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  1. ana primal

    that be nice too
  2. ana primal

    I agree with the topic but my issue is the jutsu damage with blood is good but it only rivals the damage of wind and /fire or int wm with 70 int tops i wind it unfair that boen and blood make the jutsu do so little damage with 110 blood i get 94 as highest damage while other mastery can spam 95+ damage on half of there jutsus (fire/wind/wm/int) i understand saying meele is one of the reason but gf does a lot of damage and it meele i rather we lose meel damage and get our jutsus buffed
  3. ana primal

    agreed i think blood should also be a bit faster
  4. ana primal

    no sir wtf is a tai/medic rogue .
  5. ana primal

    i dont like you but i agree. i agree.
  6. ana primal

    that still make pipe op
  7. ana primal

    as long as wind users cant one shoot others i dont care how they nerf it ;-; .
  8. ana primal

    As a member of the offical guardians of asoki we are sorry to hear you dont like the prize and time that the boat service offers but we asure you that the current speed and prize are there for a reason we offfer low prize so all fellow ninja may be safe from the kraken while at the low prize of 10 ryo and with a 100% succes and survival rate of our passangers . we hope you understand . For any more question pls dm my father @anteprs visa aviary hawks and have a nice day and stay safe you are aways welcome in asoki :)
  9. ana primal

    they lacked only 1 memeber zabu zabu wouldnt have saved them .
  10. ana primal

    i happens to me too.
  11. ana primal

    what rory said explains it perfectily
  12. ana primal

    if it would be a agree rp event i say ok. but i dont full know ppl might abuse it
  13. ana primal

    king of farmers is this a challenge boi ;/
  14. ana primal

    i like pancakes.