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    yeah better and smarter but it shouldnt be added right now maybe when most grinded all the stuff in land of iron let say 3 weeks from now ;-;
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    also why add a -% are you mental simple leave it at 0 this is simple stupid ;-;
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    remove the sistem it stupid you just added new content and now are forcing pve players to go out to hunt rather then grind and enjoy new content .
  4. should earth get a boost if you are standing on earth? should wind get a boost if the weather effect show is windy?should fire get a boost when a hot chick passes by ? should lighting get a boost when it a stormy weather ? if the answer to all this is no then i say no to water buff water is broken thanks to the sec sub anyway .
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    HI after a long and lovely day i got luck with the drop and got the new fan ,i went ot the shop got a stat reset then i went to try it and it says it not for my gender i dont know if this is a dam bug or a joke but this is not how one nerf a time by limiting it to male only i dont know if the new sword has this issue ;-; @Ueda
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    no f that, the stun should stay at least or the knockback the fan is supost to be better then the blue fan and your suggest make it worst leave one of it the stun or the drilling air bullet attack .
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    nice video bro
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    most maps should have this kind of connections
  10. ana primal

    and yet it the same for us so what the issue .
  11. ana primal

    you did almost the same at at kb
  12. ana primal


    and th nice lag thst made those 144 fps boi slow too i miss those good days
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    that fine but then move the server to a place both side have around the same ping and like i said not all eu players have to leave og server.
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    true and dz are less active but the issue is you cant make 100% off the game a mix of pve and pvp that ruins the reason for the grinders to even bother the wz bosses added helped pvp players but didnt help pve ones much
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    that fine new swords was a idea for hybrids . Eu server is need or a new server made na and american players should have so little ping and for all the other to use apps like pingzapper to be able to play . new client wont fight the fps diffrent wolf already said that, also 144 fps palyer will be fast and so will 60 fps players .
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    yeah my respond was to this comment simple put a server near a locaton where most ppl will benefit like austria where all polish ,balkan, german and uk players can be close and eu playerbase is huge and english speaking server in other games exist where alll ppl in the eu join and play .
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    i cant find it but i remeber what he said it in a way a respond to that .
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    Hi i like to offer some suggestion on for the future of nin so here we go : SMALL SUGGESTIONS : 1. sand puppets: rework: as many pointed out the puppet summons suck so to fix that i suggest to add lv to lv up a puppet you need to collect 100 piece( random ) of puppets in puppet factory ther lv can be 1 /2 /3 this way the end puppet can do all more damage let say 60 and cast 1 more jutsu per lv up .Also it be nice since it a puppet ot be able to control it with a extra hotbar for it where you click the jutsu you want them to spam and control there targets . 2 .new pve content : i like that this mmorpg game is a open world pvp but some time i wanna relax and grind and as many grinders said before being kill while farming bosses sucks so i think in land of iron the bosses should be like the toad boss you enter alone or with a group ever 30 min timer and nobody to bother you and so should the mobs around it right now dz are ok active to a point solo hunting is mostly death but group hunting is done well and i the dz are active enough some pve ONLY content is need .We have already to much pve and pvp content connected i think this would show some love to the grinders and pve and farmers of this game. 3. wz bosses rework: first the monkey and weasel boss should lose the selfheal ability(not sure if monkey has it ) it just hardcore to solo it or make it heal like players after not being hit for a time second. i suggest to add a super rare drop that is better then the weapon drop that is summon contract the summon would look like the boss and do 10 damage more the monkey one can be used by all the weasel one can b used by sandies and rogues . 4. new swords : i like to be able to farm mob not just bosses so in land or iron i make it so we can buy a normal katana sword (not wooden ) and farm modes and collect orbs or any stuff then with those orbs left say 100 orb we can buy buff to the sword and upgrade it over time and make different elemental sword like 100 orb for lighting core/fire core/water core/wind core /earth core medic core. all sword would have a 20 % chance effect the lighting one to do a 0.5 sec stun,the fire one a burn effect, water one has chance to regen chakra while walking on water ever 30 sec (50% chance ), earth sword has a slow effect ,wind one has a bleed effect ,medic one a poison effect and tai /gf one a knockback effect. the stats of the sword dont change just the ability can be added. 5. kraken rework i think the tentacles should drop kraken shell part (10 to 15 % chance for drop) and if you collect 200 to 250 you can make the new sword . why i suggest this is because i think have more ways to get a item help rather then to kill boss for 2 hour log off and od again . BIG BOI TIME SUGGESTIONS: 1. wz event new map: first i like to say most dz fights get boring if we fight in the same maps war event somewhat too so my suggestion is a new huge map with 2 castles at the ends of the maps with a huge forest in between and a river .The key would be to get the enemy scroll at there castle and get it pass the bridge near the middle where the river is the key would be 2 teams of each village on defend other hunting . the forest will be filled with traps for the enemy ninjas entering so if leaf has the left side the traps wont effect the leaf on the left side but they will on the right. The castle will be trapped by the players themself . Now the big change limited numbers of players the best will be pick if 15 leafies fight on the left side only 15 sandies can join the number that the lowest team has will be used to as the max limit to make the fight more balanced. The castle can be a camp it up to the devs to chose . 2. fps lock and eu server . Now in a post i read not so long ago that for the love of pancakes i cant find i saw rory say the english speaking server is needed but i disagree most eu player deserve and should have a eu server for us .Most eu player can speak and understand english very well and most of them are polish/blakans/french/german rather then uk players so a eu server would make the game more balanced we should not ask why not but how to start finding the perfect place and host for such a server . Because right now it insulting saying it ok for the brazillian players to have there server while most of the games player base is american and eu and the usa player have huge benefits the usa player like canadian have so much better ping that in the fact nin is for most eu player a pay to play game and you pay to pingzapper/exitlag and other company that offer those ways for ppl to be able to play at all i think those company made more money on the eu players then rory ever could and it feel insulting that the huge if not 60 % i say of the player base cant get any kind of respect or even a server . With a eu server the eu player will all have same ping the na player who stay at there server will to and so do the brazilian players it would make the game more balanced for most ppl yes 3 servers mean less players on one server but have 100 players on each server isnt bad and with wa eu server more eu player will return. Talking about balance we all have our opinions about what masteries are and arent balanced but i think this is false since nobody plays on the same ping and fps , and that brings me to the next point fps lock to 55 to 60 fps still to this day on the old laggy server fps didnt matter but now it a nightmare i cant catch a 144 fps player with same or similar ping with my 60 fps and a lv 40 player can still keep up with me but he wont see the 144 fps for long before he is out of his sigh i think locking the fps to 55/60 FOR ALL PLAYER offer truly more balance .This would also make it truly more skill and mastery depended and then when we all play similar in speed and ping (if eu server ) we can talk about mastery balances .
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    they need a scout i was at dna anyway
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    epic finally that bastard get some ass kicking.
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    we had 10 ppl they where 25 we only camped to proof we can do it too no other reason and to prove leaf is to pussy to come with double the numbers.
  22. ana primal

    i fully agree even if new client comes it would be hard to do mapswitch but still possible this would make it easier
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    this might be a rare case we agree
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    i can record it when i hunt it happens to me with or without summon many times