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  1. Well we know Instances are a thing, so having a randomized map (Not so random) that would act as a dungeons would be cool, then we could make the entrance to said dungeon spawn at random areas so its really set to a small chance of you even finding one, idk i think that sounds cool but mostly i wouldnt want huge ass mobs wandering around where low level players train etc and i do think if we did it this way we should have a level cap to enter (Similar to how team bosses like manda or the spider one is set up) Alternatively We could add more maps but like i said i would rather not have a huge mob just wandering around like its nothing, most of the time in the anime a free or unsealed tailed beast is in hiding, like the 3 tails for example was chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool in a lake until that crystal user Guran or whatever tried capturing him. You also wouldnt want them just randomly spawning in the middle of a village, in the anime the only time that happened is when it was provoked or a jinchuriki lost control of the tailed beast. its definitely allot to think about, what would be some of your additions to this idea?
  2. Yeah like i said it was just a random idea i couldve said 100 chakra, 100 fortitude and 100 Intelligence. Ofc with the current cap none of that would be possible
  3. And dont forget the fact that Akatsuki would be involved with capturing the Tailed Beast, there would have to be some sort of system for that. maybe we could make it a Major event every time akatsuki captures all the tailed beast, theres a war or some kind where akatsuki members are given a great buff of some sort and have to fight every village. Or even get the raid points in on this, lets say with this buff they have to cap all raid points to "Take over the world" idk it could be really interesting to see how it would play out and this is all just an idea so anyone is free to share their toughts!
  4. I personally would like to see a Sage Mode added (Similar to Int Medic's Curse Seal) except as a universal jutsu similar to Sensory, but something like this would require high stats and i think instead of basing it at say 80 chakra to use it, it would require two or more stats such as 80 Chakra, 50 Agility and 30 Strength to access and use it. That way its really an option for those who would want to use it verses everyone having it just for the buff. As far as Tailed Beast's and Jinchuriki, I think a whole system would have to be made for this to work. Something like, only one Jinchuriki (Per tailed beast) can exist at a time, the buff has a long CD and upon death/faint theres a 2% chance of the tailed beast being released (Similar to Will Of Fire Passive), further on that, if the tailed beast is released the now ex jinchuriki would have a much longer BI or rather a stronger Debuff related to BI rendering them in a very weakend state, (This would replace the whole... Jinchuriki's die if the tailed beast is released) Other things to consider, Global Announcements when a Tailed beast is Sealed/Released. X Player from X Village is now the X tailed beast's Jinchuriki. Those players would become top of the bingo book or given a special position in the bingo book (Like a special Page or something) Only People with the Sealing Jutsu would be able to Seal said beasts into players or themselves if the jutsu is mastered. then we would have to come up with some type of combo jutsu system because some NOT ALL of the most powerful sealing jutsu in the anime relied on either killing/sealing away apart of yourself (Reaper Death Seal) or Sealing a great amount of power away after preforming the jutsu (Five Elements Seal). and i mean combo jutsu as in two or more players use the same jutsu on the same person to speed up the process, For example, Reviving someone usually takes a good 10 seconds or so. so if two players were using the revive jutsu on a player it would take 8 seconds, then 3 people it would make it 6 seconds and finally with 4 people if would take 4 seconds. and of course combo jutsu's would be limited to 4 people at once. Idk all in all its allot to think about and i could keep going but this is definitly a good topic to think about and how it would work in the game realistically as content instead of just adding more buffs.
  5. Erox

  6. Dear Ninja, We've come down hard on language in the past few months, I want to take a moment to remind you all what our stance is on language and a few things that will get you in trouble along with what we wont be doing anymore. 4. Abusive Behavior - Do not use use offensive language or slurs (includes race, religion, gender, etc.). If you are reported by somebody who takes offense, you may be given warning points depending on severity. This is not to be mistaken with using swear words within a roleplay context. Eg. "Fuck the Leaf, I'm going to kill them all!" It is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who PMs him victims and calls them a little bitch etc. In the same way it is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who abuses exploits and uses hacks and 3rd party programs or your in-character RP character is somebody who has the power to automate his training by turning off his mind through bots. Eg. of an out-of-character insult "bitch nigga fml your mom" Eg. of an In-character insult "You fight like a bitch" I don't think anyone takes offence to words as heavy as this community, that being said we will NOT be accepting reports regarding one worded insults unless felt necessary. One worded insults like "You're a Dog, Pussy, You're Shit, Bitch, ETC..." will be considered low toxicity until they're met with further insults of the same kind or nature. Insults like "Kys" or insults/threats to irl situations are and will always be punishable by Bans, Perm Bans and IP Bans. In other games we've all been on both sides and its all fun and banter but you have to remember this is a community and we expect you to follow our Guidelines, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of which you agreed to upon creating your account. As always thank you for reporting in general, it does help keep our community working and growing with each wave of new players. We want you to have your own unique experiences playing NinOnline, but we dont want you to do so at the expense of another players experience. Past reports until now will remain, this stance takes place here and hereafter today, 03/31/2021 Thank you for your time! Erox
  7. Erox

    Promotions are all set by your Kage, you should tag him instead @Ziuk
  8. Erox

    Sounds too complicated, but I've already suggested a simplified version OG the 2nd suggestion. Of which I think would work better plus gives staff variety. Good suggestion though!
  9. Erox

    Fyfy! I knew Route 89 wasn't a fluke
  10. Erox

    Ouuu i like this idea, bumping it so it can be seen @Ueda
  11. Erox

    Tough crowd, my comment was in a satire nature. I believe Rory commented on Int Weapons before but we'll see. Yikes
  12. Erox

    I like how you said Sand gets Fan, Mist gets pipe. So Leaf deserves 6 exclusive weapons cuz we dont have pipe or fan XD What about Missing Nin?