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(first art done by @Fuzeko and a little edit by me )

(second art done by my lovely student @zaminade )

(third art done by @Ruby my fellow ketsueki queen )

name: ana primal

nickname : blue geeeko of the sand,puppet queen,storm daughter...

village: sand

clan: ketsueki unknown.png

family: @anteprs (dad) , @Itama Date   (grandpa),  @Angelik Date(auntie) , @ExiledKyoho(ex bf) 



achievements: first lv 60 sandie,11th killer in top 20(9th place) killers ,first player with 2 lv 60 account (primal/anteprs),2 term sand council ,player with most summons  (3=2 puppet and a weasel ),chunnin,police chief.o

kills: 3028 my goal was 1 k :) )

students :gaara(died) and @FreezeHud ,yukon gold  and white faang(quit the ninja life), a mistie named @zaminade,

skill: wm/lighting

rank: chunnin

title:non (former police chief)

rp mission done : 45

event hosted : 2

quote: true art is a trap, glory to combat.

special skill: weasel summoning,master  user of wind puppet/poison puppet  (third user of puppet style in the sand village )

hobbies: having fun,training and helping ppl.

friends: jaybird and raw,savi,forestedge,aikya...

story  : The daughter of @anteprs. He brought her to the sand village and made sure she lives a good life aways from the leaf he felt  a huge dark shadow of evil growing there and wanted her to be save  and with nauq and akiyas help i grow strong she   trains to make the sand safer and better ever day.she is a master of puppets She  am the first ever user of 3 puppets and she uses them to defend her freinds and village.After a while after @Nauq kage term ended  @Aikya  She offer her skills to  the kage for help she accepcted and name her one off her 3 council memebers . She also join the puppet brigade after a while .After sometime she said goodbye to puppet brigade and started to focus at bettering herself.She serve under lord 13th @Sanshouo  as his council .After her 4th ce she became chunnin .It was her time to help the lowbies of the sand grow.After lord sanshouo retired her council term was over but now lord 14 term @Peperoni Johnson asked her to be police chief .Now she focuses on doing her police chief duty and working on her dna shop she open to help ppl of nin .She now has  student that she trains @zaminade. After a long time working she chose to close the shop and leave the police to retired .She made a org with the help of her father to defend asoki port village.

5d63ebd71b979_meandprima.png.53e9064b9fb2bfa6a48b52c7e7b53a9b.pngFAMILY PIC.png unknown.pngfamily meeting

image.png.97bdc5b25be1a26a3fe2a8f8fd641a14.pngSummoning master


the day i joined pb finally.pngfinally in pb it been  time :)

image.png.1c0a3a3609463a161949f2dd658340c2.pngimage.png.52429c3a13047ba1ce1198c7f26a0a6c.pngwasting tags to make art

perfect collection.pngMY COLLECT


My goal is simple to get pass this door to get token for lowbies and the next sand gen :)


07.03.2020 i hosted my first rp based event the ce after party it was a training rp event  and ti was a ton off fun :)

image.png.08d999b1b325ba98e3400ea4f0357077.png10.03.2020 i finished one off my goals to have 1k kills

unknown.png On 18.03 i became the 4th player to hit lv 60 in the game  and the first lv 60 sandie in history of sand

Zrzut_ekranu_920.png22.03.2020 we fought hard with lag but got third place :)

image.png.a2e6256b718cdc1c12e1eb22788e64e0.pngon 7.4.2020 i joined the top 20 killers list (now i am 3th place with over 2k kills)


25..04.2020 i joined with my team of @Senku and @Pawn and sensei @Mana to do the chunnin exam it was awesome i made it to the semi finale and senku won the ce . 


28.04.2020 i got the promotion to chunnin and finally my goal has been done i got pass this door  and rp in sand will never be the same.

unknown.pngthe primal dna shop(open ever monday and firday from 3 to 4 pm est)


ON the 17.5.2020 I hosted a smpf event a hide and seek hunt based event it was fun :)

image.png.80a6f2723fb8b5e9ca4d72fcd1c2a0bb.pngtraining my student @zaminade

my first video :


on the 25.06.2020 my team joined ce(sinnerman/sajin/donatello johnson ) and both @sajin and @Donatello Johnson got chunnin  i am so proud of them :)

some videos featuring me