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  1. ana primal

    yeah better and smarter but it shouldnt be added right now maybe when most grinded all the stuff in land of iron let say 3 weeks from now ;-;
  2. ana primal

    also why add a -% are you mental simple leave it at 0 this is simple stupid ;-;
  3. ana primal

    remove the sistem it stupid you just added new content and now are forcing pve players to go out to hunt rather then grind and enjoy new content .
  4. should earth get a boost if you are standing on earth? should wind get a boost if the weather effect show is windy?should fire get a boost when a hot chick passes by ? should lighting get a boost when it a stormy weather ? if the answer to all this is no then i say no to water buff water is broken thanks to the sec sub anyway .
  5. ana primal

  6. ana primal

    HI after a long and lovely day i got luck with the drop and got the new fan ,i went ot the shop got a stat reset then i went to try it and it says it not for my gender i dont know if this is a dam bug or a joke but this is not how one nerf a time by limiting it to male only i dont know if the new sword has this issue ;-; @Ueda
  7. ana primal

    no f that, the stun should stay at least or the knockback the fan is supost to be better then the blue fan and your suggest make it worst leave one of it the stun or the drilling air bullet attack .
  8. ana primal

    nice video bro
  9. ana primal

    most maps should have this kind of connections
  10. ana primal

    and yet it the same for us so what the issue .
  11. ana primal

    you did almost the same at at kb
  12. ana primal


    and th nice lag thst made those 144 fps boi slow too i miss those good days
  13. ana primal

    that fine but then move the server to a place both side have around the same ping and like i said not all eu players have to leave og server.
  14. ana primal

    true and dz are less active but the issue is you cant make 100% off the game a mix of pve and pvp that ruins the reason for the grinders to even bother the wz bosses added helped pvp players but didnt help pve ones much
  15. ana primal

    that fine new swords was a idea for hybrids . Eu server is need or a new server made na and american players should have so little ping and for all the other to use apps like pingzapper to be able to play . new client wont fight the fps diffrent wolf already said that, also 144 fps palyer will be fast and so will 60 fps players .