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  1. ana primal

    first of all i agree with obito and second for god f sake in all honest why why ppl learn this lighting i stun mastery that has to many self and cast time stuns adding more make it look more of a joke then the mastery .
  2. ana primal

    sand has a history ofkages being killed so we are keeping the lore alive in a way but honestil only lord 3th hokage and onoki i think where kages who ruled for more then 10 years if not longer
  3. ana primal

    dont be mean to my student yukon silver he is a nice guys ;-;
  4. ana primal

    you a sandie in heart bro also hi
  5. ana primal


    not a big fan but i respect your opinion
  6. ana primal

    true you cant but you need to find a way to balance lighting compair to other elements.
  7. ana primal

    the seem hardly possible the drop rate cant be effected just by daily reset .
  8. ana primal

    ez run like really ppl can simple out run both if you have high fps/ping you will out run them if i fought dona(who has low as hell ping) in bd let say he would always out run my cresent chidori maybe not but cresent always .
  9. ana primal

    while it true rory intrust the kages to handle it and rory let the kages do what they want about 99% of time unless they directily hurt the gsame or insult him .
  10. ana primal

    the drop rate is pure rng and a low one when i used to daiyl farm 250 dna it would always take me a diffrent amounth of time sometimesi got it under 5 hours sometimes 9 hours.
  11. ana primal

    well a buddy bad news ;-; this is nin online
  12. ana primal

    gg nice vid
  13. ana primal

    sand mostily doesnt go to danger zone to hunt they stay in safe zone like scorpion or gd mostily adding more dz wont help much
  14. ana primal

    mist lowbies miss me
  15. ana primal

    i seee solo hunting is working out great ppl always bring 10 ppl for only one