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    I think this jutsu should get tweaked a bit. It is a 3 second stand cast which makes it extremely hard to cast, along with the fact you get the cursed seal icon over your head while casting which makes it very obvious what you are trying to do. It is said to "make the user's body stronger in every way", which is true since it buffs all stats by 20%, yet the only real worth you will see from it is Intellect and Chakra (still have to recharge to actually get the worth). Your HP increases but it does not get healed the same amount, which forces you to either use Cell Regeneration on yourself which is another 2 second stand cast with high chakra cost, or rely on your teammates to heal you. Considering that the jutsu has a 3 second stand cast, which is the highest cast time in the game next to Revive jutsu, I think that when it buffs you it should also heal up your HP and Chakra by the same amount it increased. Right now you don't really feel the power of the jutsu as opposed to when you saw it in the anime. So basically if you have 1000 hp and 300 chakra and it buffs you to 1200 hp and 360 chakra, the jutsu would also heal you up for +200 hp and +60 chakra. This way if u cast it while you are lower hp / chakra you would actually see the benefit of the jutsu. This makes a lot more sense to me since in the anime it was more of a last resort jutsu when the user was cornered and almost defeated rather than something you use at the start of the fight.
  2. Yami

    WM has the easiest early level grind out of all of those and is generally the easiest one for PvP. Wind is decent at leveling and is really good at 1v1 PvP. Lightning is kinda slow at leveling, can be good at PvP but it is harder to play,, high amount of stuns. If you want to go a WM hybrid, WM/Light is the better one.
  3. The Current Cast part of the Advanced Lightning Cutter technique has a hitbox that is not matching it's animation. The hitbox is 1 tile wide when the animation is 2 tile wide. @Ueda
  4. Yami

    I had an idea for a jutsu for the Akatsuki organization. Since it is a missing organization with 10 member limit it is rather difficult for it to fight villages which have superior numbers and also have their own buffed organizations. While the ring is a really strong buff it does not really help solve this out. Tsukuyomi would be a jutsu that teleports you and your target into the Tsukuyomi realm (currently used by GMs to jail ppl) for 2-3 minutes. This would mean that even if you are outnumbered you have a chance to pick one of your enemies and fight them 1 on 1 there (or 10v10 if all members use it). I think it's a pretty cool concept but the only issue is that I can't really tell how teleporting back from there would work. Since teleporting where you casted it would just make you die to the people waiting there for you to return I had the idea that you are teleported to the Akatsuki cave but you get some kind of a debuff that's like BI but lasts much longer. The jutsu would also have a really long cooldown or would only be usable once per day.
  5. Yami

    Opposed to the first Guard Duty mission which has you guard a Safe Zone map, I think a higher level one should be added that requires you to guard a Danger Zone map near the village. Since you'd need to spend a lot of time in a Danger Zone the mission would give a lot more exp. I think it's a good way to promote more Danger Zone activity. There could also be missions like for example "Border Patrol". You'd need to spend time on the maps that mark the borders of village territory. For example Sand villagers have to patrol Katabami Bridge, Leaf villagers have to patrol Dark Bridge...
  6. Yami

    Irrelevant. 1v1 challenges have no place in Orgs other than 7SM since WM is a 1v1 mastery.
  7. Yami

    I fail to see the point of challenges in Orgs that are meant to be good at fighting in groups. You just fill the Org with masteries that are good in 1v1 and end up ruining the whole line up.
  8. Yami

    The Jonins are there to deter people from raiding villages. Rather than giving people a reason to go into a Safe Zone which is supposed to be the "safest" since it is the village that you respawn in, give people more reason to go into Danger Zones. The biggest problem I see with offical Orgs is inactivity and a very biased choice of members in some cases. There should be a better system in place for people to join such Orgs, since leaving everything up to the leader has shown to not bring very good results in a lot of cases. Organization missions could be a nice way to promote more activity, but such missions should not count towards the daily mission count and just like the buff item you can only take one such mission per day or maybe even per week. Rather than giving experience these missions would reward a unique Org jutsu when completed. For example: Puppet Brigade mission - collect enough Puppet parts - reward Puppet Body jutsu - the user replaces their Body with a Puppet one, making them greatly resilient to damage (aka damage reduction), for a short amount of time. Akatsuki mission - kill enough enemy ninjas - reward Chakra Fruit - grants the user hp and chakra regeneration for a short amount of time. 7SM mission - collect enough opposing offical Org items - reward Hiding in Mist jutsu - larger AoE area that ticks like Fire Wall but instead of dealing damage to enemy it cloaks the user when he enters it. 12G mission - kill enemies in areas surrounding the Leaf village - reward Thousand Hand Kill jutsu - melee buff that deals damage that scales with Fortitude, lasts for a short amount of time. These would be one time use jutsu that are cast as an inventory item.
  9. Yami

    I think a better way to fix this is to add more paths and maps to villages. There are a lot of maps which have only one way in and one way out so they are rather easy to camp and if there is a group of enemies that have placed traps near the map switch there is very little you can do since pushing into traps is suicide.