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  1. I understand the design philosophy behind the game, and it is one you will not encounter in modern day MMO's because they prioritize membership over anything else. When everything is driven by membership, everything becomes about accessibility. I appreciate the mentality you have, but I think Nin suffers from a theory vs. practice issue. This isn't something that is easily solved either. In theory what you've described is how things should play out. There should be a more varied sense of things, but theory rarely calculates for how people will play the game out. Things like village population, off/peak hours, mission randomness, PvP in general, etc account largely for the pacing of the game for many. If you are leaf, invading another village for missions is probably easier. If your hours in-game vary, your entire set of interactions change. If you roll 2 out of 3 "bad" missions for 2-3 days straight you might feel less inclined to continue. If you die repeatedly to lvl 50's you might feel more inclined to rush to 50 because strength is simply tied to a higher level. There is no easy answer to any of these questions because it's just the reality of things. Could RP be more present at earlier levels? Possibly. Could events be more RP related than strictly PvP? Maybe. I sadly fall into the category of not having a ton of time to dedicate to the game anymore, so it's hard to effectively provide solutions that even apply. I appreciate the post and continued interaction.
  2. Makoto


    The reality of the MMORPG genre is it fell prey to the rise of mobile games. Good portions of gaming fell when the industry found out you could make a ton more money by making your game way more accessible, then charge for every little thing in between. It's a sad reality to see, but I think there are people out there still making experiences both MMO and non-MMO worth while.
  3. Makoto

    I think the Aviary idea is solid. Village chat should never be used as some significant form of communication between villagers. Often times you will see village chat get filled with minor conversations that shouldn't really be there in the first place. I think with the change you could still accomplish trading, RP recruiting, etc. I think it will also add some spice to raiding because most times you can sit in a map and if you see someone pass by you just quickly mention it and everyone is on high alert. If you are required to actively participate to prep for an incoming raid it requires everyone from the highest to lowest to get involved. Kages could designate high ranking members to receive whispers in regards to raids or invaders. I think it's at least worth a try.
  4. I mean we all saw this coming, but I hope it doesn't stop here. If RP is meant to be a major focus of the game, it should be more pronounced.
  5. Makoto

    For PvE if you are a melee mastery, a healer makes everything easier by a pretty significant degree. Even with the the exp split the rate at which you can kill monsters is so much faster with a healer as opposed to without. I would say in almost every case medics are either very needed or strongly recommended but not required.
  6. Makoto

    I technically have a clan, but I've never done much with it due to some recent scheduling issues. This would be an official submission for a "new" clan. Inazuma Village: Technically any as this would be new. Leadership: Makoto Brief History: Clan was founded by Yuuma "Crimson Bolt" Inazuma. He built the clan from the bones of his Fathers clan, the Araki clan. The Araki clan worshipped power above all other things, but Yuuma would have hoped to lead the clan into a new era. Instead he conformed to the rule of his father. Over time he found the inextricable connect between chakra and life. Creating a set of trials he was able to draw on his own life forces to power his jutsu's. The first trial was "Flow", in this trial one must learn not to rely on chakra to make them strong. The second trial was "Preservation", surviving an onslaught with the flow of chakra halted. The final trial was, "Domination", overcome the reliance of chakra and using your own life force to power one deadly blow. After he himself completed the trial his lightning jutsu's took a blood red tint. He would go on to challenge his father, claim the clan, and rebuild it. Naming it Inazuma after the single blood red bolt that pierced his fathers chest. Clan Ability: There would be two pathways to designing this clans abilities. Either would work fine. 1. A status effect. The user surrenders all their chakra granting them a new form. Uses health to cast an ability. The abilities power would be increased, but it would obviously cost them health and they would have no access to chakra since the ability drained all of it at the very beginning. It could have some timer or not. 2. A select number of abilities are made with their color changed to some degree of red (Fire might have an issue with something like this, but I'm not sure how many specific abilities would be made. Each of these abilities would function just like their normal counter parts, but would require health to cast. This is pretty much all I came up with today. I would like to add that if the clan was made the Trials of Three would be a legit RP event within the clan, and I could go into more detail as to how each of those trials would work. They would be the gateway to joining the clan officially or at least the upper management. I didn't include any ingame achievements mostly because I've been active at different points in the development of the game. If there were anymore questions feel free to ask.
  7. This mastery sucks. That mastery sucks. This mastery is OP. Any mastery could be a noodle in the wrong hands, and a sword in the right ones.
  8. Good shit. Time to destroy everything. Whose trying to be on my team yo?
  9. You can't put the gates in the game, unless you are ok with permanent death.
  10. Looking forward to more interactions from you, Rory. That's probably the best part about the update.
  11. Makoto


    Good to see you working hard. Keep it up.
  12. Makoto


    Looks dope. Keep up the good work.
  13. Makoto


    Good work.