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  1. Light

    Yes please. +1 to do -list
  2. They're only players you can't expect much of them. On the second note being kicked out of the Nin Discord for no apparent reason is a Red flag and the game owner should take his time and look into it.
  3. Does this mean that combinations that weren't viable/are weaker to begin with will stay that way or will those receive some love as well? Other than that seems like a fair statement
  4. Light

    +1 And the reason why I think like this is because this is true and can't be proven wrong. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.
  5. Light

    Bank and Auction house when??? Oh 2030? No problem me and the boys are waiting for the filler arc to end !
  6. Light

    Hello sir! You can use JoytoKey to play any game on PC with a controller as long as the program finds the controller you want to use. Please read if macros are allowed on the game you are playing because mapping multiple actions to one button isn't legal everywhere, in most cases you don't get caught as long as you use random generated timer on the key presses.
  7. My suggestion would be that you add somewhere In the service description that you do the name changes after each patch. Also after a name is changed you cannot change it again for a certain period of time. This prevents a client from spamming questions 'when' because now they know when the name changes takes place plus moderation know when to provide the service instead of it being a daily chore.
  8. Interesting project, can't wait to see this happen. This game has just rich history. I give all my character rights to Ueda it can be used In eitherway In the story if this gets going.
  9. Light

    All of your opinions are very valuable and we're working right now on a solution that would please the majority of player base regarding this topic. Your feedback and ideas are our top priority to look at, thank you for your continuous support!
  10. Light

    Yes, yes and yes do I hear cOnTeNt +++++++++++++++++++++++++
  11. Light


    Poggers dad is there as mc
  12. Light

    Your ideas are in vain, lightning will stay the way it has been for most of the time.
  13. Thank god 2020 is over. I will continue my boycott until my personal minium requirements for game content are met. Thanks for this year all of my frens. Lets spread the love.
  14. Light

    Hype balance updates, nin is moving back to the playlist?!
  15. Light

    Do I hear content pogchamp