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  1. Light

    Hype balance updates, nin is moving back to the playlist?!
  2. Light

    Do I hear content pogchamp
  3. Light

    Nin-Online follows certain pattern in most abuse cases: If you can't beat them, join them. Changes won't happen in the balance department expect for Lightning Cutter to better or worse kekw
  4. Light

    Agreed with the rework to earn the org items. To me organizations are really stale and offer nothing exceptional to its members, at best someone is going to cry how you killed them with your OP buff. In the past it was really cool in similar games to try and collect all org items and flex with those after you got 'em. Nin doesn't have that going for it. Incase there's any competent designers I'm sure the reward/clout system needs a rework as well! I feel no need (no reward) in joining any of the irrelevant-feeling organizations. Imagine this: Wearing 7-sm sword, Anbu mask and Akatsuki cloak, people know you seen things.
  5. Light

    Reassuring speech I applaud! Surely if lord 4th @Miki saw this post he would be the most pleased as well how fine shinobi graduate from our Village nowadays. Long live the king @Peperoni Johnson SAND SAND SAND
  6. Light

    Alone hovering your cursor over a player should tell their villages on the cursor position or ??? if they wear a mask. Anything similar to enhance group pvp is always welcome!
  7. Light

    My 10 cents; To not be able to melee behind you is hard to code that is why its still there
  8. Light

    Welcome back! Enjoy your stay here at Nin Online
  9. Light

    Surveying Sand is way too hard mission indeed. You must wait until there's no players online!
  10. Light

    Rory pointed out on his podcast that he'll add more routes to villages meaning ship isn't an "issue" then. Something like you run from mist to south and you get to Takumi etc.
  11. Light

    Happy to see someone seeing the effort to host RP events. Hopefully everything goes smoothly during the event!
  12. Light

    Great content! Something I wish you didn't do is to use Filmoras default edit filter from 0:01-0:04 on EP2. Names on everyone would be nice because I have no idea who these people are and it would add onto the RP context.
  13. Light

    Good content! Your chorus sounds more like a chore than something cool in this one lmao
  14. Light

    The vid seems like you spilled blood in vain, the ritual was busted. Sure you read the manual right? lmfaoo
  15. Light

    Flicker - Its fine if everyone benefit from it not only certain mastery right? The games movement speed is already slow as it is..