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    Tough crowd, my comment was in a satire nature. I believe Rory commented on Int Weapons before but we'll see. Yikes
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    I like how you said Sand gets Fan, Mist gets pipe. So Leaf deserves 6 exclusive weapons cuz we dont have pipe or fan XD What about Missing Nin?
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    I have eyes on target.. @Ueda do you want me to take the shot sir?!
  4. Erox

    Sounds fun money bags, lets do it!
  5. Erox


    Misty Flow has to be my favorite, that drum section just hits different
  6. Dear Ninja, I've taken on a project that I'm excited to finally say, is finished! Since Mist Villages implementation its been an uphill battle to maintain it and iron out the creases, but through all of the updates and forums posts we're here today with a better Nin and better Mist Village for it. Now, there's an aspect to NinOnline that most time's go unnoticed after a while but still play a critical part to the player's experience as a whole, and that aspect is undoubtedly NinOnline's Music/Soundtrack. Which brings me back to the project I've undertaken! Mist Village Soundtrack The key points of this project were the following No live drum kits A sense of motion and feeling in each song Catchy and subliminal runs Sections of three (Rule of 3's) Nin style music Let me run you through how this will play out but first a warning. WARNNING: Don't listen if you wish to wait and experience it for yourself In-Game. In the beginning there was only silence... Erox said onto them... "LET THERE BE MUSIC!" (Listen with each section as you read) Mist Village Maps: Mist Village, Indoor Market, Mist Bounty House. Notes: The focal point of this track is to make the village sound alive and feel like you're a part of a bigger community! all hearts can beat as one. Mist Village.mp4 Misty Conflict Maps: Mist Village Entrance, Slight Slope, 3 Way Road Split. Notes: The song uses the natural tones and sounds giving the sense of wonder or adventure, now imagine you're taking your first steps outside of the village. Misty Conflict.mp4 Misty Tension Maps: Misty Hides, Bamboo Forest, Bloody Pond. Notes: You're battle hardened and ready for duty be it Boars, Giant Ants or even that damn Tanuki! Either way you're ready for any outcome. Misty Tension.mp4 Misty Flows Maps: Big Slope, By The River, Land of Water Port. Notes: Your first real challenge await you in these maps whither its the grind or enemies, you can hear the river bed waiting to be moved around you! Misty Flows.mp4 Mist Divided Maps: Across the Sea (Boat), All Sea Maps. Notes: Its time for your real first journey out of the Land of Water, will you run across the Sea knowing full well the dangers ahead or will you ride a vessel, Either way it will be a long journey to the other side. Mist Divided.mp4 Thank you for allowing me to put my mark in NinOnline I do hope this enhances your experience playing and creating your very own world in something we all love! With love Erox~
  7. January 2021 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @Maguma @Ryutekzu Chunin: @Tsuuyoi @Agni @Yuki no Hana @Sike Specialized Jonin: @Static For exceptional proficiency in the use of lightning Sand Village Jonin: @DeadZoom @ForestEdge Chunin: @Deko @Tamara @Bandit @FreezeHud Specialized Jonin: @Pog For great use of combat medic abilities Mist Village Jonin: @TheAvatar @Kronkaro Chunin: @Giyu @Juntaro @Hasan @Ninja Specialized Jonin: @Fistiun For phenomenal use of tactics and knowledge
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    Mist Chunin Exams

    Mist's Chunin Exams will start around 5pm EST
  9. Erox

    Leaf Chunin Exams

    Leaf's Chunin Exams will start around 1-2pm EST
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    Sand Chunin Exams

    Sand's Chunin Exams will start around 1-2pm EST
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    Try spending more than 20 minutes on something
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    Why are you lying to this man smh, this song is the equivalent to my 2nd grade drawing of what i wanted to be when i grew up... (Ofc im just giving you a hard time cuz i luv u @Gilgamesh)
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    In fact you should probably delete this one, give yourself a chance to save your rep as a nin rapper XDDD (In all seriousness though, this is the weakest one to date. if youre gonna come back at me then do it right or dont do it at all. otherwise its just gonna be another rerun from last time)
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    LMFAOO took the words right out of my mouth
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    Last one was better, im not touching this until you actually try. "I wasnt sure i was gonna do this one" Bahaha you shouldnt have. listen to your gut Also get this toybox beat out of here BAAAHAHA
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    This is just a thought so don't quote me on this. I understand that flicker how it is is heavily implemented into the game as a instant teleport, and allot of people rely on that for combat and missions hell its even needed for the tutorial depending on your village of choice. My thought was instead of a teleport the Jutsu should be change to "Body Flicker" and upon use you dash x amount of space forward. i think its very doable and would change how everyone uses it in game. Each level would increase the space you travel upon use.
  17. Erox

    Very cool idea!
  18. Ill request that Rory adds this link somewhere on the forums tab as well
  19. The bot is located on the bottom right of every page
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    OOF that does look weird thank you for showing multiple screenshots!
  21. Erox

    How is this a bug, show a bigger screenshot please or multiple if necessary.
  22. Im sorry this has happened to you, please fill out a Support Ticket and be sure to select the Miscellaneous Department. We will be able to properly go about assessing this situation if you follow these steps, Thank you for your time!
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    I love it!