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  1. Ryuchi Hakuja

    I'll be honest, I wouldn't take advice from someone who 1) Hasn't made an MMORGP and only played them for "20 years" 2) who can't even make an interesting video that grasps someone's attention for more than 2 minutes. 3) There's a reason that so many of the MMO's that he's listed don't have more than 1 million active subscribers. 4) Some of the MMO's he listed barely even have a 6/10 on Steam. It's pretty clear that majority of his preference is based on older MMO's because, clearly they have "not gotten better" because "modern MMORPG's SUCK" regardless of sales numbers showing the opposite of this claim. Let's not forget this guy has played MMO's since they were first released. In 20 years he only has an opinion on what he likes about old MMORPG's and how to fix them (make them sell less) That's what this game was based on as well. Which is why it's hard to get behind a MMO in 2021 when it's inspired by 2005 MMO's. I also played MMO's a lot in my childhood, and the reasons this guy details as "improvements" are the exact reasons I quit them for a good 10 years before getting into this one. Which one of us is correct? Well there's a reason the MMO's that I like sell well.
  2. Ryuchi Hakuja

    Seeing a lot of people confuse inconvenience and time wasting as "difficulty" in this thread.
  3. Ryuchi Hakuja

    Green and Purple
  4. Ryuchi Hakuja

    I got summoning contract in 2 tries so I wanted to celebrate with you all. You can achieve summoning contract as well, I believe in you.
  5. Ryuchi Hakuja

    The entire point is that they are swordsmen who originated from Mist. However there's a reason that when they die they drop the weapon. As do mist ninja who go rogue
  6. Ryuchi Hakuja

  7. Ryuchi Hakuja


    When using the Palm Bottom Technique on mobs, their hitbox is knocked back but their sprite isn't. In game this makes it appear that the mob is on the same tile after the jutsu.
  8. Ryuchi Hakuja

    The perspective on the bottom of the dress is conflicting. You wouldn't be able to see the back of her dress from the front like that
  9. Ryuchi Hakuja

    Don't see the point in punishing people who aren't using the typical build. Also don't understand why you use that as your opening argument, then get concerned with people using the same builds after advance masteries. Everyone should get a mastery reset regardless of how anyone feels. It's the right thing to do for the players who would otherwise miss out on new content and have been playing for years. I will always advocate for mastery resets and I've never cared to be level 30+
  10. Ryuchi Hakuja

    Add it now, Rory
  11. Ryuchi Hakuja

    should be user's topic not topic's user