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  1. Erox

    I like, Featured!
  2. Erox

    Bruh why you sound out of breath the whole song, decent otherwise some parts are iffy but this is actually one I would listen to again (I'm not gonna but it would be one). Good Job!
  3. Erox

    I like it, Featured!
  4. Erox


    This is irrelevant to the topic, thank you for voicing your opinion though.
  5. Erox


    Let me repost a part of what i said on discord here. "It doesnt matter if they work or not, theyre ideas. No first draft idea is or will ever work, it needs to be refined which is why i put in the pre notes that there is no guarantee that any of these ideas would be implemented but rather something for the dev team to look into for future updates." That being said go nuts i really do want to hear everyones ideas!
  6. Erox


    A1 Sauce right there ^
  7. Erox


    Nah I didn't forget it, I addressed that in the first line of the second sentence in my reply baahaha and I stand by that but I'm glad you also agree.
  8. Erox


    This may work if the level cap was at its true cap but were only capped at 60 atm, Ive added this to the Pre Notes on the thread. Also Rebirth Systems are bad game design, it only promotes recycling content and grinding from level 1 to cap which is the current issue at hand and the point of this thread is to get ideas of how to go around that while also giving the game a way of rewarding the players who love and stay active in the game post level cap.
  9. Erox


    (Pre Notes: 1. Nothing we come up with is guaranteed to be implemented even if we all agree its a good idea, this thread is only meant to give the Dev Team some ideas to work with in the future. 2. We are not at the true cap yet of which the current cap is 60.) Dear Veteran Ninja, I've been brainstorming about what would help keep players interested in playing once they hit the level cap (Currently Level 60), So far I have two ideas but of course this is only based on what I see and personally think, those ideas are the following. So now I'm encouraging you guys to drop a few ideas, discuss it, improve upon etc.. ~Erox
  10. Thank you, I'm just saying we have rules against that situation. EI: If you wanna buy an item from another player with Ryo thats fine and all good youre free to do so. But in this argument of P2W if youre trying to buy items from another player with irl currencies then thats a big nono.
  11. "this game that has literally zero ways you can officially and legally pay to gain gameplay benefits that a non-paying player gets"
  12. Erox

    Good Initiative but like they said the War Event is discontinued, Hopefully in the future we will have something of equal value take its place in the Event Rotation List.
  13. Erox

    I love it
  14. Erox

    I understand the frustration of not having an item reward for your time, but I want to say @Antar is doing a great job with Forum Events there's been more forum events in the last 4 month compared to the last 2 years. I also understand why you would think we're only hosting these art events because we need art but I will state our team is very capable of producing the content needed for this upcoming feature and as far as this event goes, I think its a great way of getting the community involved! so all Kudos go to Antar for thinking of these last two events! Lastly I want to say id love to start giving Item rewards for these type of events but not every event can give items so we rely on tickets which is our way of giving back to you for supporting the game and taking part in these events! Keep an eye out for my next announcement as I will be taking suggestions and ideas for something i know you guys will be looking forward too!!