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  1. Light

    There could be testers instead of the balance team. They test the changes that are made to the balance by the developers and give feedback what was good/bad and devs can act accordingly to the feedback. They would also test the new content before its pushed out to the public, this way they would be way more valuable than only a balance team.
  2. Light

    Incase this is same Fame system that Maplestory uses. Mass defaming should be bannable offense.
  3. Light

    Explained in great detail and excellent services. I'm looking forward into becoming a potential customer in the future.
  4. Light

    From this screen shot I can tell that Rory has understood my idea of two channels within one server. That's great news for the community! There is still a gray area with this issue and I'll explain it all to a detail as best as i can. Its the fact that a lot smaller games than Nin-Online provide NA,EU and Asian channels with a smaller net worth. For example has channel 1 - NA, channel 2 - EU, and finally channel 3 - Asia. Why is this not yet possible for Nin-Online? -Well I'm here to answer your question First i'd like to everyone know that I do not work in the netcoding field, i do not know any of the small details but you can google the answers for yourself. Everyone should know the context, most of the time I personally got banned for driving the Nin developers into corner asking the right questions. It was a base lane that the developers were always right and never admitted to incompetence or to that they made mistakes. Some of the community including me were toxic in presenting important topics. We've all grown from that and are sorry to everyone that it brought negative vibes. Last I discussed the topic at hand publicly with Rory in the community discord. His answer was something similar to the net code is old and/or not compatible with most server providers. Now we come to the point why is this exactly grey area? - Older games from 2006 can provide a working channels from all locations in the world. - Localization? This seems like massive miss leading to take the attention away from a bigger issue. Potentially a gap in the developers geography knowledge, majority of EU speaks English in 2022 with the weaker link obviously being the French. But why on earth is Germany mentioned separately? There are multiple #redflags the community including me would still like to hear about. An #announcement would seem fit with this topic.
  5. Light

    Great progress Ninjas! Happy new year 2022 for everyone! I hope that year 2022 is dedicated for new jutsus and passive skill trees and such.
  6. Light

    For context: Today I logged on to do my dailies. I got two danger dangos that I abandoned, and one scroll quest that I did. I spent a total of three minutes online. We need alot more quests and ways to level up, easy solution is to remove daily limit and let the players level at their own phase.
  7. Light

    What are the "more things for girls"? Do you mean what type of features or cosmetics? Your post is missing the point you're trying to make therefor the developers will have hard time helping you out.
  8. Light

    Yes and no. Let us hear from the developers how duping is prevented in the future patches first.
  9. Light

    Hello fellow ninja and thanks for the very warm welcome to the Leaf village! There is something very minor I want to discuss about before its brought to me in a very unpleasant manner. I've been playing Nin for a couple of days as a lowbie. Life is good, some recognize me and are happy to see me and others leave me alone and let me do my own things. There is no drama for now. In general I'm worried what type of drama someone will stir up. Regardless I'll deal with it and take the full responsibility as I've always done. Full transparency; I want to play gentle fist and enjoy the game for what it has to offer. I have not ever done Toad nor Land of Iron content before my reset/break, the time flies so fast eh.
  10. Agreed with @Rumaki idea in general. Agree with @Niticomment too, there are some silvers that don't stand out at all. @Ueda has already considered this which is great. Its something that should be evaluated very carefully by the team I think. To me @Shiroubeats me in "achievements" or such as he was Kage and Akatsuki member before my time and spend a long time in these positions. Regardless of me being chunin before him. 1st Jonin in the World, 5th Kazekage, Chunin during Beta. These are my humble achievements in Nin-Online. Those titles can't be ever achieved by anyone else again. I've been part of the akatsuki, puppet brigade, ANBU in one point as well. The titles I have achieved are great, but times were alot different back then. It is extremely tall task to compare who deserves NPCs and who doesn't. I wish for the developer team to reach out to their players and ask what are their achievements, take an average out of their achievements and decide based on that which npc they deserve or if they do at all. For example I'd say I'm not cut for an Akatsuki NPC just because I happened to be a member after the first roster.
  11. Ueda

    I'm not self-proclaimed, I was the rightful leader because I built the Leaf village like Hashirama >:( 

    1. Light


      You're right! Changing it asap 😄

  12. Light

    What's our age restriction? Shouldn't it be 18+ so they wouldn't need to care as much
  13. Light

    Cute, I see there's potential.
  14. The concept is great, love it. Benefits both; the community and the invidual player.
  15. Light

    Hello cuties! I'm back with a brand new track, hope someone likes it. I really tried to have it look fresh from 2007