talking but I'm loving every second of it. Now I'm the one to the blaim because I tried bring the same event that rory did with seripak, wolf and kenock were there so why am I the only one to get the shit end of it, fuck it, chika chika, fuck it. So I just let it blow away, that war event was not my day, I told yall this was just for play, I even held events that day. Ha. But enough about me, gilgawho? Bruh you new, ya far, from an OG. Ya Pampers are moldy, you don't even know me, seripak might have to jump in to save ya from old me. Out with the new, in the old, clone jutsu, make them appear, like they were cold, Nin rappers, gonna get hit, and zipped quick, ill put you in a body bag, stiff and blemished. The mortuary code, witness, the finish, the money shot, will leave you with, convalescence, I had to do it gilgy, this is the essence, of everything I love, and been in, I AM THIS. Psych, what you thought I was done? You probably thought, that the hook was gonna come, hopeing that the massacre was over and I'd probably bleed out on the rug? You think you're little 16 bars were tough? And what? You probably thought i took it rough? Bruh my 4 year old daughter could probably call your bluff, While eating a. FROSTY! Damn sylla how you gonna put him in his own diss track, now you cant dismis that, And its facts, thats I asked him for a feature but really, that's his ass, cuz I'm good enough to solo, I'll end it like Aztecs, 2020 gotta go, I'm not fucking with nin raps, this gone be the only one so. Let's it be done and be done fast, Syllas coming with the vocals, a touch of cerebral violence, and allot of "I don't know bro"'s. now I really need a drink, cuz gilgamesh has gotta go. "Bro". My GM Mode, takes over when I'm doing events, What you don't know, is everything this name represents. So I don't owe, you anything I'll just circumvent, Ill intent, malicious quips, gilgamesh, cant get on. (This) What I mean is, Youre Banned, from rapping haha. Seven.
  5. Erox

    Ight ima have to do it to em now
  6. Erox

    Baahaha this is fire XD
  7. Erox

    Actually I do record almost all of the events i host!! I plan on making a video once I collect enough content!
  8. This is just a bunch of pictures I've taken since I became Staff! I thought I should share them with everyone to show my appreciation for this community #Nin4Lyfe Leave a message if you see yourself in any of these! And Leave one of your favorite memories you had while playing NinOnline if not! Let me just end this by saying, no matter where you're from, no matter what style of life you live. You will always find a friend in me. PS: Rory please no ban for sitting in your chair!!
  9. Erox

    OOo Do me Do me!!
  10. Erox

    "When you peed your pants last night was the last time you seen panties soaked"
  11. Erox

    OOOOOOO @Gilgamesh killed that sorry ima unlock this just for that reply track! why you have to go so hard on that though!! Instead of locking this thread i will delete the post prior to the Receipt track!
  12. Erox

    Im locking this thread before it blows up into something it doesn't need to be.
  13. Erox

    Thank you, i did what i could.
  14. Dear Ninja, I'll keep it sweet and simple. For longer then I'm aware of we've been suffering from a decaying server making it impossible to host joint Chunin Exams or War Events. We've been able to skim by with lag ridden Tournaments and miscellaneous smaller event's.. But I'm here to tell you all of that is behind us! And the first War Event is upon us!! please refer to the links below for the rules and other information, aside from these links your Beloved Kage should announce this information to you following this post if they haven't already!