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  1. Light


    Looks good! I hope the new client includes diagonally moving jutsus
  2. Light

    False list. OP has named himself
  3. Light

    How about we buff everything else
  4. Light

    What if missings can't make orgs anymore?
  5. Light

    Lightning has best support stun in-game. That's unfortunately the cruel reality that its nothing more.
  6. Light

    Yeah I'll dive deeper into it sometime later. So GF can do longer combo from flicker than regular tai? As far as I know that draining chakra jutsu was incredibly hard to land in the past..
  7. Light

    I didn't dive deep enough to go into combinations either yet. Here's my point of view for 1v1 masteries! Why exactly you have GF in S-Tier? @Dona
  8. Light

    Cool video! Keep them coming
  9. Light

    Stephen was working on those. Don't know if he ever handed his work over to Rory.
  10. Light

    1st Jonin @Light
  11. Light

    If it gives a depressed kid a reason to carry on with their lives its okay to me if he's a no life.
  12. Light

    Flickering out of water prison and earth prison is horrible game design for now, don't know what the plans are for future maybe those jutsus become mobile and more fluid game play in general. Especially bad idea atm because there are more than one sub In-game. Delete all extra subs and its fine to be able to flicker out.
  13. Light

    Make it so we can trade passives! If any leafie down to trade my cloak for their wof DM me:*
  14. Light

    Bro u sayin 50-60 is any worth adding to damage? Int scales worse than fortitude right.. Each level would you take +2damage or +40hp maybe more chakra