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  1. Ueda

    I'm not self-proclaimed, I was the rightful leader because I built the Leaf village like Hashirama >:( 

  2. Light

    What's our age restriction? Shouldn't it be 18+ so they wouldn't need to care as much
  3. Light

    Cute, I see there's potential.
  4. The concept is great, love it. Benefits both; the community and the invidual player.
  5. Light

    Hello cuties! I'm back with a brand new track, hope someone likes it. I really tried to have it look fresh from 2007
  6. Light

    -BiS items (With slight stat increases from bosses.) Cash items can transmog above the regular items that so everyone doesn't "Look the same" as Rory doesn't want to. Of course there are different BiS items depending on your build which brings variation already even if you don't have moni to Donate and/or for staff time to make multiple ones. -Level Ranks Another good incentive as i define myself as hard core grinder. Games like WoW/Nin Online the grind was never really worth it, anyone can reach the level cap. Unlimited level cap would really bring out that one korean that can grind to heights that nobody else could. (We will possibly reach this with lvl 100 cap, not too sure of the vision.)
  7. Light

    All of the pictures have been deleted. Can you retrieve them?
  8. Sweet post and I love how detailed it is. I don't agree with GMs intervening with player created content, its a story line that lives on naturally. Cases like; when a player dissapears and a new heir has to be picked are acceptable to be handled by a GM, because that's a dead end to this RP. From the very beginning my verdict was that six months is way too short time period for a game that will live on for years and Kage titles become more meaningless eventually. Its a design that the game creator wanted and majority of the community that the kages change *all the time*. Therefor we shall enjoy the free content we receive with this system and watch the world of Nin-Online burn.
  9. Light

    Seems like discord has fire content. You were both clowning delete this topic omegalul
  10. Light

    Every ninja should be able to train In swordsmanship without losing on stats in other important areas. #metoo
  11. Light

    Yes please. +1 to do -list
  12. They're only players you can't expect much of them. On the second note being kicked out of the Nin Discord for no apparent reason is a Red flag and the game owner should take his time and look into it.
  13. Does this mean that combinations that weren't viable/are weaker to begin with will stay that way or will those receive some love as well? Other than that seems like a fair statement
  14. Light

    +1 And the reason why I think like this is because this is true and can't be proven wrong. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.
  15. Light

    Bank and Auction house when??? Oh 2030? No problem me and the boys are waiting for the filler arc to end !