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  1. Erox

    Theres only 5 alpha wolfs on that map, and its not meant to be easy but its very doable.
  2. Erox

    Hey bud, idk how to tell you this... But all headbands are silver Bahahahahahaha
  3. Erox

    I was going to suggest something like a "Dungeon Ticket" which could be added to the event shop add maybe the level 20, 40 and 60 level up missions. They would pretty much work how you suggested the "keys" would work. Either way, we don't have the means to increase the difficulty depending on the level so that would be out of the cards.
  4. December 2022 Promotions Leaf Village Jonin: @Kaioken @Tobirama Chunin: @Abbyarashi @Kuroarashi @DaffiCZE @Merciful @Dredge Hinode Specialized Jonin: @Roei Sand Village Chunin: @Ridozuku @Mendez @Raven @Sirch Mist Village Chunin: @Shinji @Volcanion
  5. Erox

    Thank you for the great post, I'll definitely take note and see what I can do!
  6. Erox

    Thank you for participating! We took a vote and this is the winner of this years Halloween Costume Contest!! Congratulations!!! @Izu Please contact me on Discord to claim your reward!
  7. If you're seeking support or to appeal a punishment placed unto your accounts you're free to do so via a Support Ticket. If your appeal is for the discord ban, it will be denied as you have broken our rules multiple times and furthermore attempted to use a loop hole to avoid punishment.
  8. No, and if you continue to spam the forums, I'll have no choice but to take action and punish this account as well.
  9. Post a screenshot of your drip and the items you're using! (Example below)
  10. Erox

    I like it, also how dare you butter me up with shizune like that smh
  11. Hello ninja, Get your drip on and show off your best costume! Post a screenshot on the forums page to enter the contest for a chance to win a Yin Yang Skin! (This event will be ongoing from Oct 9th to Oct 31st)
  12. Erox

    It sounds like you're asking for a rebirth system, I wouldn't have a problem with that if it was 2007, but unfortunately this is a kind of system that is frowned upon in modern day game design. Its an interesting idea (And well thought out!) but I haven't found a game that handles this kind of system well, its definitely good for re-playability but it adds a need to reset your character to reach endgame "Meta". Basically a rebirth system is replayability plus a buff with no added content.
  13. Erox

    Its as you say, limited by code unfortunately