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    should be user's topic not topic's user
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    I feel like this is the biggest difference between opinions. The time to do a simple mission isn't what makes it difficult or interesting. We have missions that want you to kill level 15 tigers at level 12. It'll take you an hour to do it, but was it fun? Absolutely not. We finally added bosses and we limit them to certain levels. No one runs those missions anymore either. No one will lock their account to level 20 to make sure they get a weapon now. If the game is modeled after Runescape/WoW/Etc it's missing a lot of factors that make those games good and fun.
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    Not to bring drama or anything, but the main people defending the time-wasting mechanics are people who don't play the game from level 1. There's a large disconnect between player and programmer here and I think this is why no progress is made. The ideas on paper sound great, but in practice, they bring the quality of the game down drastically.
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    There are many people who are devoted to this game, but something I've noticed is we mainly rely on people with multiple accounts to hit a certain threshold of players. One of the main programmers boasts about 200 active players or something along those lines, but I think something revealed in this thread that there are many people with over 10 alternate accounts. (I am also one of them) but this makes me realize that the player base is actually quite a lot smaller than at first glance. Any game will have player retention problems, but why do so many new players quit the game so early? I will outline the biggest problem my friends, and others, lost interest in the game over. The first aspect was battle injuries. A couple of months ago, it was stated that the reason they implemented battle injuries was because you don't lose items when you die, or money. However, this is no longer the case. We now have rare items in the game that are dropped upon death. We also have several other items, scrolls for missions, dango, etc that will drop when killed. This will delay certain missions for 8 minutes. But this highlights the biggest problem with the game. Battle injuries. An archaic system that has been around for ages. The only reason they do not change it is entirely due to lazy programming. They have shot any great suggestion down because "X is in the game" however, when X changed, Battle Injuries remain the same. Therefore we cannot maintain a healthy new player base. Battle injuries are a stalling mechanic at lower levels. It prevents gameplay in most cases, it prevents world travel, and it prevents progress. One of the first things that happens to a player is that they are killed by an NPC if they want to get to genin rank. Meaning fresh out of the academy we reduce their damage and health. There is a reason this system does not exist in any other MMORPGs. It's a bad mechanic, it has always been a bad mechanic. For a PVP centric game, this is one of the largest mistakes. Imagine if you got killed in Call of Duty, you had less health after respawning and your gun did 30% less damage. But even if we can deconstruct this mechanic for what it takes away, we should also question what it adds to the game. The simple response is absolutely nothing. The main defense behind battle injuries is that it will promote roleplaying. This is never the case. New players want to train and get new jutsu. We do not reward them for roleplaying until RP missions are available. But you understand that we prevent them from getting to RP missions. We punish them for getting one shot by a level 50 in a safe zone. We punish them for traveling to a mission that has aggro mobs. We punish them for playing the game as it was intended. It is a harassing world, but we cannot harass new players out of the box. I suggest that we remove Battle Injuries entirely from the game as they add nothing to the game. Many people have concerns about raids being harder, to which I say, don't be a pussy and learn how to raid properly. Not only will this increase the defense of raids, but will also increase the occurrence of raids. The removal of battle injuries will be beneficial for high level players. After a failed raid, most high level players will meet at the typical spot while they wait their 8 minutes out. By the time that all of their allies heal, they will no longer be interested in raiding. With the removal of battle injuries, old players will become a lot more active as the game becomes more interesting. No longer will people be AFK at town squares or outside of gates. Battle injuries serve no other purpose but to waste your time. The mechanic was always a half-cooked idea and has only stayed in the game because of developer excuses. If the purpose of Nin Online is to waste the player's time because they were not level 50 out of the academy, this is not a game I'm interested in. If the purpose of Nin Online is to waste veteran player's time, this is not a game I'm interested in.
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    This is kind of funny