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  1. Erox

    I had a similar idea but my idea revolved around a shield buff (Which is something we dont have a system for), tell me more about this idea and how it would work!
  2. Erox

    I believe he's talking about the Econ and ManPower gained from Missions
  3. Erox

    Tbh i was just being dumb, figured id at the very least give him something in return
  4. Erox

    First off I'm, Killin this shit, yeah, I run this bitch, yeah, I am the rapper you keep referring to this, year, One of the best, from the underground and it's clear, I got no competition on my vision it's been written. SYLLAs the goat, Since 89 when he wrote, "It's never scripted my scriptures are either quips or a quote" So take that route to ya dome, I know it's killin you slow, Feelin like dammit how's he gonna bring that up in this song. But in the mean time, I've been spittin these lines, Give em what they declined, From a brothas deep minded-soul, And remind the broke, That he's gonna grow, While they stayin low, Look out for the kid that's stompin. On the caprisun he's with it, Spittin that vemon acidic, Potion for ya ears and give it, A sense of that inner spirit, I hope you can hear the lyrics, And understand I've been here with, Nothing but a mic and vision, Trust me I got that Kendrick. Got the logic, Got the Em, That's why you play my jam, That's why it don't bother me when you fuckin say I can't, But where the fuck you at? On NinGen talkin wack, Talking like the greatest but your greatest had ME on that track. Damn, that's where it's at, Who woulda figured? From the peak of the summit you'd crumble quick now you're a whisper. But like I said before, this is all for fun, Just a joke, Please don't take to heart, What I rap to notes, Cuz. I'm feelin myself, I'm feelin like you don't know, The villain I built, that's S Y double L A, bro, The 6 is my crew, the 7 reps what I know, 7 never cut me out that 7 is my life hoe. Now let me slow it down, And let me talk to you, No name drops I get it but I'm still going off on you, Justified Under Nothing, Yeah Thats the name I got for you, Come at me different and show respect. Alright. Everyone reply F to pay respects
  5. Erox

    LOOOLE you want me to reply to this? ight well
  6. Erox

    I feel attacked, filthy marines.
  7. Erox

    Be nice. We give the Kage the power to run their village the way they see fit, So some rules are static across all villages like "Dont kill village members" and some rules are specific to the Kage! Its useful to know that each village has its own political structure. Either way, I hope youre enjoying your time playing NinOnline!
  8. Erox

    Ill bring it up in the next meeting, the maps youve suggested may need a rethink but i understand your idea!
  9. Erox

    Heya! try to leave an english translation plox no worries its just helpful!
  10. Erox

    I understand your frustrations, but the Filter System hasn't been added to the rules as of yet. That will be added soon amongst other important updates to rules we plan on fixing. Regardless, the filter was implemented for a reason so it should go without saying if you take the steps to avoid said filter punishment may ensue.
  11. This patch note is a list of the updates I've pushed but couldn't post on the forums until now 9/13/21 - Added the Medical Corps - Added the Hermit Corp - Added one new role to 12 Guardians - Added new titles Kage can assign to players 9/21/21 - Added an option to buy 10 charms at a time 9/24/21 - Locked Medical Corp Items to the Medical Corps - Added an NPC in every Hospital near the Medical Corp entrance's 9/21/21 - Added an experimental change to Corps, each corp has a member cooldown of 3 days (This is subject to change)
  12. The Leaf village council elections have ended! Thank you to to the 275 Ninja who voted. The elected council will be.. @Vinsmoke @Sky Walker @certainly not Bogdan They will have 1 week to decide who the next Hokage will be. Decision Process 1. Discuss as a council whom to ask to be Hokage. If two people can agree on one person, move to step 2. 2. Approach the ninja chosen and ask if he is willing to commit to becoming Hokage for the next 6 months. 3. If he accepts, send me his name, else, repeat step 1.
  13. Erox

    Id say its unnecessary, the Kage are supposed to inherently be the strongest in the village. While most would think by giving them some kind of buff would prevent them from joining official corps, it would only create one of two situations. Cons 1. A power scale shift due to the Kage being buffed and also joining an official corps for that second buff. 2. Any type of grab for power (Elections, Sand Siblings, Future Systems) would all slowly become pvp based because of course anyone who thinks theyre the strongest will want this buff as well. Now thats not to say where wouldn't be pros to those cons but the immediate cons outweigh the pros. Pros 1. The Kage would be strong enough to efficiently protect his village, even if he isnt the best pvp'er.
  14. Erox

    I already spoke to the current Mizukage about this and hes removed his alt