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  1. ana primal

    Numbers always numbers or ppl hunting with op buffs .The games focus on groups ruined dz becuase nobody want to go out unless he can get 4 or 5 ppl to go out and that can take 5 min or hours to gather , solo hunting died long ago and is barely fun .Also no bosses or stuff ot grind in dz anymore(for older and maxed lv players).
  2. ana primal

  3. ana primal

    black_rain_using_macro.mp4 WELL EVERBODY HAS A BAD DAY.
  4. ana primal

    s long as you can combo of a instant teleport jutsu it wil never be balanced.
  5. ana primal

    just add a silencer to it and be done with it .
  6. ana primal

    #lightingbuff %*#yschidori
  7. ana primal

    flap OUT OF MY VILLAGE .spawn in the village right of the mist port.
  8. ana primal

    just buy them.
  9. ana primal

    i use the sistem for my event long ago when i hosted i asked ppl to send me dms to see if they had enought points
  10. ana primal

    i got the second highest kill count in nin so i have to say nope .
  11. ana primal

  12. ana primal

    the icons nee to be bigger
  13. ana primal

    my look slifer coppied it that bastard ;(