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  1. ana primal

    ppl can just buy death account and do it simple like that "cough" taka
  2. ana primal

    i listen to random youtube videos ;-; not music related
  3. ana primal


    capture the flag huge map where player would be put in 2 team . each team get a castle with a flag . one part will guard there flag th rest will go get the enemy flag . the 2 castles will be in a huge forest with many traps and a canon in the middle where a bridge would be so they all would need to pass at the bridge . second idea is auction house where players can offer item for sale making scamming near imposible . third is pvp random match queue where you get match with random villager from all villages in 4vs4 or 3vs3 or 2vs2 or 1vs1 fight . 4th idea is doungeon where a group can enter like in the snakes or spiderboss but this time is 3 boss and ome adds and of course others players cant join them to kill them .
  4. ana primal

  5. ana primal

    best idea ever
  6. ana primal

    it a nice idea but light as it is now is to punishable.
  7. ana primal

    making lighting more punishable isnt goint to buff it wind and earth homming arent ez to punish why should lighting one be.
  8. ana primal

    stop fighting get back to sand we got mist and leafies to kill
  9. my connection is bad when it na server but i am eu overall i play wow and swtor on uk and german server where the lag is almost non existend. the issue with nin is the gameplay with my ping and delay get only much better when playing nin with exitlag so i cant say the other way around.
  10. ana primal

    it not at all low hp since most are medic/wm who hardly ever play on high int and like i said rain and boos combo with flicker meele does + 400 damage combo with only flicker meele hit . and puppets are like summons smart ppl can fight around them i fought leafs in cf 3vs1 and killed 2 because i would use my summon to hit them while they focused me it called outsmarting ppl.
  11. the game is in many ways pay to play for some ppl since the pingzapper and exitlag company benefit so much form nin but rory doesnt so it a weird verions of pay to play .
  12. ana primal

    ty point ppl complain about pb puppet a npc while beyond croken 7ssm are "fine" .
  13. ana primal

    nice post but you forgot the chunnin building left of kage house.
  14. ana primal

    if you nerf 7ssm i will agree to pb puppet nerf.
  15. ana primal

    hahahahah yu have 428 kills right now