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  1. Ill request that Rory adds this link somewhere on the forums tab as well
  2. The bot is located on the bottom right of every page
  3. Erox

    OOF that does look weird thank you for showing multiple screenshots!
  4. Erox

    How is this a bug, show a bigger screenshot please or multiple if necessary.
  5. Im sorry this has happened to you, please fill out a Support Ticket and be sure to select the Miscellaneous Department. We will be able to properly go about assessing this situation if you follow these steps, Thank you for your time!
  6. Erox

    I love it!
  7. Erox

    I love it! Featured!! Ps. Welcome!!
  8. Erox

    Its clear ive been away from the forums for too long cuz this is the first im seeing of this and i love it GG
  9. This suggestion has been looking into and we are actively trying out an experimental debuff on this! for more information look at the recent update logs!
  10. Erox

    Definitely an intriguing idea, I'm sure Rory has plans for something like this but it's always good to see the playerbase pushing for quality of life content! Featured!
  11. Please create a support ticket under miscellaneous
  12. Erox

    Feels like a zombie wrote this
  13. Erox

  14. Erox


    Yeah brobro and i gave you props for it! this was just my response and I was just explaining the hook. like i said its all good and we already have something planned out for the future which i'm looking forward too! Aside from that its best to leave kids of out lines on both sides XD cuz people are just gonna get pissed and more songs like this are gonna be made smh XDD and that was never the point of this friendly back and forth banter. Now im gonna go eat another ICEY! While i wait for your reply track!!
  15. Erox


    Life Lesson: Its fine to talk about your own kids, but don't ever talk about someone else's kids. Sorry Gilgy it wasn't a bait, I didn't think you would focus on that one line like you did, so i got a bit heated but like i said out of the spirit of friendly banter its all good you know we gucci <3.